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Vocabulary Word

Word: assay

Definition: analyze (to discover what materials are present); evaluate (soil or ore)

Sentences Containing 'assay'

Aequorin has been incorporated into human B cell lines for the detection of pathogenic bacteria and viruses in what is referred to as the CANARY assay (Cellular Analysis and Notification of Antigen Risks and Yields).
Assay work completed on the surface and within accessible mine workings, shows value ranges from 0.014 to 0.50 oz./ton gold, 8.0 to 50.0 oz./ton silver, 1 to 30% copper (Monocco bedding), and lead values from 7 to 34%.
Conversely, in an indirect dilution assay the dose levels are administered at fixed dose levels, so that the response is a stochastic variable.
Dilution assays can be direct or indirect. In a direct dilution assay the amount of dose needed to produce a specific (fixed) response is measured, so that the dose is a stochastic variable defining the tolerance distribution.
Example: Microbiological assay of antibiotics.
Examples include the Amplicor HIV-1 Monitor Assay (RT-PCR), which has the capacity to recognize HIV in plasma, the HIV-1 QT (NASBA), which is used to measure plasma viral load by amplifying a segment of the HIV RNA, and Transcription Mediated Amplification, which employs a hybridization protection assay to distinguish "Chlamydia trachomatis" infections.
Ferric reducing ability of plasma (FRAP, also "Ferric ion reducing antioxidant power") is an antioxidant capacity assay that uses Trolox as a standard. The FRAP assay is often used to measure the antioxidant capacity of foods, beverages and nutritional supplements containing polyphenols.
For a mathematical definition of a dilution assay an observation space formula_1 is defined and a function formula_2 so that the responses formula_3 are mapped to the set of real numbers.
For example, imidazole (commonly used for purification of polyhistidine-tagged recombinant proteins) is an amino acid analogue and at low concentrations will interfere with the bicinchoninic acid (BCA) assay for total protein quantification.
GALNT1, N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase 1 – involved in TGF-β signalling, is another target of miR-129 that was identified by luciferase assay.
In such situations that: The cost of genotyping (an example of a molecular marker assay) is reducing while the cost of phenotyping is increasing particularly in developed countries thus increasing the attractiveness of MAS as the development of the technology continues.
Irrespective of the approach used to amplify the amplicons, some technique must be used to quantitate the amplified product. Generally, these techniques incorporate a capture step and a detection step, although how these steps are incorporated depends on the individual assay.
Several additional buildings still stand including residential homes, blacksmith shop, stage coach shop with attached stable, machine shop and assay office.
Some of these exceptions include a distinguishable variation in pigment production, the bacteria’s ability to ferment selected sugars, and Voges-Proskauer assay results.
Some proteins function as receptors and can be detected during purification steps by a ligand binding assay, often using a radioactive ligand.
The assay values associated with these deposits have typically been very high-grade.
The calcein AM assay can be used as a model for drug-drug interactions, for screening transporter substrates and/or inhibitors; and also to determine in vitro drug resistance of cells, including samples from patients.
The development of such an assay has included the use of generic primers that target a highly conserved region of the 18S rRNA genes of the four human-infecting species of "Plasmodium".
The latter can be determined by the Bradford total protein assay or by absorbance of light at 280 nm, however some reagents used during the purification process may interfere with the quantification.
The MTT assays (colorimetric) and the resazurin assay (fluorimetric) dose the mitochondrial redox potential. Finally, all these assays may correlate well, or not depending on cell growth conditions and desired aspects (activity, proliferation).
The sex assay utilizes AluSTXa for the X chromosome, AluSTYa for the Y chromosome, or both AluSTXa and AluSTYa, to reduce the possibility of error to a negligible quantity.
The term dilution assay is generally used to designate a special type of bioassay in which one or more preparations (e.g. a drug) are administered to experimental units at different dose levels inducing a measurable biological response.
Their most familiar application is in the Microtox [http://www.modernwater.co.uk/monitoring/toxicity/] assay where, following a short exposure to several concentrations of the sample, the decreased bioluminescence can be correlated to relative levels of toxicity.
This assay was found to be highly specific and sensitive.
While cultural procedures produce good results, serological procedures produce more rapid results by using serum agglutination, fluorescent antibody, or enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) on infected tissue or cultured bacteria.

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