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Word: archaeology

Definition: study of artifacts and relics of early mankind

Sentences Containing 'archaeology'

A beautiful Byzantine carved door frame, possibly of the sixth century, belonging to the Medrese, has been brought to the Istanbul Archaeology Museum.
A more extensive survey was carried out in the 19th century in the town ditch area, when more of the archaeology was intact.
A Yemeni scientist in Archaeology and Arabic and Nabataean Inscriptions.
Archaeology also shows increased signs of Arabization and Islamicization.
Archaeology gives clear evidence of increasing instability in Makuria.
As noted by the Archaeology and Contemporary Society of Liverpool University, 'The Council for Independent Archaeology was created in 1989 to ensure that the interests of independent/amateur archaeologists do not get lost in the face of the increasing professionalisation and specialisation of archaeologists and archaeological practice'.
At the same time, many of the decorated slabs discovered on site were relocated indoors for protection at the Museum of Archaeology in Valletta.
At the same time, Sir Themistocles' thorough method in excavating the site paved the way for a new scientific approach to archaeology.
By utilizing the primary forest, milpas, acahuales and aquatic areas, the Lacandón have been able to provide a healthy diet for themselves which has contributed to their ongoing survival. Archaeology.
Coupling this with his passion for archaeology, he founded "Current Archaeology" in 1967.
Draper insisted that his role as benefactor to many charitable causes (including military history, archaeology, conservation, and population problems) remain anonymous.
Due to his interest in regional survey, Blanton helped to introduce methods of spatial analysis into archaeology.
He continues to promote amateur archaeology and archaeology independent of government.
He has contributed to the field of Bronze Age archaeology, specifically with respect to the textile industry in both Mycenaean Greece and Iron Age Phrygia.
He has served on the councils of the Roman Society and the Prehistoric Society, and has lectured on 'Demystifying Field Archaeology', and 'The Public Face of Archaeology', amongst other subjects.
He has studied Classical Archaeology and Art History at the Universities of Uppsala and Stockholm.
He is currently Professor in Mediterranean Archaeology at Cardiff University.
He promoted the establishment of the professorship of archaeology in Finland, to no prevail.
He received a Distinguished Service Award from the Society for American Archaeology in 1996 and has continued his fieldwork and research in the archaeology and anthropology of the Middle East. Scholarly research.
He worked both in archaeology and numismatics, mainly of the High and Late Middle Ages.
His primary teaching responsibilities are Greek archaeology and ancient Greek language.
His research and expertise has been cited in many other books, including "The Amateur Archaeologist" by Stephen Wass (1992); "Archaeology in British Towns" by Patrick Ottoway (1996); and The Ethics of Archaeology by Chriss Scarre and Geoffrey Scarre (2006).
However, archaeology is constituted by a range of methodologies and approaches which are independent from history; that is to say, archaeology does not "fill the gaps" within textual sources.
I adore Rome, and I have always had a great taste for archaeology.''
In 1929, she married Moshe Shtekelis, a professor of archaeology.
In 2009, Ripps established "Internet Archaeology" in an attempt to archive and present some content from GeoCities upon Yahoo!'s closure of the site.
In recent decades archaeology has become the best method of obtaining information regarding Makuria.
Indeed, Historical Archaeology is a specific branch of archaeology, often contrasting its conclusions against those of contemporary textual sources.
It is a specialist maritime archaeology and shipwreck conservation museum, housed in 1850s-era Commissariat building.
Its full title is "The Grosvenor Museum of Natural History and Archaeology, with Schools of Science and Art, for Chester, Cheshire and North Wales".
Modern archaeology has opened new vistas through the centuries, but Ehrlich had no knowledge, in his time, of what the future would bring into this realm.
Morcerf had expected he should be the guide; on the contrary, it was he who, under the count's guidance, followed a course of archaeology, mineralogy, and natural history.
Rubens and the Archaeology of Myth, 1610-1620: Visual and Poetic Memory.
The archaeology is ongoing as the mining continues.
The Channel 4 archaeology program "Time Team" aired a special on the treasure in December 2008.
The Cosgroves’ first professional archaeology endeavor was to excavate the Swarts Ruin, also known as the Swarts Ranch Ruin.
The decade of the 1780s in archaeology involved some significant events.
The Foundation also gives a prize in archaeology, intended to help with archaeology projects in France or abroad.
The hills overlooking Eston are managed – for their wildlife, archaeology and amenity.
The history of the facility is explored in the documentary "Weyburn: An Archaeology of Madness".
The irony is that, in the long run, it will have been the newer "secular" archaeology that contributed the most to Biblical studies, not "Biblical archaeology."
The organization has published Sindhi folklore, poetry, lexicography, archaeology and original literary works.
The Pakistan Department of Archaeology excavated at Kot Diji in 1955 and 1957.
The Samuel A. Goudsmit Collection of Egyptian Antiquities resides at the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
The scientific study of such remains is called industrial archaeology.
The series is a mix of ancient South American history, archaeology, and science fiction.
The university publishes "Revista Chungará" a journal on anthropology and archaeology.
The year 1974 in archaeology involved some significant events.
There are other museum in the country run by the Department of Archaeology and the Central Cultural Fund, Sri Lanka.
Through his life, Gottlund was passionately interested in archaeology, about which he wrote e.g. in his "Otava" series.
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