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Word: attrition

Definition: rubbing away by friction; gradual decrease in numbers or strength; reduction in the work force without firing employees; wearing away of opposition by means of harassment; Ex. a war of attrition

Sentences Containing 'attrition'

At Savona, from the Priamar Fortress, he repeated Galileo's experiment of the Tower of Pisa, obtaining more precise measures which allowed him to underline the effect of air attrition.
Attrition to other riders meant he actually moved up to fifth overall, though he was three and a half minutes down on Contador, a time gap unlikely to be recouped.
Cannabinoid medication might be useful in the treatment of the symptoms in patients with TS, but the 2009 review found that the two relevant studies of cannibinoids in treating tics had attrition bias, and that there was "not enough evidence to support the use of cannabinoids in treating tics and obsessive compulsive behaviour in people with Tourette's syndrome".
Despite radar detection and cuing, airborne interception and attrition, and massive anti-aircraft barrages, a distressing 14 percent of Kamikazes survived to score a hit on a ship; nearly 8.5 percent of all ships hit by Kamikazes sank.
Douhet's idea that air power could be a decisive force and be used to avoid the long and costly War of Attrition (in World War I) was influential, although later events proved him wrong in many details.
For the next two years, "Flugzeugf├╝hrerschule" (B) 8 flew the G.1b until attrition grounded the fleet.
He scored his first points with an attrition aided seventh place in Japan.
He started the season with over 40 players but through attrition, the number of players dropped to just 32 player after the team lost the first six games.
However, at the request of Chief Justice Salmon P. Chase, Congress passed the Judicial Circuits Act (1866) which provided that the next three justices to retire would not be replaced; thus, the size of the Court should have eventually reached seven by attrition.
It was these battles of attrition that reduced the Luftwaffe strength despite increases in German aircraft production.
Later on that year, they released a CD/10" Split with deathcore act Molotov Solution on Twelve Gauge Records.After finding a second guitarist and a bassist in the end of 2006, WFAHM joined the War of Attrition Tour in 2007, promoting the album of the same name by Dying Fetus, accompanying bands Skinless and Cattle Decapitation, also joining the stage for Never Say Die!
Many of the magnates under the Castilian banner were against the siege, this camp being led by John of Castile and Don Juan Manuel who both preferred a war of attrition and purely for profit in the area of Vega de Granada.
So for coitus, it is but the attrition of an ordinary base entrail, and the excretion of a little vile snivel, with a certain kind of convulsion: according to Hippocrates his opinion.
The American bombing campaign was geared towards attrition, wearing down the will of the Communist North to fight.
The apparent mismatch between aircraft numbers and WE.177 numbers is explained thus: RAF staff planners expected up to one third attrition in a conventional European high-intensity war, and some aircraft were to be held back in reserve to ensure that if a conflict escalated to use of tactical nuclear weapons, there were sufficient aircraft surviving to deliver the squadron's full stockpile of eighteen nuclear weapons.
The Cults campus of the American School in Aberdeen was closed after the class of 1996 graduated due to attrition in the American oil population.
The Ottoman defenders stopped the Allied advance halfway between the Helles headland and Krithia village, at around having inflicted . As Ottoman reinforcements arrived, the possibility of a swift Allied victory on the peninsula disappeared and the fighting at Helles and Anzac, became a battle of attrition.
The Russians captured the Ottoman camp with its supplies, while the Ottomans abandoned Kozludzha and retreated to Shumla (Shumen, Kolarovgrad), where they were soon blockaded, suffering from further defeats and attrition.
The South suffered much more than the North overall, as the Union strategy of attrition warfare meant that Lee could not replace his casualties, and the total war waged by Sherman, Sheridan and other Union armies devastated the infrastructure and caused widespread poverty and distress.
The Su-7 saw combat with Egypt in the 1967 Six Day War, the subsequent War of Attrition, and saw use in the Yom Kippur War by the Egyptians to attack Israeli ground forces.
The" Epic of Adi" primarily revolves around his trauma as a result of his brother's loss, and the ensuing war of attrition known as Albasoos.

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