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Vocabulary Word

Word: assert

Definition: state strongly or positively; demand recognition of (rights, claims, etc.); make a claim to (by forceful action); Ex. assert one's independence

Sentences Containing 'assert'

And in philosophy, we can go no farther than assert, that _belief_ is something felt by the mind, which distinguishes the ideas of the judgement from the fictions of the imagination.
Audi and Volkswagen, which sold cars in the state of Oklahoma, did not attempt to assert that the Oklahoma state court had no jurisdiction over them.
Away with those who assert that letters have the preeminence over arms; I will tell them, whosoever they may be, that they know not what they say.
Buddhists may also assert that killing an elephant is less skillful and wholesome than killing an ant.
But, my dear sister, though the event has proved you right, do not think me obstinate if I still assert that, considering what her behavior was, my confidence was as natural as your suspicion.
Critics assert most people and organizations identified by McCarthy were not mentioned in the Venona content and that the sources for his accusations remain largely unknown.
Eco-socialists are quick to assert that their focus on "production" does not mean that there will be an increase in production and labor under Eco-socialism.
Eco-socialists assert that this must be carried out with adherence to non-violence The immediate aftermath of the revolution.
From 1908, with the establishment of the Mau movement ("opinion movement"), Western Samoans began to assert their claim to independence.
From this point onward Byzantine power was not to assert itself again in any significant way in Dalmatia.
Historians and critics assert that Ahmad was one of the key plotters of Mujib's murder.
However, in 1848, von Mayer had first had sight of Joule's papers and wrote to the French Académie des Sciences to assert priority.
I can only assert that instincts certainly do vary--for instance, the migratory instinct, both in extent and direction, and in its total loss.
I do not mean, however, to assert that we can be justified in devoting too much of our time to music, for there are certainly other things to be attended to.
I feel that the time is arrived when Mr. Micawber should exert himself and--I will add--assert himself, and it appears to me that these are the means.
I shall begin to assert the privileges of a mother-in-law, if you go on like that, and scold you.
I should not doubt of her pretended death, and of those other public circumstances that followed it: I should only assert it to have been pretended, and that it neither was, nor possibly could be real.
If the record is as fragmentary as many geologists strenuously assert, there is nothing strange in new forms appearing as if suddenly developed.
In order to assert its leadership in the chocolate business, the Group acquired Águila Saint (1993), one of the most traditional and prestigious Argentine chocolate companies.
In the late 18th century Merina rulers began to assert political domination over much of the island.
It would be equally rash to assert that characters now increased to their utmost limit, could not, after remaining fixed for many centuries, again vary under new conditions of life.
It would have done your heart good to have heard him assert what a valuable contribution to the cause your document is.
Many New Feminists assert that fertility is a natural, healthy biological process, not a disease that women need to take the Pill to be cured from.
Marx himself obviously did not assert this at all, he only postulated the command over the surplus labour of others as the basis of the existence of capital and its economic power.
New Feminists assert that we must also be fruitful - a process that takes longer, requires patience and the cooperation of others, and is appreciated not measured.
Not one of these glances, nor one sigh, was lost on her; they might have been said to fall on the shield of Minerva, which some philosophers assert protected sometimes the breast of Sappho.
Others assert that Buyan is actually a Slavic name for some real island, most likely Rügen.
said the young man;``oh, no, indeed, the count will do me the justice to assert that I have, on the contrary, always entreated him to break off my engagement, and happily it is ended.
Some gun control advocates assert that youth access to guns is attributable to the failure of gun owners, especially parents, to properly secure their guns.
Some scientists assert that consumption of sweets or sugar could have a heroin addiction like effect. Research.
The engineer would later assert, "my convictions at this point were that it could not have been anything terrestrial." Chiles-Whitted.
The intention with which he had done what he had done, even although he had left it incomplete, presented it before him in an aspect that would be gratefully acknowledged in France on his presenting himself to assert it.
The migration surge would not be an issue if the local working age population was stable or shrinking as some commentators assert.
The names of all which virtues are still retained among us in most languages, and are to be met with in modern, as well as ancient authors; which I am able to assert from my own small reading.
Their Historians affirm, that a Prophet who prophesy'd of Mahomet, came from this Temple, and some do not stand to assert, that the Prophet Jonas was cast forth by the Whale at the Base of the Temple."
They assert she must be a time traveller and threaten to tell their father if she does not take them on a trip...
They durst not assert the absolute insufficiency of human evidence, to prove a miracle.
They generalized this observation to assert that the rate of evolutionary change of any specified protein was approximately constant over time and over different lineages.
This, however, was in no way equivalent to the acceptance of Jesus as the Messiah and the abandonment of Judaism, as some Spanish historians assert.
Those who would assert that this position is not universally true nor without exception, have only one, and that an easy method of refuting it; by producing that idea, which, in their opinion, is not derived from this source.
Though it certainly does cost France somewhat dear to assert her rights in that uncivilized country.'''
We can positively assert that his majesty did not quit the Pont Neuf.'''
What that medium is, I must confess, passes my comprehension; and it is incumbent on those to produce it, who assert that it really exists, and is the origin of all our conclusions concerning matter of fact.
Who will assert that he can give the ultimate reason, why milk or bread is proper nourishment for a man, not for a lion or a tiger?
will not require me to depict my feelings, when I inform him that I have become accustomed to hear Mr. Micawber assert that he has sold himself to the D.
You must assert that in such words as will carry conviction with them.
``And I promise to give you the satisfaction of a gentleman if your scheme turns out as ingenious as you assert.''
``I dare not positively assert it, as he has been lost for so long a time.''
``So much the better for you, if what you assert be true,''said the abbe;``for I am firmly persuaded that, sooner or later, the good will be rewarded, and the wicked punished.''
``While you assert that she is a queen, or at least a princess.

More Vocab Words

::: gloss_over - explain away with the intention of deceiving or hiding faults
::: physiognomy - face (as showing the character and the mind); art of judging human character from facial features
::: bulge - protruding part; swelling of a surface; Ex. The apple made a bulge in his pocket; V: swell outward; protrude
::: intuition - immediate insight; power of knowing without reasoning; ADJ. intuitive; V. intuit: know by intuition
::: penumbra - partial shadow (in an eclipse); CF. almost shadow
::: ambience - environment; atmosphere; Ex. restraurant with a pleasant ambience; ADJ. ambient: completely surrounding; Ex. ambient temperature
::: fancied - imagined; unreal
::: uncouth - boorish; clumsy in speech or behavior; outlandish
::: unerringly - infallibly; ADJ. unerring: making no mistakes
::: animosity - active enmity