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Word: antagonism

Definition: hostility; active opposition; V. antagonize: cause to become an enemy; N. antagonist: person who is opposed to another; opponent; adversary; principal character in oppostion to the protagonist

Sentences Containing 'antagonism'

A further aspect of the antagonism with Justinian however is evidenced by a tale recorded by Gregory of Tours: shortly after his accession, Justinian called upon the aged Juliana to contribute a part of her large fortune to the state treasury.
Although he anticipated antagonism, he found the other cadets were generally friendly and welcoming.
Antagonism between the two entities escalated to a heated debate in 1947, when proposals were introduced to provide for a single political system for both the Colony and the Protectorate.
As with other closely related groups with differing religions (e.g. Northern Ireland, former Yugoslavia), antagonism was frequent between the Lutheran Prussian Lithuanians and the Catholic Lithuanians of the Grand Duchy, despite the common language.
Because toxic interactions are defined relative to the expectation under "no interaction", a determination of synergy (or antagonism) depends on what is meant by "no interaction".
Cardus maintained a keen antagonism towards much of contemporary music; discussing Pierre Boulez's "Pli selon pli" after a performance in 1965, he said he "could not relate the varied succession of aural phenomena to music as my musical intelligence and senses recognise music".
During this period doubtless the foundations were laid of Theodore's understanding of the Bible and ecclesiastical doctrine, and he was imbued for life with the principles of scriptural interpretation which Diodore had inherited from an earlier generation of Antiochenes, and with the peculiar views of the Person of Christ into which the master had been led by his antagonism to Apollinaris of Laodicea.
Harry cannot hide his antagonism toward Erica.
He affirmed his allegiance to the constitution and laws of the United States and he said that the church must act in accordance with those laws that there be no antagonism between church and state.
He also employed reciprocal antagonism which is when you strengthen thoughts opposite of the behavior that is causing the problems.
Immediately following this the Students Union ceased their antagonism of the centre and their Director of Operations took a year long sabbatical before resigning.
In the first film, he expresses a desire to leave the Matrix to escape its repulsive taint, and reasons that with Zion destroyed his services will no longer be required, allowing him in some sense to 'leave' the construct. This at least partially explains his extreme antagonism towards Neo, who fights relentlessly to save Zion.
Its mechanism of action is unknown, but likely linked to nAchR α3ß4 antagonism.
Patriarchal society used the tools of sex-antagonism and sex-humiliation as a means of containment for the spread of the Suffrage movement, even during the early years of the new century.
Something of the antagonism, no doubt, is to be found in "Don Quixote," because it is to be found everywhere in life, and Cervantes drew from life.
Subsequent Irish antagonism toward England was aggravated by the economic situation of Ireland in the 18th century.
The antagonism persisted until the end of World War II.
The EPA emphasizes that synergy does not always make a mixture dangerous, nor does antagonism always make the mixture safe; each depends on the predicted risk under dose addition.
The message of the "Tattwabodhini Patrika" aroused a strong antagonism against conservative ideas.
There was a history of antagonism between the pair, despite having only played once before, at the 2008 Rome Masters; in this match, del Potro had allegedly hit a ball straight at Murray, and not apologized, and later insulted Murray's mother.
This sentiment of sexual-antagonism pervaded much of the suffragette struggle.
Though the latter article was 'the earliest of Freud's full-length discussions of the antagonism between civilization and instinctual life, his convictions on the subject went back much further': however the 'sociological aspects of that antagonism form the main subject' in 1908.
With antagonism grown another man was killed in a drunken brawl on 21 February 1975, this time the UDA's Robert Thompson.
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