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Vocabulary Word

Word: archipelago

Definition: group of closely located islands

Sentences Containing 'archipelago'

"P. longirostris" is distributed in Singapore, peninsular Malaysia, and the Riau Archipelago.
"P. verrucosus" is known from Peninsular Malaysia and the Riau Archipelago.
Both Sangmissoq and Eggers are part of the Cape Farewell Archipelago.
Bristow returned on the "Sarah" in 1807, in order to claim the archipelago for England.
Bunguran is a small archipelago of Indonesia, located in the South China Sea.
Chichagof Island, or Shee Kaax, is an island in the Alexander Archipelago of the Alaska Panhandle.
Composed of granite the island is part of the islands, islets and rocks that make up the Recherché Archipelago.
Gymnochanda is a genus of Asiatic glassfishes native to the Malay Archipelago.
Hartung to inquire whether he had observed erratic boulders on these islands, and he answered that he had found large fragments of granite and other rocks, which do not occur in the archipelago.
He eventually rose to become leader of the Freemasons' Eastern Archipelago, District Grand Lodge.
In 1888, a separate administrator and executive and administrative councils were established for the Seychelles archipelago.
In the Chagos Archipelago, the Indians formed the majority of the Chagossian population.
It is endemic to New Ireland in the Bismarck Archipelago, Papua New Guinea.
It is known from Queensland, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and the Bismarck Archipelago.
It is located at the end of the Lofoten archipelago.
It is located in the mouth of the Stikine River, NW of Wrangell Island, Alexander Archipelago.
It is located near Haines in the Alexander Archipelago.
It is located on the northwestern part of the island of Langøya in the Vesterålen archipelago.
It is one of the Palliser Islands, a subgroup of the Tuamotu Archipelago.
It is situated in the Zadar archipelago, between Iž and Dugi Otok, from Zadar.
It is the largest island of a small, circular archipelago which bears the same name and is the remnant of a volcanic caldera.
It should not be confused with the island also named "Granhamn" in the Stockholm archipelago.
Juan Fernández Archipelago is also well known for its jungles and endemic flora.
Located on a small island of the same name, the settlement has 54 inhabitants . Upernavik Archipelago.
Malta comprises an archipelago of seven islands, of which the three largest are inhabited.
Naajaat is located within Upernavik Archipelago, a vast archipelago of small islands on the coast of northeastern Baffin Bay.
North Brother Island is an uninhabited island in the Indian Ocean, part of the Andaman Archipelago.
Pico Airport () is an airport located from Madalena on the Portuguese island of Pico in the archipelago of the Azores.
said he,``I have traveled through Sicily and Calabria I have sailed two months in the Archipelago, and yet I never saw even the shadow of a bandit or a pirate.''
Saltsjön is a bay of the Baltic Sea that extends from Stockholm archipelago to the inner city of Stockholm.
So it is with the other animals, and with a large proportion of the plants, as shown by Dr. Hooker in his admirable Flora of this archipelago.
Svalbard Airport, Longyear, located from Longyearbyen, is the only airport offering air transport off the archipelago.
The archipelago is called Rekohu ("misty sun") in the indigenous language Moriori, and Wharekauri in Māori.
The Chatham Islands form an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean about southeast of mainland New Zealand.
The count purchased an island in the Tuscan archipelago, and, as he told you to day, has founded a commandery.
The Galapagos Archipelago, situated under the equator, lies at a distance of between 500 and 600 miles from the shores of South America.
The highest point of the island, above sea level, provides a sweeping view of the archipelago.
The inshore waters of the archipelago support coral reefs as well as beds of seagrass and seaweed.
The islands that comprise the territory of Shin-Kamigotō Town also form the northeastern half of the Gotō Islands archipelago, which is the origin of the name Kamigotō (literally, "Upper Five Islands"), in which "Gotō" ("Five Islands") is the name of the entire archipelago, and "Kami-" ("Upper") refers to the fact that this half of the archipelago is located closer to the Japanese capital relative to the southwestern half.
The major islands in the archipelago are: The archipelago also includes many smaller islands, including
The municipality is an archipelago situated northwest of the coast of the Stavanger peninsula. The largest island is connected with only a few of the other islands in the archipelago.
The Pansŏng Archipelago is a chain of islands located off the coast of Cholsan county, North Korea.
The Spitsbergen Treaty of 1920 established full Norwegian sovereignty over the archipelago.
The wall on the northern side displays a map of the Indonesian archipelago coated in gold.
These seven islands were part of a larger archipelago in the Arabian sea, off the western coast of India.
This marine species occurs off the Sulu Archipelago, Philippines, and off New Caledonia.
Vestvågøya or Vest-Vågøy is an island in the Lofoten archipelago in Nordland county, Norway.
We see this in the striking relation of nearly all the plants and animals of the Galapagos Archipelago, of Juan Fernandez, and of the other American islands, to the plants and animals of the neighbouring American mainland; and of those of the Cape de Verde Archipelago, and of the other African islands to the African mainland.
When East Timor was invaded by Indonesia in December 1975, "it had few prior links to the rest of the archipelago.
Why should the species which are supposed to have been created in the Galapagos Archipelago, and nowhere else, bear so plainly the stamp of affinity to those created in America?
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