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Vocabulary Word

Word: arcane

Definition: esoteric; secret; mysterious; known only to the initiated; Ex. arcane ritual; Ex. arcane process closed to the uninitiated listener

Sentences Containing 'arcane'

"American Freak" focused on a completely new set of characters, described as the offspring of the original Arcane Un-Men.
"Arcane Path" is a concept album of a protagonist's inner struggles.
"Saga of the Swamp Thing" #82-83 explored Arcane's early history as a battlefield medic for the German army during World War I. The young Arcane is shown stitching together the body parts of dead soldiers in a series of unauthorized necromantic experiments.
Although Arcane would more than occasionally return from the grave to stalk the Swamp Thing, the Un-Men would not return for another decade.
Arcane explains to the captive plant creature that the Un-Men "are the result of my first experimentations — crude, but totally dedicated to me."
Arcane Path is the second studio album by the Canadian technical death metal band Sympathy, released in 2004 on the Dutch label Fear Dark.
Arcane runes run along the edges of the fine cape, and masterfully drawn on the silken lining is an incredibly detailed map of a place named 'Blackmoor'."
As a trusted aid of Hitler, the middle-aged Arcane, headquartered at a slaughterhouse, has successfully created his first Un-Men.
As Arcane explains, the Un-Men “buried each part of my dismembered body in a separate grave, then vanished, never to be seen again.” Other Un-Men later exhumed Arcane's body parts, and rebuilt his artificial body.
As described in "Swamp Thing" #2 the Un-Men are "synthetic men" created by the evil sorcerer/scientist Anton Arcane in his mountain castle in the Balkans.
At the end of the story arc, the Swamp Thing chases Arcane to the top of his castle tower, and the old man plunges to his death.
At the end of this arc, Sunderland's daughter, Connie, turns against Arcane and blows up the Sunderland facility, Arcane, and, presumably, most of the Un-Men.
At the end of this story arc, Arcane is eaten by his own Un-Men, defeated for the third time, and the second at the hands of his own creations.
But the Natives of Xsarra didn't like this idea, so they formed an allied group, the Arcane forces.
Conversely, secret societies have often furtive or arcane greeting gestures and rituals, such as a secret handshake, which allow members to recognize each other.
Crassus tricks Kane into traveling with him to Romania, promising the boy that Arcane might be able to help reverse the mutation.
Damien Kane has apparently died and his reservation has been taken over by a coterie of Arcane's original Un-Men, led by Cranius.
Diaz's influences include an eclectic mix from fantastical Mexican Retablos, mystical votive offerings, the Flemish Primitives, Gothic ornamentation, arcane religious sigils and medallions, alchemy, as well as symbolism culled from assorted secret societies such as The Rosicrucians.
Disciplina Arcani (Latin for "Discipline of the Secret" or "Discipline of the Arcane") is the custom that prevailed in Early Christianity, whereby knowledge of the more intimate mysteries of the Christian religion was carefully kept from non-Christians and even from those who were undergoing instruction in the faith.
For example, "The Illithiad" references the character of Strom Wakeman and the organization known as the Arcane Order (an organization detailed heavily in another of Cordell's works, "College of Wizardry").
He also saved John's life in the Double Trouble Tournament after the match with the Fallen Angels, with an arcane "Poison Identification" skill.
He delves into the hidden meaning of each arcane and its power over the fate of people.
He specializes in esoteric, arcane, archaic, and otherwise unusual words, which he has catalogued humorously in his three books, along with "real-life" situations in which such words might come in handy A spare-time author, his main work lay in his forty years in education policy and management, in both public and private sectors.
If this plot point is intended to represent events occurring after the mutilation of Arcane by his Un-Men (as depicted in v. 1 #10), the date and number of Un-Men is incorrect. In Louapre's story, the military guards, rather than Arcane, dubbed these creatures "Un-Men."
In a critical review of "Planes of Conflict" for British RPG magazine "Arcane", Trenton Webb described the Beastlands as "a bright, simple plane that stirs the beast in players' hearts.
In issues #17-19, Arcane again returns with a cadre of Un-Men.
In that story arc, Arcane dispatches a group of these deformed creatures to Louisiana to capture the Swamp Thing.
It is also the location of a mysterious monolith with arcane writings on its surface.
It's not entirely clear how Arcane constructed his Un-Men, but several of them are made of stitched-together body parts, like Frankenstein's monster.
Javan's arcane powers continue to develop through the spring, but he carefully keeps his abilities hidden from the Regents.
Javan's elder twin Alroy is formally crowned King of Gwynedd on their twelfth birthday in May, and Javan soon begins to discover his own emerging arcane powers.
Later that night, unbeknownst to the princes, King Cinhil performs an arcane ritual to set the Haldane potential in his three sons, but the stress of the ritual results in the death of the aging king.
Meanwhile, the Arcane Order returned in "Tome and Blood" as a detailed organization and the basis of a prestige class.
Neither Cranius nor any of the insectoid Un-Men appear in this arc. Rather, Arcane is shown creating a new group of Un-Men, most notably the psychic Dr. Polygon, a purple man with nine or so faces on his head.
Obsessed with obtaining immortality, the elderly and ailing Arcane intends to transfer his mind and soul into the Swamp Thing's indestructible plant body.
Of course, it’s a trick: Crassus knows that Arcane is no longer in his castle fortress.
On Her Majesty's Arcane Service was released on September 25, 2009.
Outremer is a game set contemporaneously with On Her Majesty's Arcane Service, the 16th century, but in an alt-historical world where the Crusader States survived into the Renaissance.
Subsequent works include "Kalpa", performed at the Getty Center in Los Angeles in January 2012 as well as a performance of "Cold Dream Colour" as a member of the Arcane Collective at the REDCAT, part of the Walt Disney Concert Hall complex.
The album received an enthusiastic reception, and several online magazines recognized "Arcane Path" as one the metal albums of the year.
The artificially enhanced Un-Men apparently consider the natural-born freaks of Aberrance to be "fakes," i.e., "pretenders" and "nature's accidents" who pale in comparison to the Promethean creations of Anton Arcane and the next-generation Un-Men built by Arcane's first lieutenant, Cranius.
The book focuses on hardware design and software development of the apple company, including the arcane of ports and cards and code.
The EP received good reviews, and the critics considered the Ep an improvement over the style of Arcane Path, being more extreme technical death/black metal.
The same story arc delves into Arcane's World War II-era activities.
The two most distinctive Un-Men were Ophidian, a talking snake creature with 10 pairs of legs and hypnotic powers, and Cranius, Arcane's major domo and the leader of the Un-Men.
The Un-Men and Arcane returned in issue #10 to further harass the Swamp Thing, in the last issue to be illustrated by Wrightson.
The Un-Men later engage Swamp Thing and the forces of The Green outside of Anton Arcane's castle.
These were used to examine religious and moral questions, often employing an element of casuistry (i.e. theoretical reasoning used to resolve moral problems, often evasive or arcane) to define their understanding or personal relationship with God.
This design of tarot cards shows the limitless perfectionism of the artist. This is a package in which each image has been carefully studied, offering under his personal vision, all the symbolism and secrecy of every arcane, and demonstrates a titanic level of documentation.
Unsuitable for Arcane's body-switching schemes, the Un-Men mindlessly serve their "master" as obedient henchmen.

More Vocab Words

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