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Vocabulary Word

Word: askew

Definition: crookedly; slanted; at an angle

Sentences Containing 'askew'

Askew also has family ties that extend into the NFL and college football ranks.
Askew broke or tied many league records that year in route to being named an All-Star.
Askew finished the regular season leading the league in scoring (282 points), touchdowns (46), rushing yards (719 yards) and all-purpose yards (2236 yards).
Askew has signed with the Dayton Silverbacks of the CIFL for 2012, where he was going to be coached by his brother, Mister Askew.
Askew set a NIFL record with seven touchdown runs in a 120-15 win over the River City Renegades in 2002.
But all this, he declared, did not so much grieve or distress him as his certain knowledge that a prodigious giant, the lord of a great island close to our kingdom, Pandafilando of the Scowl by name--for it is averred that, though his eyes are properly placed and straight, he always looks askew as if he squinted, and this he does out of malignity, to strike fear and terror into those he looks at--that he knew, I say, that this giant on becoming aware of my orphan condition would overrun my kingdom with a mighty force and strip me of all, not leaving me even a small village to shelter me; but that I could avoid all this ruin and misfortune if I were willing to marry him; however, as far as he could see, he never expected that I would consent to a marriage so unequal; and he said no more than the truth in this, for it has never entered my mind to marry that giant, or any other, let him be ever so great or enormous.
His brother is running back B.J. Askew, who played for the New York Jets and was drafted out of the University of Michigan in 2003.
In 2003, Askew returned to outdoor football by signing with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the CFL.
In 2004, Askew returned to the NIFL with the Ohio Valley Greyhounds.
In 2011 Askew was signed by the Cincinnati Commandos of the CIFL, formerly the GLIFL, which he played for in 2006.
In the 2008 AAFL Draft, it was announced that Askew had been drafted Team Michigan of the newly formed, All American Football League.
Mister Askew played football for Alabama A and Elizabeth City State University.
Rayshawn also has two cousins, Matthias Askew (Michigan State University) and Tab Perry (UCLA) both who played for the Cincinnati Bengals
Rayshawn Askew (born March 28, 1979) is an American football player.
Rayshawn’s oldest brother Mister Askew, is currently the running back coach at Bethany College (West Virginia).
The three touchdowns allowed Askew to set a new league record for scoring with 282 points, overcoming the mark of 276 points set by Baron Dockery of the Ohio Valley Greyhounds in 2002.
There in the flickering light of the lamp was the machine sure enough, squat, ugly, and askew; a thing of brass, ebony, ivory, and translucent glimmering quartz.
You will notice that it looks singularly askew, and that there is an odd twinkling appearance about this bar, as though it was in some way unreal.'

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