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Vocabulary Word

Word: appreciate

Definition: be thankful for; increase in worth; be thoroughly conscious of; ADJ. appreciable: enough to be felt; Ex. appreciable difference

Sentences Containing 'appreciate'

"Compute!" stated that "Enchanter" had "nothing strikingly original about it, but you'll appreciate its high level of challenge and meticulously maintained continuity".
and now we're getting a chance to record it, so the people that don't get to see us live can hear it and appreciate it for what it is."
Anyone experienced in the ways of voluntary organizations may appreciate the fact that Col. Whittle was detained at a college trustees meeting in Tennessee, so he was unable to attend the meeting at which he was elected president.
Cotons need a short walk every day for exercise, but will appreciate a play session as often as possible and have the endurance to go on a long hike.
Early, admiring specifics of the ship's design, significantly echoes the episode's title when he says, "People don't appreciate the substance of things.
Edwards was shocked by his wife's suggestion, which he found uncharacteristic of her, but came to appreciate the idea.
He had come to appreciate the need for a national approach to defense.
He is a know-it-all, and he keeps Usagi informed on current events, new students, gossip, and any other information she might appreciate.
He took the time to look around himself to appreciate the various objects he made before resuming.
He would like the public to appreciate his work, but it is not his goal to please the public.
I appreciate you asking me the question and I'm sorry I answered it.
If he does not appreciate fine things in the work of recognized masters, let him stick to the honest portrayal of what he does see in nature.
In children, who rarely appreciate diplopia, the aim will be to maintain binocular vision and, thus, promote proper visual development.
In contrast, French television host Marc Toesca, who presented the singles chart, said in the "Best" magazine that he did not particularly appreciate the song.
In practice they seem to be mainly concerned with high culture illiteracy, the inability to appreciate difficult art and literary classics.
Inferior beings like you probably do not appreciate the principle of free speech."
It takes a few listens to fully appreciate this album, but like the slow opening of a flower, these eleven tracks take their time revealing their individual, unique beauty."
It was a very real honor to be in the thoughts of so great a man as Captain Sellers, and I had wit enough to appreciate it and be proud of it.
It will be soon enough to forget them when we have the learning and the genius which will enable us to attend to and appreciate them.
Later the king of Prussia itself bought Erdmannsdorf palace, which he had learned to appreciate in his previous visits.
Later, I was to appreciate how far it fell short of the reality.
Like many program editors it takes some time for a user to appreciate all its useful and some unusual features.
Many appreciate it most when "extra-old" ("extra-vieille").
Meg learns to appreciate the cosmic harmony and interdependency of macrocosm and microcosm.
Meg learns to love and appreciate Jenkins, however, when she is given the task of "Naming" him and distinguishing between the principal and his Echthroi doppelgangers.
My goal in putting this acreage together is to preserve it as such and to share it now and in the future with people who will appreciate it and profit from the experience.
Nevertheless, until reading an able and valuable article in the "North British Review" (1867), I did not appreciate how rarely single variations, whether slight or strongly marked, could be perpetuated.
One does not appreciate the sight of earth until he has traveled through a flood.
Only those who know of the suffering endured in former times can fully appreciate the decrease in pain brought about by the proper use of narcotics.
Otaru rushes to tackle Marine to protect her from under a lightning strike and it is this courage that leads her to appreciate him.
Personality style assessment can help individuals and practitioners appreciate human diversity, or, in the words of Isabel Briggs Myers, respect "gifts differing".
Probably my shrinking was largely due to the sympathetic influence of the Eloi, whose disgust of the Morlocks I now began to appreciate.
Rosie, meanwhile, feels like Albert does not appreciate her, so Albert persuades her to ""Put on a Happy Face"".
Sometimes we are inclined to class those who are once and a half witted with the half witted, because we appreciate only a third part of their wit.
The beauty displayed here is likely to disclose itself best to those who do not analyse the details, but appreciate the whole interior in its entirety.
The Englishman seemed to appreciate this extreme delicacy, made his bow and went away, proceeding with a characteristic British stride towards the street mentioned.
The small man may enjoy somewhat of the wider experience of the bigger man, and be educated to appreciate in time a wider experience for himself.
Their (the students) ability to appreciate and understand the problems of life would be immeasurably increased."" Those problems would be the basis of an innovative curriculum at New College.
This may seem to be harsh and stubborn and unconciliatory; but it is to treat with the utmost kindness and consideration the only spirit that can appreciate or deserves it.
This may seem to be harsh and stubborn and unconcilliatory; but it is to treat with the utmost kindness and consideration the only spirit that can appreciate or deserves it.
To appreciate the hard work of parents in a learning community, Alexander placed students in factories and stores to do the same work for a semester.
Together, these two facilities will help sturdents, staff and visitors to better appreciate the beauty of the Saskatchewan environment, its ecology and its great productive potential. Kenderdine Art Gallery.
Travelers who fly into the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport can appreciate Popular's landmark building below.
We cannot see it, nor can we appreciate this machine, any more than we can the spoke of a wheel spinning, or a bullet flying through the air.
We must have felt what it is to die, Morrel, that we may appreciate the enjoyments of living.
When Harold revives, the lawnmower man explains that his behavior grants substantial benefits, and that he makes sacrificial victims of customers who can't appreciate the process.
When he was 10 years old he discovered the novels of Dickens; years later he wrote that there were two classes of person, "those who have it in them from birth onwards to appreciate Dickens and those who haven't.
You, devoted and young, can not fully appreciate the anxiety I have felt that your life should not be wasted''She moved her hand towards his lips, but he took it in his, and repeated the word.''
``I fully appreciate his delicacy,''said Andrea, cramming the notes hastily into his pocket.
``Very pretty, or rather, very beautiful,''replied Albert,``but of that style of beauty which I do not appreciate; I am an ungrateful fellow.''

More Vocab Words

::: winsome - charming (in a childlike way); agreeable; gracious; engaging
::: diffidence - shyness; lack of self-confidence; timidity; ADJ. diffident
::: scholarly - full of learning; erudite; like a scholar; Ex. scholarly journal
::: foresight - ability to foresee future happenings; prudence in providing for the future
::: contention - assertion; claim; thesis; struggling; competition
::: rhetoric - art of effective communication; art of using language effectively and persuasively; style of speaking or writing; grandiloquent language; Ex. political rhetoric; ADJ. rhetorical; CF. rhetorical question: question to which no answer is expected as ``Who knows it ?''
::: woe - great sorrow; deep inconsolable grief; affliction; suffering; Ex. financial woes
::: gambol - romp; skip about; leap about playfully; frolic; N.
::: tutelary - protective; pertaining to a guardianship; Ex. tutelary deities
::: lachrymose - producing tears; tearful