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Vocabulary Word

Word: annals

Definition: records arranged in yearly parts; history

Sentences Containing 'annals'

"African Invertebrates" was established in 1906 as the "Annals of the Natal Government Museum" that changed its name later to the "Annals of the Natal Museum".
"Great warfare between the heathens and Mael Sechnaill, supported by Norse-Irish" is reported by the Annals of Ulster.
"The Later Annals Beleriand" state: "This war lasted fifty years from the landing of Fionwë."
A wide range of natural science topics has been covered in the "Annals of the Natal Museum" and subsequently in "African Invertebrates".
According to annals of history, the golden era in the Maratha rule of Baroda commenced when Sayajirao Maharaja came into power in 1875.
According to the Annals of Ulster it was Artgal who was killed by Constantine."
According to the Royal Frankish Annals Emperor Charlemagne had a fortress built at Höhbeck.
Amlaíb Conung is said in the Fragmentary Annals to have been a son-in-law of Áed Finnliath.
At his death notice in the annals he is referred to as an old man.
Before that date, there was no mention in the native annals of any Bishop, or Archbishop of Cashel.
British ichthyologist coined the genus "Rhynchactis" and described its first species, "R. leptonema", in a 1925 issue of "Annals and Magazine of Natural History".
Elsewhere the Fragmentary Annals, when reporting the death of Óisle, refer to "the daughter of Cináed" as Amlaíb's wife.
Étaín is the name of a heroine from Irish mythology, and is recorded as being borne by several women between the 12th and 15th century in the Irish annals.
His 42.5 stops for losses rank third in school annals behind Ball (43.5) and Carnell Lake (45.5, 1985–88).
However, the "Annals of Ulster" claim that it was his brother Fáelán mac Murchado (died 738) who gave the hostages which is more likely.
In 1831 appeared his "History of English Dramatic Poetry and Annals of the Stage to the Restoration", a badly arranged but valuable work.
In the Fragmentary Annals of Ireland, it is said that Amlaíb returned to Lochlann to aid his father in a war in 871.
It is only in the "Annals" versions and the earliest "Quenta" that Eönwë is stated to be leader, or captain, of the Host of the West and that Ingwion is captain of the Vanyar.
John’s From the “Family Annals” of the Holy Cross Sister of Chavanod it is traceable that the Sisters began their association with St.
Marco also noted the abundance of elephants in Locach; Locach was notable in the Chinese annals for sending elephants as tribute.
McNeal was involved in one of the more famous plays in the annals of professional football, which took place in Super Bowl XVII.
Nearly contemporary to the "Quenta Silmarillion" are the "Annals of Beleriand", a complementary, separate account with a different point of view.
No more opposition is recorded to the rule of Diarmait in the annals after this.
Nothing is known of his short reign other than his death notice in the annals.
Quadratus died during his tenure of office (Tacitus, "Annals," xiv.26).
She is mentioned as Djer's mother on the Cairo Annals Stone.
Specifically notable was what went down in the Gakkai annals as the "raccoon dog festival incident" on April 28, 1952.
The "Annals of the Four Masters" states that Muirgius was the victor in this battle also.
The "Later Annals of Beleriand" expand on detail and reintroduce the encampment of the Host beside the River Sirion that goes back to the earliest fragments of the story.
The "Later Annals" are the final version of the War of Wrath in this form.
The Annals of the city of Pisa report that the intended bridegroom was to be Alfonso's younger brother, Raymond Berenger V, comte de Provence.
The Annals of the Four Masters record his death in the year 689 with his feast-day as 26 May.
The annals point out that many common people were killed in this attack.
The annals record another battle among the Connachta in 824 in which many fell.
The annals record that Adomnán's Law of the Innocents was violated on this campaign.
The death of his father Tommaltach mac Murgail (died 774) is recorded in the annals where he is called king of Mag nAi.
The earliest information on this meteor shower is found in Chinese annals in 36 AD.
The first is the invention of writing, which alone gives human nature the power of transmitting, without alteration, its laws, its contracts, its annals, and its discoveries.
The Irish annals, and the Fragmentary Annals of Ireland, are much older than these, and in some respects are source materials for the Icelanders.
The most detailed account of the course of the war is in "The Later Annals of Beleriand".
The Sui Dynasty (581-618) annals describe an advanced kingdom called Chi Tu.
The Tibetan "Red Annals" (Hu lān deb ther) calls him "Ra khyi phag."
The two main versions, early and late, of the Annals are in agreement with the events but are at variance with nomenclature and dates.
There are versions of events and aspects of the war in the "Annals" that are in conflict with those in "Quenta Silmarillion" beyond minor inconsistencies in nomenclature and dates.
These annals were combined and compiled into a single document in the 5th century by the Buddhist monk Mahathera Mahanama.
This fight known as the battle of the groans is described at length in the Irish annals.
This Köten is the same Prince Kotjan Sutoevic of the Russian annals, who forged the Russian-Cuman alliance against the Tatars.
Together with his brothers Ímar and Auisle he appears frequently in the Irish annals.
With Jacques-Joseph Moreau (1804–1884) and others, he founded the influential "Annales médico-psychologiques" (Medical-Psychological Annals).
With this, he disappears from the Irish annals.

More Vocab Words

::: sleazy - shabby and dirty; flimsy; insubstantial; Ex. sleazy back-street hotel/fabric
::: surreptitious - done secretly; secret; furtive; sneaky; hidden
::: rescind - repeal; annul; cancel (a law, decision, or agreement)
::: jostle - shove; bump; push against (someone) rather roughly; Ex. jostled by the crowds
::: sensuous - giving pleasure to the senses; pertaining to the physical senses; operating through the senses; sensuous feeling of soft velvet on the skin
::: tertiary - third in order or rank
::: luster - shine; gloss (of a polished surface)
::: mire - entangle; stick in swampy ground; stick or sink in mire; N: bog; deep mud; Ex. sucked deeper into the mire
::: nomadic - wandering; N. nomad: tribe who migrates from place to place
::: unwitting - not knowing; unaware; unintentional; Ex. She was their unwitting accomplice; Ex. unwitting insult; CF. wit: know