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Vocabulary Word

Word: attire

Definition: clothe; N: clothing; array; apparel

Sentences Containing 'attire'

"The Leading Male" men's attire store, which was once located at the corner of Kings Highway and East 12th Street, was the source for the disco attire that John Travolta and the other male cast members wore in the film "Saturday Night Fever".
After completing a master's degree in Agriculture at Agra University in 1967, he joined the Bhoodan-Gramdan mission of Vinoba Bhave. It was at that point that he began to embody his personal philosophies by changing his attire from machine-made linens to the Khadi promoted by Gandhi and devoting his life to the betterment of the underprivileged classes of India.
Although they can't see their faces the Bloods make the men out as Crips based on their attire: blue khaki pants and blue flannel pendleton shirts.
An hour after they stepped into their calash, both dressed in feminine attire.
Beecroft's more recent work has a slightly more theatrical approach—the uniforms are period clothing, not nudity, and some of her performances include food, while others have featured men in military attire.
blest above all the myriads that go in silk attire and walk the empty artificial round of social folly but just you put that temptation before him once!
Dorothea, seeing how short and slight his attire was, would not go in to witness the battle between her champion and her opponent.
Hammond now in turn protected his former captor, though he could not prevent the soldiers from stripping the old man of his costly attire.
He is designing two other collections of similar attire: one of lingerie, called "Passion Flower" crafted and created from fresh flowers that expresses the sensual fantasies of today’s woman, and one of hats, "Chapeau de Fleur".
He started by winning the $500,000 Grade I Suburban Handicap by 2 lengths, beating Volponi, Dollar Bill, and Evening Attire.
He was carried in a rich chariot without wheels, litter-wise; with two horses at either end, richly trapped in blue velvet embroidered; and two footmen on each side in the like attire.
He was dressed in a common gray blouse and velvet cap, but his carefully arranged hair, beard and mustache, all of the richest and glossiest black, ill accorded with his plebeian attire.
Her attire was black and gold lke the jewelry of Toledo, Spain.
Her eyes, however, betrayed that perfect confidence which contradicted the girlish simplicity of this modest attire.
I then, almost as if inspired by heaven, told him it was, but that I would have him to know it was not a man, but a woman like myself, and I entreated him to allow me to go and dress her in the attire proper to her, so that her beauty might be seen to perfection, and that she might present herself before him with less embarrassment.
In her longtime career, because of her western attire, her character in most of her memorable movies was Christian or Anglo-Indian.
In Peter Jackson's movies, Grishnákh (played by Stephen Ure) is shown to be the captain of a band of Orc scouts, possibly from Isengard as they wear the attire of Saruman's warg-riders seen later in the film.
It is vital for future female participation in sport that children get the opportunity to understand that women are major sports achievers and are accomplished sports stars in their own right.” At the captain’s launch of the All Ireland final Joan O’Flynn spoke out about the representation of females in sporting attire used in a crisps ad.
It produces this unrestrained, almost child-like grin in players when they see their Minions looting and pillaging, bringing back presents and dressing up in all manner of attire."
It was released on July 10, 2012.This is the first stuff pack to not include a hairstyle.There is mainly male clothing attire.
It would be beyond my power now to describe to you the great beauty, the high-bred air, the brilliant attire of my beloved Zoraida as she presented herself before my eyes.
Joan Exarch describes the royal palace and the Bulgarian ruler that includes information about his attire, the boyars, the social stratification of the Bulgarian society and like matters.
Last night, before this terrible misfortune in which we are plunged befell us, I saw thee in thy everyday and indoor garments; and now, without having had time to attire thyself, and without my bringing thee any joyful tidings to furnish an occasion for adorning and bedecking thyself, I see thee arrayed in the finest attire it would be in my power to give thee when fortune was most kind to us.
On the August 17 edition of "Raw", The Miz announced his intention to challenge for the WWE United States Championship, and also debuted new ring attire and a new finishing move and defeated Evan Bourne.
Perry Ellis attire has also been seen on personalities like E!
Plain white gamchhas with coloured (embroidered or printed) borders from Orissa and Assam (for traditional Assamese Gamucha, please check Gamosa) are local handicrafts, and may be worn around the neck with traditional Indian attire.
Seventeen months after Aizen's defeat, Shinji returns to this attire with the addition of wearing his tie tucked under his robes.
Shackleton received more than 5,000 applications for places on the expedition, including a letter from "three sporty girls" who suggested that if their feminine garb was inconvenient they would "just love to don masculine attire."
Shaun, the drummer from the south associated these with an old man's attire and the southern slang for this was 'grapper'.
Simon ineptly plays his role before the unconcerned foreman, then the crew wanders off to locate their contact. Mal comments on Jayne's absurd attire — a heavy coat with a hood and goggles during an apparently hot day.
Soon afterwards Luscinda came out from an antechamber, attended by her mother and two of her damsels, arrayed and adorned as became her rank and beauty, and in full festival and ceremonial attire.
Stan is usually depicted in winter attire which consists of a brown jacket, blue denim jeans, red gloves/mittens, and a red-brimmed blue knit cap adorned with a decorative red pom-pom.
The age of a boy could often be decided based on the length and type of trouser or how similar the attire was to that of a man's.
The Bonda attire is explained in a legend relating to the Ramayana.
The ceremony was unsurprisingly subdued and low key, without a red carpet, and with attendees requested to wear "dressy business attire" as per the Academy's wishes.
The clip also sees Harrison walking around the grounds of Friar Park, dressed in scruffy, present-day attire, much like in the Terry Doran photograph used on the back cover of the "Dark Horse" album.
The Dawoodi Bohra maintain a distinct form of attire, with Dawoodi Bohra men wear a traditional white three piece outfit, plus a white and gold cap (called a "topi"), and women wear the "rida", a distinctive form of the commonly known burqa which is distinguished from other forms of the veil due to it often being in color and decorated with patterns and lace.
The judge asked the defendant to remove his head attire and to confirm his name and date of birth.
The lady was surpassingly beautiful, while the rich magnificence of her attire drew all eyes upon her.
The less pretension there is in your attire, the better will be the effect, as you are a rich man.
The promo had Mickey Mouse wearing his attire from "The Scorcerer's Apprentice".
The video to this single featured Q-tip in unusual attire dancing with girls.
The women wear traditional dresses such as colorful embroidered choli, ghagra and bandhani dupattas (traditional attire) dazzling with mirror work and heavy jewellery.
The women wear traditional dresses such as colorful embroidered choli, ghagra and bandhani dupattas, which is the traditional attire, dazzling with mirror work and heavy jewellery.
Their attire usually consists of long white trench coats fitted with numerous buttons, a cape, a bel (usually a piece individual to each member), and a Quincy symbol somewhere upon the uniform.
Then, to cap off his year, he won the $1 million Jockey Club Gold Cup, again beating Evening Attire, this time by 4 lengths and ensuring his United States Horse of the Year honors.
They have consistently surpassed audience expectations in USA, with display of colorful Bolivian authentic attire, enthusiastic dancers, exciting music, and a contagious atmosphere that stimulates a desire to learn more about Bolivia, its culture and its people.
Vampa in this attire resembled a painting by Leopold Robert, or Schnetz.
Villefort's dusty garb, his costume, which was not of courtly cut, excited the susceptibility of M. de Breze, who was all astonishment at finding that this young man had the audacity to enter before the king in such attire.
``Teresa uttered a cry of joy, and, without inquiring whence this attire came, or even thanking Luigi, darted into the grotto, transformed into a dressing room.

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