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Vocabulary Word

Word: appropriate

Definition: acquire; take possession of for one's own use without permission; set aside for a particular purpose; allocate; CF. misappropriate

Sentences Containing 'appropriate'

A more appropriate length is 15 characters.
An appropriate sense of humor is often a saving grace.
At an appropriate time, he became an ascetic under Arindam Suri.
At the appropriate stages, meat and other vegetables would be added to cook.
At the appropriate time that night, Formator and his companions foil Froth and Callid's plot.
Bargaining rights and appropriate bargaining unit.
Bergman said that it was "only appropriate" that the couple found each other, explaining: "Wherever Sharon goes, she is embarrassed.
Chase asked that appropriate call letters be assigned.
Citing the work itself may be appropriate if an applicable quote is provided.
For patients with severe risk factors, prescription medication may be appropriate.
He has her find an appropriate dress in wardrobe.
He said that legislation was being drafted to establish an appropriate press complaints council.
He suffers from high blood pressure and does not receive appropriate treatment.
HitFix writer Daniel Feinberg wrote that while the episode "wasn't flawless" it was "an appropriate disentanglement".
However, knowledge of appropriate uses and dosages was limited.
If no appropriate high place is available this species will nest in bushes or even on the ground.
In short, the works are funny, original, and appropriate for all ages."
Infills would be removed and terracing of the roof redone in traditional materials with appropriate drainage.
Instead, a series of different pumps is used, according to the appropriate pressure range for each pump.
Kuhn himself did not consider the concept of paradigm as appropriate for the social sciences.
Line breaks are needed to divide the words of the address into lines of the appropriate length.
Most of the work is contracted to appropriate organisations in the Nordic area.
Note: Patients being treated for neurocysticercosis should receive appropriate steroid and anticonvulsant therapy as required.
Once the rail is stressed to the appropriate temperature the weld is made.
She stated that she would like to see Australia become a republic, with an appropriate time being when there is a change in monarch.
Since linking word is a very important element in a concept map, we have to focus on the appropriate usage of them.
Some plants contain substances which are toxic in large doses, but have therapeutic properties in appropriate dosages.
The alpine skiing area is small and appropriate for beginners.
The appropriate date of the Nuakhai is just the day after the Ganesh Puja.
The fact that ARD and ZDF no longer own the appropriate broadcasting rights partly accounts for this.
The formulation is still going strong, with appropriate adjustments to the instrumentation.
The graphics card then sends out a 2400x600 signal which the TripleHead2Go divides and distributes to the appropriate monitors.
The slogan of the magazine was "Neither Humorous Nor Appropriate" SLUG projects.
The stream itself appears as if appropriate for the deeds which have been committed.
Therefore it is essential to ensure that appropriate cultural protocols are adhered to.
These characteristics guarantee the animals a permanent and appropriate coat to protect against extreme changes of temperature.
These projects were all that were deemed appropriate for continuance at the time.
They are usually administered for five days intravenously in the appropriate quantity.
This is appropriate to detailed review of writing, for instance.
This reference is made even more appropriate by the fact that Spock's mother was named Amanda Grayson.
This understanding of the body allowed for greater interpretation concerning what was appropriate and what was not.
This was later expanded to 49 hectares to provided a more appropriate vegetation corridor.
To all of which, that I might commit nobody, I invented, I am afraid, appropriate answers.
To maintain balance, both feet can step, pivot or slide as appropriate.
When the application was appropriate this raised the speed by about 2-4 times.
When these could not be obtained, writers were allowed to "re-create" appropriate dialogue.
Which techniques are appropriate is dictated mainly by the target species and by its habitat.
With appropriate instruction, all students can learn.
Yet it was appropriate for conveying the game's atmosphere.
You hear from my tone it's appropriate to feel sorry for me.

More Vocab Words

::: eminent - rising above others; high; lofty; distinguished; Ex. eminent position
::: pulverize - crush or grind into very small particles
::: effete - having lost one's original power; barren; worn out; exhausted
::: hut - crude dwelling; shack
::: irreproachable - beyond reproach; blameless; impeccable; Ex. irreproachable conduct
::: recite - repeat aloud (something learned); describe; Ex. recite his complaints; N. recitation
::: tanner - person who turns animal hides into leather
::: itinerant - wandering; traveling from place to place (to perform work); Ex. itinerant preacher
::: pungent - stinging; acrid; sharp in taste or smell; (of speech or writing) caustic; N. pungency
::: astute - wise; shrewd; keen; seeing quickly something that is to one's advantage