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Vocabulary Word

Word: assumption

Definition: something taken for granted; the taking over or taking possession of; Ex. her assumption of power; V. assume

Sentences Containing 'assumption'

(Compare Idealism and responsibility assumption with Materialism; see also New Thought Movement.)
According to a Cistercian custom, the high altar-piece is dedicated to the Assumption of Mary.
Beckett's first short story, "Assumption", was published in Jolas's periodical "transition".
Both analyses make simplifying assumptions (such as the assumption that there is zero cost of unwinding the fixed leg of the swap on default), which may invalidate the no-arbitrage assumption.
During this time, Letychiv's icon was removed from the Assumption Church for safekeeping in Lviv.
F test is considered robust in some situations, even when the normality assumption isn't met.
Fan lifetimes are usually quoted under the assumption of running at maximum speed.
Feral children are children discovered by society to be living in the wild with the assumption that they were raised by animals.
Furthermore, the assumption that the English language itself is imperialistic has come under attack.
He supported Cromwell's assumption of the position of Lord Protector and his dismissal of the parliaments.
Hence the supposed extermination of so many species having similar habits with the rock-pigeon seems a very rash assumption.
However the key assumption he made in formulating the collision term was "molecular chaos", an assumption which breaks time-reversal symmetry as is necessary for "anything" which could imply the second law.
However, this approach is rather arbitrary as it is more an assumption of political as opposed to cultural and linguistic developments.
In 1950, the Cardinal excommunicated a priest within his archdiocese for rejecting the dogma of the Assumption of Mary.
In computer science, SUHA (Simple Uniform Hashing Assumption) is a basic assumption that facilitates the mathematical analysis of hash tables.
In the Frankfurt Cathedral is his "Assumption", while the Alte Nationalgalerie of Berlin has his painting of "The Two Marys at the Sepulchre".
It was completed and consecrated in 1879 by Archbishop Croke (1874–1902) and dedicated to Our Lady of the Assumption.
My private opinion is, that this was entirely a gratuitous assumption, and that Pidger was altogether innocent of any such sentiments--to which he had never given any sort of expression that I could ever hear of.
Nicholas river (named after the chapel of the nearby Church of the Assumption).
On the other hand, the ordinary belief that the amount of possible variation is a strictly limited quantity, is likewise a simple assumption.
Our Lady of the Assumption Church (Fairfield, Connecticut)
Our Lady of the Assumption is a Roman Catholic church in Fairfield, Connecticut, part of the Diocese of Bridgeport.
Our Lady of the Assumption statue had been in the church for a long time.
Patton points out that the assumption is often made that a second-generation White immigrant is an American citizen, but that same assumption is not granted to non-Whites - in this case, Woo.
Seeing that individual differences of the same kind perpetually recur, this can hardly be considered as an unwarrantable assumption.
Services were held at Assumption Catholic Church in Plattenville in Assumption Parish.
suggesting that it is at least a plausible assumption.
That will be taken as an assumption in any further discussion.
The assumption here which needs to be made to realize Bharata Muni's shruti of first datum note being the sound of free string Sa, requires the assumption of 4 virtual shruties of Sa which are actually obtained in the higher octave after Ni.
The assumption was that land, having been held by a family for generations, should stay with the same family.
The boys from the Christian Brothers College came to Assumption College as full time students.
The contradiction implies that the original assumption is false, and the second player cannot have a winning strategy.
The force of this objection rests entirely on the assumption that the changes in the instincts and structure are abrupt.
The future progressive frequently implies an assumption ("You'll be coming from Glasgow?").
The NAES is predicated on the assumption that campaign dynamics matter.
The results suggest that the equality of variances assumption can't be made.
The ruling assumption was that since the proton is stable, then it exists in the lowest possible energy level.
The university started its Degree programs in 1992 with the agreement of Assumption University of Bangkok, Thailand.
There is a general assumption of trust in most religious settings.
There is more in this than the assumption of a rival theory for argument's sake.
They operated on the assumption that you could live to be 80 years old in a bubble, and that would be unfortunate but okay."
This assumption generalizes the details of the hash function and allows for certain assumptions about the stochastic system.
This assumption is made to make it easier to write a dissociation constant: formula_8.
This assumption is typically valid in transparent media in the optical frequency range.)
This assumption was never tested in action.
This is the era of the Peisistratos dynasty and marks the assumption of Athens as the centre of artistic activity in Greece.
This results to the assumption that the effective pump wave acting on the bubbles does not depend on the spatial coordinates.
When I had started with the Time Machine, I had started with the absurd assumption that the men of the Future would certainly be infinitely ahead of ourselves in all their appliances.
When this assumption is satisfied we can choose amongst several tests.
≠ σk If the assumption of equality of variances is not met, the Tamhane’s test is preferred.

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