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Vocabulary Word

Word: arboreal

Definition: of or living in trees

Sentences Containing 'arboreal'

Abronia leurolepis is an arboreal alligator lizard that is endemic to Mexico. Its common name is smoothback arboreal alligator lizard.
Abronia taeniata is a vulnerable species of arboreal alligator lizard described in 1828 by Wiegmann.
According to him, the wings first evolved, as a means to control gliding, in relatively large insects that had turned to feeding on generative organs of arboreal plants.
Convergent behavior to that of "Acropyga" is displayed by the arboreal ant "Tetraponera binghami".
However, the black-legged seriema is more arboreal than its cousin, and it prefers to spend more time in trees.
However, the ecology and this transition is considerably more contentious, with various scientists supporting either a "trees down" origin (in which an arboreal ancestor evolved gliding, then flight) or a "ground up" origin (in which a fast-running terrestrial ancestor used wings for a speed boost and to help catch prey.
If the harvest mouse had been more strictly arboreal, it would perhaps have had its tail rendered structurally prehensile, as is the case with some members of the same order.
In the tropical rainforest of the Malay Peninsula and Indonesia, R. bicolor is not as abundant as elsewhere in its range, which is probably due to competition from other arboreal species (especially primates) for food in the upper forest canopy.
In wooded areas, they are mostly arboreal, though they have also been found in the stumps and hollow limbs of trees or in bird nests.
It has an arboreal lifestyle, especially favouring stands of manuka, kanuka, and mingimingi.
It is largely arboreal and extremely shy.
It is nocturnal and may be arboreal. The diet of Marmosa consists largely of insects and fruits but also lizards, bird eggs and small rodents.
On occasion, they hunt by flying low over a bush to catch prey by surprise or dash into dense foliage to catch a galago or other arboreal prey item.
One suggestion is that wings initially were used to catch the wind for small insects that live on the surface of the water, while another is that they functioned in parachuting, then gliding, then flight for originally arboreal insects.
Prey are often broods of vespid wasps and ants of genera "Dolichoderus" and "Camponotus", suggesting that "E. hamatum" is mainly an arboreal forager.
R. bicolor is diurnal and arboreal, but sometimes climbs down from the forest canopy to feed on the ground.
The Colombian Soft-furred Spiny-rat (Diplomys caniceps), or Arboreal Soft-furred Spiny-rat, is a species of rodent in the Echimyidae family.
The Tasmanian pygmy possum is nocturnal and arboreal. It lives primarily in shrubland or forest undergrowth, and, although a good climber, rarely ventures into the higher branches of trees, presumably because this would make it more vulnerable to avian predators.
They are highly arboreal and rarely come to the ground to feed.
This is an arboreal dove, feeding almost exclusively on fruit.
This opossum inhabits forests; it is nocturnal and probably arboreal. Description.
Unlike the common raccoon, the hair on the nape of the neck points towards the head, rather than backward. The crab-eating raccoon also appears to be more adapted to an arboreal lifestyle than the common raccoon, with sharper, narrower claws.

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