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Vocabulary Word

Word: atone

Definition: make amends for; pay for; Ex. atone for

Sentences Containing 'atone'

After the Detroit Lions whipped the Browns 59–14 in the 1957 NFL Championship Game to atone for the 56–10 pounding they had absorbed from Cleveland in the title contest three years earlier, the 1958 New York Giants took their turn.
Alas, what would become of me who can only atone for evil by doing good?''
Deeply as I have sinned, I have led a life of martyrdom to atone for it.
Eve's nature is here revealed to supernatural, having possessed Alex Price and manipulated him into killing women so Alex can "atone" for sins.
His boots were brand new, and fitted me genteelly; and I put them on and sunk my old shoes in the creek, to atone for them.
However, Sugai demands that Sato first atone for his offenses against the Yakuza code in the traditional Yakuza way: he is ordered to cut off one of his fingers, which he duly does.
In an anime "memorable subplot", Naru falls in love with the evil Nephrite, who eventually returns her feelings and attempts to atone.
Mercy has appeared in the "Infinity, Inc." series, apparently wanting to atone for her past deeds.
Riccardo views this as akin to the Crusades, a sin that forever stains Mother Church, and feels called on to prove to God that the Church is indeed worthy of his trust: " 'If God once promised Abraham that he would not destroy Sodom if only ten just men dwelt in it...maybe...God will still forgive the Church if even only a few of its servants - like Lichtenberg - stand with the persecuted...The Pope's silence burdens the Church with a guilt for which we have to atone...Not Auschwitz is at stake now!
Self-abasement is voluntary self-punishment or humiliation in order to atone for some real or imagined wrongdoing.
She served with the other Galaxy Rangers as a means to atone for her past as Astronema, and helped save Terra Venture from destruction.
The movie was filmed principally in Mexico. The film "Four Brothers" (2005) is loosely based on this story's depiction of brothers trying to atone for their sins to a saintly mother who has recently died.
The two brothers would travel together in mystical exile of repentance to atone on behalf of the whole Jewish people and the exile of the Shechinah (Divine Presence).
Their society can afford no pleasure that will atone for such wretchedness as this!

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