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Vocabulary Word

Word: apparent

Definition: evident; easily seen or understood; appearing as such; Ex. apparent improvement

Sentences Containing 'apparent'

Then she glanced in a casual manner round the wine shop, took up her knitting with great apparent calmness and repose of spirit, and became absorbed in it.
That he had no recollection whatever of his having been brought from his prison to that house, was apparent to them.
``You have seen both dolls and birds to day,''said Madame Defarge, with a wave of her hand towards the place where they had last been apparent;``now, go home!''
His apparent partiality had subsided, his attentions were over, he was the admirer of some one else.
In convection, air and water circulate freely, carrying heat with them; in conduction, heat flows from a warm region toward a cold region, but there is no apparent motion of any kind.
Rocks and minerals are not all equally soluble in water; some are so little soluble that it is years before any change becomes apparent, and the substances are said to be insoluble, yet in reality they are slowly dissolving.
The mouth similarly is an opening with a row of teeth, which are generally shown although so seldom seen, but always apparent if the mouth is felt -LRB- see diagram A -RRB-.
The skeleton of the picture is more apparent in the earlier than the later work of any school.
Faults that are not apparent when close, are easily seen at a little distance.
And all these lines, without the artifice being too apparent, give that well knit, dignified look so in harmony with the nature of the subject.
Like all so called laws in art, this rule is capable of many apparent exceptions.
But despite this, I think the added life due to the variety in the proportions is sufficiently apparent in the diagrams to prove the point we wish to make.
The chimney is to some extent an independent structure, standing on the ground, and rising through the house to the heavens; even after the house is burned it still stands sometimes, and its importance and independence are apparent.
However, on the outskirts changes were apparent enough; notably in dwelling house architecture.
Then he wandered into a very flowing lecture, filled with classic names and allusions, which was quite wonderful for fluency until the fact became rather apparent that this was not the first time, nor perhaps the fiftieth, that the speech had been delivered.
They made it apparent that St. Louis was in a higher state of grace than she could have claimed to be in my time.
In consequence, he brought them the key of his own at least such was the apparent motive of his visit.
The jeweller examined attentively the interior of the inn and the apparent poverty of the persons who were about to sell him a diamond that seemed to have come from the casket of a prince.
This may appear to you to be no unusual combination of circumstances; nevertheless, I perceive some hidden plot in the arrangement something, in fact, more than is apparent on a casual view of the subject.
Never had the struggle between mind and matter been more apparent than now, and if it was not a sublime, it was, at least, a curious spectacle.
``The apparent reason, at least,''said Madame de Villefort.
Debray was petrified, not only to hear Danglars speak so calmly and politely, but because it was apparent that beneath outward politeness there really lurked a determined spirit of opposition to anything his wife might wish to do.
``My dear host, and you, signora,''said Albert, in Italian,``excuse my apparent stupidity.
The editor was reading, with apparent delight, a leading article in the same paper on beet sugar, probably a composition of his own.
Joy to hearts which have suffered long is like the dew on the ground after a long drought; both the heart and the ground absorb that beneficent moisture falling on them, and nothing is outwardly apparent.
said the latter with apparent coolness, but with deep emotion,``have you another invalid?''
This fourth murder is apparent to all, and if thy father abandon thee, Valentine, it is I, and I swear it, that shall pursue the assassin.''
Another proof that he was a native of the universal country was apparent in the fact of his knowing no other Italian words than the terms used in music, and which like the``goddam''of Figaro, served all possible linguistic requirements.
The apparent difference, besides, in the profits of different trades, is generally a deception arising from our not always distinguishing what ought to be considered as wages, from what ought to be considered as profit.
This great apparent profit, however, is frequently no more than the reasonable wages of labour.
The greater part of the apparent profit is real wages disguised in the garb of profit.
The greater part of the apparent profit is, in this case too, real wages.
The apparent profits of the wealthy retailer, therefore, are there more nearly upon a level with those of the wholesale merchant.
In such articles as bread and butchers' meat, the same cause which diminishes apparent profit, increases prime cost.
The extent of the market, by giving employment to greater stocks, diminishes apparent profit; but by requiring supplies from a greater distance, it increases prime cost.
Remember that all is but opinion and conceit, for those things are plain and apparent, which were spoken unto Monimus the Cynic; and as plain and apparent is the use that may be made of those things, if that which is true and serious in them, be received as well as that which is sweet and pleasing.
How excellent useful are these lively fancies and representations of things, thus penetrating and passing through the objects, to make their true nature known and apparent!
If anybody shall reprove me, and shall make it apparent unto me, that in any either opinion or action of mine I do err, I will most gladly retract.
In which kind of contemplation three several relations are to be observed The first, to the apparent secondary cause.
I answer first of all, that even to the very eye, they are in some manner visible and apparent.
On the other hand, if we look at each species as a special act of creation, there is no apparent reason why more varieties should occur in a group having many species, than in one having few.
When this is done, there is no apparent reason why they should not yield as many seeds as did their parents when legitimately fertilised.
The strongest apparent exception to this latter rule is that of the so-called "colonies" of M.
I am aware that there are some apparent exceptions to this rule, but the exceptions are surprisingly few, so few that E.
He may disbelieve in the immense intervals of time which must have elapsed between our consecutive formations; he may overlook how important a part migration has played, when the formations of any one great region, as those of Europe, are considered; he may urge the apparent, but often falsely apparent, sudden coming in of whole groups of species.
If several trifling characters are always found in combination, though no apparent bond of connexion can be discovered between them, especial value is set on them.
The test does not seem to have been ever applied; perhaps it was sufficiently apparent to Rodrigo Osorio that the comedies were not among the best that had ever been represented.
Our visitor glanced with some apparent surprise at the languid, lounging figure of the man who had been no doubt depicted to him as the most incisive reasoner and most energetic agent in Europe.
My aunt, retaining her stiff position, and apparent composure, assented with a nod.
The howl and roar, the rattling of the doors and windows, the rumbling in the chimneys, the apparent rocking of the very house that sheltered me, and the prodigious tumult of the sea, were more fearful than in the morning.

More Vocab Words

::: emaciated - thin and wasted (from hunger or illness)
::: quorum - minimal number of members necessary to conduct a meeting
::: perimeter - outer boundary; length of the outer boundary; circumference
::: ostentatious - showy; trying to attract attention; pretentious; N. ostentation: showy display
::: lucid - easily understood; clear; intelligible; N. lucidity
::: enthrall - capture; enslave; captivate; hold the complete attention of (as if magic); hold spellbound
::: reciprocal - mutual; given and received in return; exchangeable; interacting; Ex. reciprocal trade agreement
::: ancestry - family descent; ADJ. ancestral
::: primary - first in rank or importance; principal; earliest in time; Ex. primary stages; N. CF. first
::: fret - be annoyed or vexed; Ex. fret over your poor grades; N: irritation of mind; ADJ. fretful