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Vocabulary Word

Word: aspirant

Definition: seeker after position or status

Sentences Containing 'aspirant'

Agnes says 'No,' but I say 'Yes,' and tell her that she little thinks what stores of knowledge have been mastered by the wonderful Being, at whose place she thinks I, even I, weak aspirant, may arrive in time.
In provinces with few postulants the aspirant will normally live in one of the various communities.
In the U.S. the aspirant goes to live full-time in an MSC formation house with peers and under the guidance of a formation director.
In this ritual, the aspirant visualizes the Arabic name of God, Allah, as having been written on the disciple's heart.
It is unknown if a cross-over would have ever occurred had "Mister Sterling" not been cancelled; however Steven Culp played presidential aspirant Sen. Ron Garland on "Mister Sterling" and House Speaker Jeff Haffley on "The West Wing", and Democrats appeared to be in the majority in the US Senate on "Mr Sterling", while in "The West Wing" consistent Republican control of both Houses of Congress was a key plot point.
Like many aspirant politicians Captain Eden, as he was still known, first contested a seat where he had little chance of winning in the November 1922 general election, and was then elected Member of Parliament for Warwick and Leamington in the December 1923 general election, as a Conservative, at the age of twenty-six.
Omanakuttan who is a cinema aspirant, agrees to finance the film after he was offered the lead role.
Raoult was born at Fournes, in the "département" of Nord. He became aspirant "répétiteur" at the Lycée of Reims in 1853, and after holding several intermediate positions was appointed in 1862 to the professorship of chemistry in Sens lycée. There he prepared a thesis on electromotive force which gained him a doctor's degree in Paris the following year.

More Vocab Words

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