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Vocabulary Word

Word: annex

Definition: attach; add to a large thing; take possession of; incorporate (territory) into a larger existing political unit (by force); N: building added to a large one

Sentences Containing 'annex'

A modern annex was added in 2001 with a 300-seat New Hall.
A southern U-shaped enclosure, also of travertine, helps form a service annex and a large water basin.
According to Annex I and II of the Basic Law, the election method of the Chief Executive and the LegCo may be amended after 2007.
After Nortel's bankruptcy in 2009, support for the remaining Annex products ended up with Avaya.
After the closure of the Ikebukuro Annex, Gaba's Japanese classes, referred to as "Jaba", relocated there also.
After the war it was given to the Justice Department and named the Justice Annex.
Also, Sungshin Women's University has succeeded to annex the nursing college of a national hospital, the first event of its kind to happen in South Korea.
and a retail annex inside their headquarters.
Annex J of the MMC-2 specification mentions only ASCII, but provides for "double byte character codes" to be indicated.
At first they were held in the Tokyo LS, then in the Ikebukuro Annex, and from November 2009, they relocated to the 8th floor of the new headquarters in Moto-Yoyogi.
Courtesy of Sonoma County Library History Annex and Santa Rosa Press Democrat."
G.722.1/Annex C was approved by ITU-T on May 14, 2005.
Gunter Annex is a separate installation under the 42 ABW.
He was defeated by Dost Mohammad Khan under the walls of Kandahar, but Ranjit Singh seized the opportunity to annex Peshawar.
His sons posed a tough challenge to the British as they struggled to annex the Punjab.
Housed in an annex to the Chopins' home, surrounded by a park, is a museum devoted to the composer.
In 1921, the basement of the east annex of the Legislature was excavated to provide the museum with additional room.
In 1922, Bluemound Sanatorium, a privately run institution for tubercular patients, was acquired by Milwaukee County and was operated as an annex for convalescing Muirdale patients.
In 1995, it was included in Annex III ("species whose exploitation is regulated") of the Barcelona Convention Protocol on protected areas and biodiversity in the Mediterranean, which has not been ratified.
In addition to Section 311 requirements, the Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships (APPS) implements MARPOL Annex I concerning oil pollution.
In January 1956, vocational education was housed in the new annex building of Liberty High School, as a department.
It also operated two other chains, Casual Corner Annex and Petite Sophisticate.
It consists of a 36-story tower and 13-story annex.
Major collections are as follows: An annex contains aquariums and terrariums.
Michele lectures with the Learning Annex, giving motivational workshops for those in need of guidance.
Most performances take place in the theater in Inness Annex, called the "Little Theater."
On October 31, the Ikebukuro annex closed.
On the annex are three cracks and lintel doorway.
Originally built in 1921-22 by H. L. Stevens Company as the Ruskin Apartments, an annex facing Bellefield Avenue was added in 1925-26.
Over the years its purpose changed, thus in the 1970s it was the English annex, and after the 1980 addition, it succeeded a converted garage next door (which reverted to its original purpose) as the music annex.
Portions of the station were demolished and the land was used to build the Boston South Postal Annex and the Stone and Webster building.
Stumptown also opened an annex specifically for tasting coffee.
The Ashby Printing Company building was purchased the same year and became the museum's annex.
The Confederates supported Louis IV because they feared the Habsburgs would annex their countries as Habsburg property.
The junior school annex building was demolished in 1989, whilst additional infant school classrooms were added on in 1990 to cope with the additional capacity.
The Justice Annex was a building just east of the Supreme Court of Canada and west of Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada.
The main building has an annex to the northwest which was designed by Molden Architects.
The name of this annex is "Annex C - 14 kHz mode at 24, 32, and 48 kbit/s".
The Polish mission declared that Poland had no plans to annex Lithuania and proposed a plebiscite in the contested territories, allowing local inhabitants to determine their future.
The porbeagle is listed on Annex 1 (Highly Migratory Species) of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and on Annex 1 of the Conservation of Migratory Species (CMS; also known as the Bonn Convention) Migratory Shark Memorandum of Understanding.
The school is located in the Palmerston-Little Italy/The Annex neighbourhood, situated on the north side of Harbord Street, between Euclid Ave.
The school was formally referred to by the Education Department as the “Camberwell High Annex”.
The South Facility was curtailed between November, 2001 and October, 2007 during which it was called the North Annex.
The temple is set out with three chambers and one annex that leads into them, each chamber has something somewhat unusual about them inside it.
The TRNC declared independence in 1983, nine years after a Greek Cypriot coup attempting to annex the island to Greece triggered an invasion by Turkey.
There are also 3 off-campus locations: The Scripps Archives and Library Annex (available by appointment), the Annex (collections available by request), and the UC Southern Regional Library Facility (collections available by request).
They also built serial terminal servers from 4-port to 72-port units under the product name Annex.
Three other cafes, a roastery and a tasting annex have since opened in Portland as well as two locations in Seattle and one in New York.
When the pottery vessels were reconstructed, the scene carved into some of the pottery shows a religious ritual. Annex.
Williams eventually left the annex and headed for the main factory, searching for other employees who had reported him to the management for making racist threats.

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