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Vocabulary Word

Word: anonymity

Definition: state of being nameless; anonymousness; ADJ. anonymous

Sentences Containing 'anonymity'

"paintings, such as those in this exhibition are not, as has been often claimed, impersonal. The personal is not expunged by using a neat technique: anonymity is not a consequence of highly finishing a painting".
(2009) • “Against Anonymity.” "Inside Higher Ed."
A government official told the "New York Times" that al Libi's claims of harsh treatment had not been corroborated and the CIA has refused to comment specifically on al-Libi's case as much of the information remains classified; however, current and former government officials agreed to discuss the case on condition of anonymity.
Although the court did not find suitable federal court authority on the issue of a third-party seeking through a civil subpoena to reveal the identities of anonymous Internet users, the court maintained that the anonymity of Internet speech is protected by the First Amendment.
As he hatches the plans to eliminate Malliswari, she is sent to Vizag to a relative's place as a normal girl so that she can live with anonymity.
Besides citizens of the host country, people (legally or illegally) residing in the host country from foreign countries may prefer or need to use IVTS in lieu of formal financial institutions for various reasons as described below: Because IVTS provides security, anonymity, and versatility to the user, the systems can be also used for supplying resources for doing illegal activities.
Capper (see above reference) suggests that anonymity would have been appropriate for one living the withdrawn life of an ascetic, and that under the unnamed disciples of the Gospel may be present either the Beloved Disciple himself or others under his guidance who out of the humility of their ascetic commitment hid their identity or subsumed their witness under that of their spiritual master.
Crass have stated that great care was taken to ensure their anonymity, and that to this day it is a mystery as to how "Observer" journalists were able to trace the hoax back to them In January 2014 official government documents were released to the National Archives revealing the concerns of the UK's Secret Intelligence Service (MI6).
Designing out crime deals with concepts of reducing anonymity of the offender, territoriality - the relationship between private space and public space, environmental and building design all supported by physical security measures.
During the election, it gathered input even from Internet trolls including supporters of other parties, with no major problems: anonymity was respected and comments remained intact if they were within the terms of use at all.
High degree of anonymity is another advantage of newsgroups like a.s.h, allowing people to openly talk about their feelings without fear of consequences.
In the article, both the CIA and the French government declined to comment on Alliance Base, while all intelligence officers requested anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the project, in particular relating to its political and judicial dimensions.
In the late 1990s, media attention related to the sale of Duty Free Shoppers (DFS), for the first time drew attention to Chuck Feeney and General Atlantic not allowing him to maintain the level of anonymity that Feeney desired.
Many former Soviet POWs and former slave laborers and concentration camp inmates who found themselves as refugees were motivated to seek anonymity, create aliases and hide their Soviet Union origins to avoid forced repatriation to the Stalinist Russia under the terms of Yalta Agreement.
Once considered a commitment to lifelong anonymity and even invisibility in Israeli society, today a Shabak agent who achieves high rank in the service, especially the director, is considered a candidate for membership in the top brass of the Israeli government and business community.
reddit's core values include anonymity and protecting identity, and these values center on the concept of open, free and protected speech on its website.
Roark agrees to design it in exchange for complete anonymity and Keating's promise that it will be built exactly as designed.
Rubio claims to be the deceased hero, telling the professor that, disillusioned with the course of the Revolution, he had embraced anonymity until thirty years thereafter.
The purpose of the award is to honour human rights defenders, "lifting them out of anonymity in order to give them extra protection".
They ensure their anonymity by funnelling the funds through the trusts, and the money flowed into "Washington thinktanks embedded in Republican party politics, obscure policy forums in Alaska and Tennessee, contrarian scientists at Harvard and lesser institutions, even to buy up DVDs of a film attacking Al Gore," the report said.
This allows anonymity by routing traffic through a series of encrypted relays.

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