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Vocabulary Word

Word: apocryphal

Definition: (of a story) widely believed but untrue

Sentences Containing 'apocryphal'

All these stories are apocryphal, though both Southist and Northist groups use variants to claim superiority for their faction.
Another apocryphal document, the "Acts of Peter and Paul" gives a slightly different version of the above incident, which was shown in the context of a debate in front of the Emperor Nero.
Apocryphal Acts of Mar Mari are connected with him.
Augustine allocates the Old Testament into five categories; The Law (as in Jerome); the History (including the books of Chronicles); the Narratives (including Tobit, Judith and Maccabees from the apocryphal books); the books of David and Solomon (including the apocryphal books of Wisdom and Ecclesiasticus); and the Prophets (including Daniel with the major prophets).
Despite 'frankfurter' sausage makers being the target of violence in World War I, the story that saveloys were once frankfurters, renamed due to anti-Germanic sentiment (like the House of Windsor ) is purely apocryphal, as far as Australia is concerned.
For example, compare these passages from the Gospel of John and the apocryphal Gospel of Philip: Judah.
Gregory of Tours (d. 594) was acquainted with the apocryphal lives of the Apostles.
His last words, according to the (probably apocryphal) story related by Walter Scott, deserve special mention.
In apocryphal works including the "Acts of Peter", Pseudo-Clementines, and the "Epistle of the Apostles", Simon also appears as a formidable sorcerer with the ability to levitate and fly at will.
In the Old Testament sequence set out by Jerome in the Prologus galeatus, he identifies the books into four categories; The Law (the five books of Moses); the Prophets (including Joshua, Judges and Kings; as well as the major and minor prophets); the Writings (including both Poetical and Wisdom books as well as narrative books); and finally the five apocryphal books of Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus, Judith, Tobit and Maccabees.
It is popularly referred to as the Diamond Building or the Vagina Building (from the locally popular but apocryphal story that, with its prominent vertical slit up the front, the building was designed to be a feminine counter to the phallicism of most skyscrapers).
Last given explanation, "Saracen", or "Arab" also meant "apocryphal" in the 19th century.
On the other hand, I reflect that he related and told the story with all the circumstances detailed, and that he could not in so short a space have fabricated such a vast complication of absurdities; if, then, this adventure seems apocryphal, it is no fault of mine; and so, without affirming its falsehood or its truth, I write it down.
One might just as well try to make out that the history of Guarino Mezquino, or of the quest of the Holy Grail, is false, or that the loves of Tristram and the Queen Yseult are apocryphal, as well as those of Guinevere and Lancelot, when there are persons who can almost remember having seen the Dame Quintanona, who was the best cupbearer in Great Britain.
One report has a Nubian army sacking Cairo in the 8th century to defend the Christians, but this is probably apocryphal. Not a great deal is known about Makuria during this period.
Other sources probably included the Bible itself, legends, apocryphal writings and other illustrations.
The apocryphal "Acts of Peter" gives a more elaborate tale of Simon Magus' death.
The apocryphal "Books of Enoch" (1st and 2nd centuries BC) refer to both good and bad Watchers, with a primary focus on the rebellious ones.
The apocryphal Sirach 44:16, from about the same period, states that "Enoch pleased God and was translated into paradise that he may give repentance to the nations."
The cathedral was built with several intentional "flaws" in keeping with an apocryphal medieval custom that sought to illustrate that only God can be perfect. Artistically speaking, these flaws (which often come in the form of intentional asymmetries) draw the observer's focus to the sacred geometry as well as compensate for visual distortions, a practice that has been used since the Pyramids and the Parthenon.
The latter may have met him; a well-known apocryphal anecdote describes how Reincken and Bach met, and how, after Bach improvised a lengthy fantasia on the Lutheran chorale "An Wasserfl├╝ssen Babylon" (paying homage to Reincken's massive fantasia on the same chorale), Reincken remarked: "I thought that this art was dead, but I see that it lives in you."
The legend is brought in the apocryphal and (semi-)heretical work the Alphabet of Sirach.
The marriage was to make no change in their place of residence; they had been able to extend it, by taking to themselves the upper rooms formerly belonging to the apocryphal invisible lodger, and they desired nothing more.
The song includes several apocryphal incidents, including challenges conveyed by letters between Cope and his rival Bonnie Prince Charlie, as well as exaggerated accounts of Cope's cowardice.
The Sopo Archangels is a series of twelve painting, each featuring an archangel (three canonical, plus eight apocryphal, and one guardian) engulfed in a tenebrous (cloudy) background.
There arose in Gnostic circles after the 2nd century the apocryphal accounts of the lives of the Apostles, indicating dogmatic prepossessions.
These remarks may be apocryphal, although of all BBC directors-general since 1960, Trethowan is probably the one most likely to have held such views.
This is almost certainly apocryphal as the architect Brunelleschi often credited with the design had been dead twelve years.
This is an apocryphal album, one that seamlessly blends the new jazz of the '60s with gospel, soul, and the blues...
Three extensive apocryphal works are attributed to Enoch: These recount how Enoch is taken up to Heaven and is appointed guardian of all the celestial treasures, chief of the archangels, and the immediate attendant on God's throne.
Welcome, I say, valiant Don Quixote of La Mancha; not the false, the fictitious, the apocryphal, that these latter days have offered us in lying histories, but the true, the legitimate, the real one that Cide Hamete Benengeli, flower of historians, has described to us!"
What apocryphal, ill-devised incidents, attributing to one saint the miracles of another!

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