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Vocabulary Word

Word: antidote

Definition: remedy to counteract a poison or disease; Ex. antidote to the economic troubles

Sentences Containing 'antidote'

As for example, against the unthankful, it hath given goodness and meekness, as an antidote, and so against another vicious in another kind some other peculiar faculty.
Atropine can be used as an antidote in conjunction with pralidoxime or other pyridinium oximes (such as trimedoxime or obidoxime), though the use of "-oximes" has been found to be of no benefit, or possibly harmful, in at least two meta-analyses.
Carlos Watson of MSNBC once introduced O'Malley as "one of the real-life inspirations for the mayor of the hit TV show "The Wire"", to which O'Malley responded that he was instead the show's "antidote".
Chronic toxicity is irreversible and although MCC can be surgically corrected in some cases, most of the malformed animals are lost. Since no specific antidote is available, prevention is the only way to deal with the production losses caused by the plant.
Clinical studies have shown that 4-AP is capable of reversing the effects of tetrodotoxin poisoning in animals, however, its effectiveness as an antidote in humans has not yet been determined.
Fomepizole or 4-methylpyrazole is indicated for use as an antidote in confirmed or suspected methanol or ethylene glycol poisoning.
For each fault in others, Nature (says he) has given us a counteracting virtue; 'as, for example, against the unthankful, it hath given goodness and meekness, as an antidote.'
From certain cloistered old authors I have gathered that this same sea-unicorn's horn was in ancient days regarded as the great antidote against poison, and as such, preparations of it brought immense prices.
Gargamel takes the petrified Smurfs to his house, but has to leave in search of ingredients he needs for an antidote.
Graeme makes an antidote to counteract the disastrous effect of his growth mixture and reduce Twinkle back to the normal size of a cat, but the Goodies have to disguise themselves as giant mice, and to become airborne on their trandem, to be able to get close enough to Twinkle for the antidote to be successful — following which their "hot-air trandem balloon" is carried away by a Concorde airliner.
Horseradish is used in "A Series of Unfortunate Events" as an antidote for the poisonous effects of the Meduisoid Mycelium.
However, "The Economist" and World Affairs were more complimentary, the former noting that "Bayandor's scepticism is a useful antidote to Roosevelt's self-aggrandising, which some later writers have mimicked uncritically".
In 1991 Dutch media theorist Geert Lovink organized the 'Wetware Convention' in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, which was supposed to be an antidote to the "out-of-body" experiments conducted in high-tech laboratories, such as experiments in Virtual Reality.
It was a hard life, a life of poverty, of incessant struggle, of toil ill paid, of disappointment, but Cervantes carried within himself the antidote to all these evils.
Kathleen immediately rushes to give an antidote to the lovers but an attack-tunnel dug by general Bulstrode (Frank Finlay) collapses.
Luckily she survives, as her siblings give her a dose of the antidote, wasabi (Japanese horseradish).
Reviewer Larry Reni Thomas wrote: "Randy Weston’s long-anticipated, much-talked-about, consciousness-raising, African-centered autobiography, "African Rhythms", is a serious breath of fresh air and is a much-needed antidote in this world of mediocre musicians, and men.
Roush commented on the author's writing style, "Grossman writes plainly yet entertainingly, providing a pleasant antidote to the breathless rhetoric one finds in many books and magazines devoted to computer culture."
Science is the great antidote to the poison of enthusiasm and superstition; and where all the superior ranks of people were secured from it, the inferior ranks could not be much exposed to it.
Seed is rubefacient, stimulant, purgative, and antidote for snakebite and its oil is antirheumatic.
She's the antidote to Tom's poisonously annoying brother Sid.
The hybrid and its spores are mentioned in "The End," and are hinted at in "The Bad Beginning," because Lemony Snicket remarks in that book that an Island has a law which forbids anyone from removing its fruit, as the fruit is a valuable antidote to the Mycelium.
The vial with the antidote flies from her hands and breaks.
The writer saw absurdism as a philosophical antidote or survival perspective in the "Starstruck" universe, as well as in its creative process: "We get real serious about showing the humanity of our characters, and at the same time, we feel that life is silly, and something that seems horribly embarrassing and horribly important is really silly at the same time."
Then Papa Smurf and the rest of the Smurfs arrive, they read the antidote formula and get the ingredients before Gargamel, restore the petrified Smurfs and leave Gargamel's house.
They concocted a specialized hybrid of the enormous apple tree which grew in the arboretum upon the Island, because the apples' bitter taste would eradicate the spores of the Medusoid Mycelium and the horseradish which they were growing was an antidote for the Mycelium itself.
This is reversible only if the Necro-Over can be treated with an antidote quickly.
When he had gone, Monte Cristo breathed a profound sigh, and said,``Enough of this poison, let me now seek the antidote.''
When used as an antidote in cases of methanol or ethylene glycol poisoning, fomepizole is administered by injection.
You, who pretend to understand everything, even the hidden sources of knowledge, and who enact the part of a guardian angel upon earth, and could not even find an antidote to a poison administered to a young girl!

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