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Vocabulary Word

Word: assimilate

Definition: absorb; take (food) into the body and digest it; understand (knowledge) completely and be able to use properly; cause to become homogeneous (the people of a country or race in the wasy of behaving or thinking)

Sentences Containing 'assimilate'

"Voyager" convinces 8472, led by an individual posing as Boothby, that the Federation has no quarrel with them – it had in fact long been known that the Borg themselves started the war between the two species by invading fluidic space to assimilate the superior technology of Species 8472.
Attempts to either conquer or assimilate the Irish lordships into the Kingdom of Ireland provided the initial impetus for a series of Irish military campaigns between 1534 and 1603.
Besides this, it took Sandoval almost four years to assimilate and synthesize the influence of both Estrada and Nancarrow, the polar opposites of one another.
By giving traditional tribal leaders positions in this new structure, Indonesia attempted to assimilate the Timorese through patronage.
Eventually the tension of the developing cells breaks open the cell wall of the original cell and releases the spores which undergo a dramatic change to assimilate to normal cellular dimensions.
From around AD 800, more than a century of Viking invasions wrought havoc upon the monastic culture and on the island's various regional dynasties, yet both of these institutions proved strong enough to survive and assimilate the invaders.
Grossman attributes this conflict to "the Net's convulsions over the years 1993 to 1996, as it tried to assimilate huge numbers of new users who didn't share the culture that had been developing over the previous decade".
Hence after the introduction of Christianity, criminals and suicides were buried at the cross-roads during the night, in order to assimilate as far as possible their funeral to that of the pagans.
In the camp, Kriewitz began to assimilate into the culture to gain the confidence and friendship of Santa Anna, who otherwise was not totally trustful of the white settlers.
It is mostly incorrectly used by European expatriates or Hong Kong and Mainlanders trying to integrate and assimilate into Singapore society, though with an ironic modicum of success, for example: When the context is given, "Kena" may be used without a verb, similar to the colloquial-English construction "I am/you're/he is going to get it."
Its soldiers were quick to assimilate from the Marines on Guadalcanal lessons on battle tactics against Japanese forces.
Most Hondurans believed that, under such circumstances, the Nicaraguans would fail to assimilate well into the Honduran population and would resort to banditry in order to survive.
Occom helped the Pequot to assimilate and adopt European-style houses, dress and culture.
The "Experience Vivekananda" project also focuses on enhancing the Art exhibition on Indian Culture so as to get the public assimilate our rich cultural and spiritual heritage as envisioned by Swami Vivekananda.
The Borg discover Species 8472 in the Delta Quadrant and try to assimilate its biotechnology which is more advanced than anything the Borg have seen.
The story is of a boy's coming of age as he tries desperately to assimilate his upbringing and his mother’s values - that women are not simply property - within a society where property is everything.
The subtle usage of these particles differentiates a Malaysian speaking Manglish trying to assimilate into society, and a true-blue native-born Singaporean (whether it's a Chinese, Indian, Eurasian, Malay or Caucasian speaker of Singlish).
The sulfanidyl segment (–S−) in thiolates such as bisulfide can assimilate a proton by recombination: Because of this capture of a proton (H+), bisulfide has basic character.
There is considerable migration between the Nordic countries, but owing to the similarity between the cultures and languages (with the exception of Finnish), expatriates generally assimilate quickly and do not stand out as a group.
They are late, and the remaining cyborgs assimilate to form a hideous flower-like monstrosity which lassos the marionettes.
Writing in 2005, Ştefan Borbély noted that much of this literature was commercial in nature, and driven by the wish to assimilate modern themes.

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