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Vocabulary Word

Word: archives

Definition: public records; place where public records are kept

Sentences Containing 'archives'

A good example of such an incident can be found in the Berklee video archives.
All six episodes are missing from the BBC archives.
Archives ultamarathon : http://www.ultramarathon.fr/
Archives, as well as the organization's own programming collection.
Borglum's papers are held at the Archives of American Art, and the Library of Congress.
Copies of the original photos are in the archives of the Sternberg Museum of Natural History (FHSM).
From 1995 to 1999, he served as Director and Librarian of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.
He advised that the newspaper clipping be added to the “Archives of the Nation”.
He has held elected and appointed roles in professional library and archives organizations, and has been honored for his contributions.
His archives are held by the Tate Gallery and he was buried in St.
His archives are located in Special Collections at the University of Delaware in Newark.
His papers are at Syracuse University, and the Archives of American Art.
In 2006, the Papers began a comprehensive search of records at the National Archives and Records Administration building in College Park, MD (Archives II).
In 2008, project director, Daniel Stowell, reached an agreement with the National Archives to digitize Lincoln documents from the Archives’ vault. Also in 2008, staff began searching the records at the National Archives Building in Washington, DC (Archives I).
In 2011, project staff completed searching the records at Archives II.
Included in the cultural precinct is the BC Archives, Helmcken House, St.
Information from the New York Times online archives and the En Garde Arts archives.
It currently houses the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia.
It does not reside in the BBC Archives at Windmill Road.
It wasn't until the fall of the Soviet Union and the opening of communist archives that the relatives found out the truth in 1993.
Joseph donated their McGlynn Archives Sculpture Collection to the College in 1980.
Julian also contributes news photographs to NBC News's archives.
La Herencia Magazine Article Archives, Ray John de Aragon.
Meanwhile the Brody Synagogue was forced to closed, and converted into the town's archives.
Morse had neither the documents from the Chinese archives nor the conceptual tools of later scholars.
On examining the archives he discovered that his reports were "mysteriously substituted or altered".
Ouspensky's papers are held in Yale University Library's Manuscripts and Archives department.
Sandhouse's personal archives are in the collection of the Smithsonian Institution Archives.
Some archives related to it are held at the Centraal Archief Nederlandsche Bank (Central Archives of the Nederlandsche Bank).
Some of the surviving notes are in the archives at Yad Vashem.
Steiner later related that: In 1897, Steiner left the Weimar archives and moved to Berlin.
The archives include material about Ukrainian communities, particularly in Chicago.
The archives of Beith Church are maintained by the Archives of the University of Glasgow (GUAS).
The CCA contains a vast library and archives, and is host to various exhibits throughout the year.
The church possesses detailed archives, and is a popular tourist attraction.
The complex houses tribal headquarters, tribal archives and library.
The last references to him in the archives are from early 1564: he was last paid in March, and had died by May.
The media center, including the library and archives, was enlarged.
The museum houses a large aviation library and photographic archives.
The museum merged with the British Columbia Provincial Archives in 2003.
The personal papers of Harry Sacher are held at the Central Zionist Archives.
The SFP considered itself both an academy of photography and a library of archives.
The Society has the rare distinction of being both a Smithsonian Institution and National Archives and Records Administration affiliate.
The study of archives includes the training of archivists, librarians specially trained to maintain and build archives of records intended for historical preservation.
The Trust retains a recording of her recollections of living in the property in their archives.
There are many early historical references to the site held by the National Archives.
They wrote 122 letters now in Hawaiian historical archives.
This format has been used by the Internet Archive since 1996 to store its web archives.
This proposal was cancelled in 1950; records exist in the National Archives on the proposal.
This version exists as a 35 mm telerecording in the BBC Archives.

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