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Vocabulary Word

Word: artifacts

Definition: object made by human beings, either hand-made or mass-produced

Sentences Containing 'artifacts'

""The fate of all artifacts is decided in language" ", says Krippedorff.
81 artifacts were recovered from the Bogan Site.
A few corrosion-resistant iron artifacts survive from antiquity.
Also monarchs artifacts such as crowns of jewels or gold.
Archaeological investigations of the Noatak Valley have found artifacts at sites mostly outside of the preserve.
Archaeologists were led to the site by local people who were aware of the unusual artifacts to be found.
Artifacts found reveal into the Middle Ceramic period.
Artifacts relating to this are on display in the Heritage Centre at Ross.
Avenger also had the use of many Ninja artifacts, like a garotte and poison needles.
Collecting anthropological artifacts has been a practice of the Royal BC Museum since its founding in 1886.
Few artifacts remain of Hor-Aha's reign.
His investigations led him to label the artifacts as frauds.
However, many of these artifacts still show significant Huasteca influence.
Human artifacts were found in the bone bed and in the overlying clay.
In recent years, various appeals have gone to the British government to return such artifacts.
In total, nearly 10,000 artifacts were found and chronologically recorded by season.
Inside are exhibits and artifacts relating to the history of Amboy and Illinois Central Railroad.
It uses public spaces designed to showcase art, sculpture and other artifacts.
Its purpose was to collect and preserve historical artifacts and documents scattered throughout MIT.
Language permeates all of human life, including with artifacts.
Many paleolithic artifacts are being discovered in this region.
Most of these artifacts can be found today in British museums and other parts of the world.
No evidence was found of food stored in storage caches, and there were few recovered artifacts.
She worked in training students and Indian assistants in the processes of washing, sorting, and cataloging the artifacts.
Some artifacts from the Kyzyl Kensh Palace are located in the archaeological museum of Karaganda State University.
Species of artifacts may compete, cooperate or be parasitic on other artifacts.
The abundance of artifacts suggests the location a home or possibly a discard zone.
The area has a unique concentration of historic and prehistoric artifacts.
The artifacts are confiscated by EarthForce Bioweapons Division.
The ethnology collection at the Royal BC Museum contains over 14 000 indigenous artifacts.
The First Peoples gallery on the third floor contains a large collection of First Nations artifacts, and many of the artifacts in the gallery are from the Haida people.
The LoDaisKa site artifacts include a hides, macrobotanical remains, wood artifacts, and a substantial collection of nonperishable artifacts from 3000 BC to AD 1000, which are classified into five site specific complex periods, from A through E. Artifacts by complex period.
The Magical Stela is by far one of the more impressive artifacts in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
The majority of artifacts and features date to the Late Archaic Period, although later Woodland Period artifacts have also been recovered from the site.
The museum currently has over 20 aircraft and a collection of rare artifacts.
The museum grounds include the depot, which houses artifacts and exhibits and several outbuildings.
The museum houses 35+ aircraft displays and various other informative artifacts.
The museum researches, catalogs, preserves, and exhibits literary artifacts.
The revised dates would establish the artifacts as older than Ötzi the Iceman.
The semantic turn suggests a distinction between the technical and user-irrelevant working of artifacts and the human interactions with artifacts, individually, socially, and culturally.
The uncovering of these related artifacts suggests possibly a tool manufacturing area or a discard site.
There is no record of what happened to those artifacts.
They transported both new techniques and artifacts to the various settlements in Southeast Asia.
This applies not only to the users of artifacts but also to their designers.
This division of the Human History department houses over 192 000 artifacts.
This exhibit contains documents and artifacts (photos and maps) that can be browsed or searched.
Thomas reported the discovery of 13 burials and several artifacts.
Thus it appears possible such artifacts are intrusions.
Typically, users approach their artifacts with very different competencies.
Typologically, technologically, and morphometrically, the artifacts are more or less the same as those found in the Lalmai area.

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