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Vocabulary Word

Word: append

Definition: attach

Sentences Containing 'append'

A follow-up to "Sorarado" was released in December 2004 called "Sorarado Append"; the songs were again sung by Riya.
As is the case with the majority of Shi'a Muslims, the Bohra append "Aliyun waliallah" to their profession of faith ("kalema‐tut‐ sahadat").
Hence, if a CD mastering program wants to add a single file to a CD-R that has an ISO 9660 volume, it has to append a session containing at least an updated copy of the entire directory tree, plus the new file.
If a stranger were introduced into any miscellaneous metropolitan society, it would but slightly advance the general opinion of his merits, were he presented to the company as a harpooneer, say; and if in emulation of the naval officers he should append the initials S.W.F.
In this case, the attacker can choose two arbitrarily different documents, and then append different calculated values that result in the whole documents having an equal hash value.
Note that if zeroes are allowed in the string, then it might be best to append a fictitious non-zero (e.g., 1) character to all strings prior to padding: this will ensure that universality is not affected.
Since 1997, Hong Kong has been stipulated to append the word "China" after its name in all Olympic events.
The cover art for "Sorarado Append" is also visible as the last shot in the ending video animation of the first season.
The original is before me, now, and I here append it.
The rest of the soundtrack for both anime series is sampled from several albums released for the "Clannad" visual novel including the "Clannad Original Soundtrack", "Mabinogi", "-Memento-", "Sorarado", and "Sorarado Append".
Though finances were not an immediate concern—the Kingston Trio partners Werber, Shane and Reynolds still owned an office building, a restaurant, other commercial real estate, and a variety of other lucrative investments—Shane wanted to return to a group environment and in 1969 secured permission from his partners to use the mutually-owned group name for another band, with Reynolds and Werber insisting only that Shane's group be musically as accomplished as its predecessors and that Shane append "new" to the band's title.

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