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Vocabulary Word

Word: antiseptic

Definition: substance that prevents infection in a wound; ADJ.

Sentences Containing 'antiseptic'

A Dominican friar and Bishop of Cervia, Borgognoni is considered responsible for introducing and promoting important medical advances including basic antiseptic practice in surgery and the use of anaesthetics.
According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, ""There is considerable evidence that glycol vapors produce significant decreases in numbers of viable airborne bacteria under relatively wide conditions of relative humidity and temperature when properly and continuously dispensed by a vaporizing device so as to maintain suitable concentrations in the air in enclosed spaces."" Glycol air sanitizers do not sterilize, disinfect, act as an antiseptic, or protect experimental animals from infections by airborne bacteria or viruses.
Antiseptic Dorogov's Stimulator (, ASD) - antiseptic drug invented by A. V. Dorogov in 40's in former USSR.
Carbethopendecinium bromide is a quaternary ammonium compound used as antiseptic and disinfectant.
Carbethopendecinium bromide is the active substance in antiseptic and disinfecting products prepared in the Czech Republic under the trademarks Septonex (also Ophtalmo-Septonex, Mukoseptonex etc.) and Otipur.
He insisted that the practice of encouraging the development of pus in wounds, handed down from Galen and from Arabic medicine be replaced by a more antiseptic approach, with the wound being cleaned and then sutured to promote healing.
It is naturally deodorizing, and antibacterial. It may also be used varyingly as a disinfectant, massage oil and an antiseptic.
Most other polypeptide antibiotics are too toxic for systemic administration, but can safely be administered topically to the skin as an antiseptic for shallow cuts and abrasions.
Pine oil is a phenolic disinfectant that is mildly antiseptic.
The gum-like sap produced by harakeke contains enzymes that give it blood clotting and antiseptic qualities to help healing processes.
Unlike wood, plastic has no inherent antiseptic properties.
Wood also has natural anti-septic properties.

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