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Vocabulary Word

Word: apparent

Definition: evident; easily seen or understood; appearing as such; Ex. apparent improvement

Sentences Containing 'apparent'

Actually, it is her apparent empty-headedness that has won her the job.
And that’s exactly what the video makes apparent".
As Guangshui is a city known for its calligraphy, the connection to Kuixing is apparent.
As the series progresses, links between these storylines become more readily apparent.
At an apparent magnitude +7.6 it can be easily observed with binoculars.
Bree's desperation pass was knocked down for an apparent Jets victory.
Celia Thaxter discovered the painter's body, an apparent suicide.
Faults that are not apparent when close, are easily seen at a little distance.
Fernando Sesma asked then the Ummites about this apparent mistake.
For no apparent reason the man told Eldred to leave the area.
For no apparent reason, the musical's opening number is sung by Santa.
Furthermore, she had apparent knife wounds on her body and her left hand.
He allegedly refused to retreat, disheartened by king's apparent cowardice.
His apparent partiality had subsided, his attentions were over, he was the admirer of some one else.
However, it became apparent that Ferrol was too well fortified.
However, it soon became apparent that he was anything but philanthropic in his intentions.
However, it was apparent that it would not be possible for Hartnell to continue for much longer.
However, their individual differences were becoming more apparent.
I am aware that there are some apparent exceptions to this rule, but the exceptions are surprisingly few, so few that E.
I answer first of all, that even to the very eye, they are in some manner visible and apparent.
In consequence, he brought them the key of his own at least such was the apparent motive of his visit.
In this Albright's American Evangelical upbringing was clearly apparent.
It has an apparent visual magnitude of approximately 3.719.
It has an apparent visual magnitude of approximately 4.646.
It is apparent they are the cause behind these events and intend to resurrect the Kyō-Ō.
It is not entirely apparent how this influences their relationship.
Louis in 1960 when it was apparent they could no longer compete with the Bears.
Many of these traps are not apparent until triggered, often with deadly consequences.
Nevertheless, touches of Basqueness are apparent.
On several design, a mustache is apparent.
Once testing began, a number of problems became apparent.
Porbeagles are among the few fishes that exhibit apparent play behavior.
Schoenbaum referred to an apparent confession in Collier's own diary.
Tang architectural influences are apparent in the Buddhist architecture in Dunhuang.
That he had no recollection whatever of his having been brought from his prison to that house, was apparent to them.
The apparent figures have the same color as the background, but appear brighter.
The balance between apparent opposite forces.
The change apparent in his fifth book, "Threads", is startling.
The greater part of the apparent profit is, in this case too, real wages.
The skeleton of the picture is more apparent in the earlier than the later work of any school.
The song received backlash for its apparent glorification of prostitution.
The Tarantula Nebula has an apparent magnitude of 8.
There may have been further flesh wounds but these are not apparent from the bones.
This apparent feat was highly regarded in Germany.
This is apparent in the settlement pattern around Aotearoa.
We think that these results are sufficiently apparent, and render it unnecessary to look further.
When it became apparent that they would be killed, however, they were teleported away by Fredrick.
When sailing upwind the apparent wind is greater than the true wind and the direction of the apparent wind will be forward of the true wind.
With an apparent visual magnitude of 2.8, this is the brightest star the constellation.
``The apparent reason, at least,''said Madame de Villefort.

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