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Vocabulary Word

Word: anomaly

Definition: irregularity

Sentences Containing 'anomaly'

(Shandong was an anomaly, the Zhili clique appointed an Anhui general in 1923 there provided he remain neutral, see Shandong Problem.
Anomaly has also been pressed on limited copies of vinyl records.
Anomaly is the fifth solo album by former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley, released on September 15, 2009.
As it is required as a base for the definition of true anomaly, it is usually arbitrarily assumed (as a line pointing into the direction of the vernal equinox).
As Professor Owen has remarked, there is no greater anomaly in nature than a bird that cannot fly; yet there are several in this state.
As to his dealing in the mild article of milk, by the by, there never was a greater anomaly.
Before her death, Johnson had increasingly been cast in feature films, playing opposite Rosanna Arquette, Tom Arnold, Ian Somerhalder and Bijou Phillips and was slated to produce and direct two feature horror/fantasy films, "The Dark Sisters" and "Anomaly".
Collie eye anomaly (CEA) is a congenital, inherited, bilateral eye disease of dogs, which affects the retina, choroid, and sclera.
Consequently, the Colorado Rockies have a very large home advantage, with a 30% better home than away record. This anomaly has been countered with Colorado's innovative use of humidors to keep the baseballs from drying out.
Each matter field contributes an anomaly of 1.
For a point "P" orbiting in an ellipse, the eccentric anomaly is the angle "E" in the figure to the right.
He ... knew everything about the space telescope, from the smallest anomaly to the breadth of the extraordinary science delivered by the telescope he had worked with for over 28 years."
He is something of an anomaly among the giants of Torah study as he was supposed to have been, in his early youth, a bandit and gladiator.
In celestial mechanics, eccentric anomaly is an angular parameter that defines the position of a body that is moving along an elliptic Kepler orbit.
In Mannheim/Ludwigshafen a July average of was recorded, which means a temperature anomaly of , which is a new record for a monthly average in Germany (in the same cities high temperatures reached over ).
In Milton there is an unusual planning anomaly - the main street (Union Street) is straight for several kilometres as it runs across the Tokomairiro Plain and through the town, yet in the northern part of Milton it has a kink in it at . Heading north on the main street the road moves a whole road-width to the west. The reason for the anomaly is disputed.
In My Genes bears witness to the lives of eight people who suffer discrimination due to a simple genetic anomaly.
In such a context, the supertrace of the mass matrix for the theory can be written as a sum over spins of the traces of the mass matrices for particles of different spin: In anomaly-free theories where only renormalizable terms appear in the superpotential, the above supertrace can be shown to vanish, even when supersymmetry is spontaneously broken.
In the CGHS model, if we include Faddeev-Popov ghosts to gauge-fix diffeomorphisms in the conformal gauge, they contribute an anomaly of -24.
Laudan noted that some anomalies become "dormant", if they survive a long period during which no competing alternative has shown itself capable of resolving the anomaly.
Matt Fiorentino, director of marketing at video measurement firm Visible Measures, considered the first campaign a never-seen-before anomaly, and despite being dwarfed by its predecessor, the number of views "Beyond Famous" received was "pretty good" when compared to a regular social campaign.
New Zealand in its endemic plants is much more closely related to Australia, the nearest mainland, than to any other region: and this is what might have been expected; but it is also plainly related to South America, which, although the next nearest continent, is so enormously remote, that the fact becomes an anomaly.
Now as this law, under a modified form, is to this day in force in England; and as it offers in various respects a strange anomaly touching the general law of Fast and Loose-Fish, it is here treated of in a separate chapter, on the same courteous principle that prompts the English railways to be at the expense of a separate car, specially reserved for the accommodation of royalty.
One noted anomaly was the minor damage caused to the Whataburger.
Park La Brea represents something of a historical anomaly, having been built at a time when most visions of Los Angeles' development were dominated by low-rise tracts of single-family houses along freeway corridors.
Perhaps the correct way of viewing the whole subject would be, to look at the inheritance of every character whatever as the rule, and non-inheritance as the anomaly.
She presents the curious anomaly of the most solid masonry joining with oak and hemp in constituting the completed ship.
Six nontrivial anomalies may be computed on both sides of the duality, and they agree as they must in accordance with Gerard 't Hooft's anomaly matching conditions.
Sturge-Weber is an embryonal developmental anomaly resulting from errors in mesodermal and ectodermal development.
The "true anomaly" is the angle labeled "θ" in the figure, located at the focus of the ellipse.
The Allmusic review's tone was harsher: this concept piece was an "ill-advised anomaly", much of it "decidedly crap".
The bump itself is partly due to the swollen bursal sac or an osseous (bony) anomaly on the metatarsophalangeal joint.
The eccentric anomaly "E" in terms of these coordinates is given by: The above equations can be established by drawing the auxiliary circle of radius "a" enclosing the elliptical path and the "minor auxiliary circle" of radius "b" inscribed within the path.
The eccentric anomaly is one of three angular parameters ("anomalies") that define a position along an orbit, the other two being the true anomaly and the mean anomaly.
The huge expanse of mare basaltic volcanism associated with Oceanus Procellarum does not possess a positive gravity anomaly.
The term "hallux valgus" or "hallux abducto-valgus" are the most commonly used medical terms associated with a bunion anomaly, where "hallux" refers to the great toe, "valgus" refers to the abnormal angulation of the great toe commonly associated with bunion anomalies, and "abductus/-o" refers to the abnormal drifting or inward leaning of the great toe towards the second toe, which is also commonly associated with bunions.
The true anomaly and the eccentric anomaly are related as follows.
The United States Navy and the United Kingdom began modifying existing helicopters as anti-submarine weapons (ASW) platforms, carrying depth bombs and Magnetic Anomaly Detector gear.
The winter temperatures in southern Lofoten represent the highest temperature anomaly in the world relative to latitude due to the Gulf Stream from the Caribbean Sea.
The winter temperatures in southern Lofoten represent the largest temperature anomaly in the world relative to latitude.
This 1991 chart, which became known as the "Phantom Fifty", was not the only year to feature an anomaly.
This anomaly came about because the 1.8 L engine block, with its narrower bore, allowed Alfa to use a longer stroke on the racing car and stay within the 2.0 L capacity limit.
This anomaly perhaps reduced the custom on the Voguéo. All the same, the Voguéo paid its bills, and in June 2008, to make it more attractive, the STIF reduced ticket prices to €1 and made the Voguéo route into Zones 1 and 2 only.
This bio-mechanical anomaly may be caused by a variety of conditions intrinsic to the structure of the foot – such as flat feet, excessive flexibility of ligaments, abnormal bone structure, and certain neurological conditions.
This condition has several different names, The 22q11.2 Deletion Sydrome, Velocardiofacial syndrome, DiGeorge Syndrome, Conotruncal Anomaly Face syndrome, Opitz G/BBB Syndrome, Cayler Cardiofacial Syndrome.The effects of this disorder are different in each individual but similarities exist such as heart defects, immune system problems, a distinctive facial appearance, learning challenges, cleft palate, hearing loss, kidney problems, hypocalcemia, and sometimes psychiatric issues.
Thus, although Kerguelen Land stands nearer to Africa than to America, the plants are related, and that very closely, as we know from Dr. Hooker's account, to those of America: but on the view that this island has been mainly stocked by seeds brought with earth and stones on icebergs, drifted by the prevailing currents, this anomaly disappears.
What a strange anomaly it would be if a directly opposite rule were to prevail when we go down one step lower in the series, namely to the individuals of the same species, and these had not been, at least at first, confined to some one region!

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