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Vocabulary Word

Word: animated

Definition: lively; spirited

Sentences Containing 'animated'

"She Used to Be My Girl" is the fourth episode from the sixteenth season of the animated TV series "The Simpsons".
7 on its list of the 20 best animated movies ever.
After "Batman: The Animated Series" and "The New Batman Adventures", Harley makes several other animated appearances.
After the production of an animated short in 2006, a full-length animated feature was announced as being in pre-production in February 2007.
Among Antonello's portraits, it is among the most expressively animated ones.
An animated 'cut-scene' is played between each 4th level.
An animated cartoon based on Carlos' life as a kid.
And now nothing remains for me but to assure you in the most animated language of the violence of my affection.
Angel Puss is a 1944 short animated cartoon written by Lou Lilly, animated by Ken Harris, and directed by Chuck Jones.
animated short of the "Looney Tunes" series.
Animated videos were created to accompany each song.
Annie Award for Best Animated Home Entertainment Production
As if the same idea had animated these two beings, Mercedes was doing the same in her apartments that he had just done in his.
Bob was more active and animated on stage that night than ever before.
Contrary also appeared in the Ultraforce animated cartoon.
Delilah and Julius is a Canadian animated series which is targeted at children and young teens and is animated using Macromedia Flash technology.
Grunt appeared in the original "" animated series.
He is an artificial dragon-like humanoid android who was animated via alchemy.
He is best known for creating the animated television series "".
He is certainly a curious example of the Unicornism to be found in almost every kingdom of animated nature.
His grey eyes shone and twinkled, and his usually pale face was flushed and animated.
I was sorry for that, because I should have been glad to trace the patent readjustments by which the conquest of animated nature had been attained.
Inhumanoids is an animated series and Hasbro toy property in 1986.
It also features animated commercials during the course of an episode.
It also won the Saturn Award for Best Animated Film.
It contains mild animated nudity with parental controls.
It has been cited as an example of an "animated documentary".
It reward directing for animated feature films.
It was made into an animated video series in 2002-2005.
Now this solitude was peopled with his thoughts, the night lighted up by his illusions, and the silence animated by his anticipations.
On the contrary, for a small street in a quiet neighbourhood, it was remarkably animated.
Post production work was completed by The Computer Film Company which animated the squirrel sequence.
Some of Ron Husband's most recognizable animated works include:
Suddenly, the postilions exchange speech with animated gesticulation, and the horses are pulled up, almost on their haunches.
Taratabong is the world inhabited by the Meloditties, which are animated musical instruments.
The animated movie "" takes place in the future, long after the events in "Batman: The Animated Series".
The animated series has since been translated and broadcast worldwide.
The character was voiced by Hynden Walch in "The Batman" animated series.
The development of an animated series based on the character was announced in 2005.
The Pied Piper is a short animated film based on the story of Pied Piper of Hamelin.
The same comic book was the basis of a 1968 animated film.
The series was listed as one of the best online animated web series by "USA Today".
The song was part of the soundtrack of the animated film "The Snow Queen".
There was an animated video series released in 1989.
There, he became director for satirical animated movies, and in 1958 founded the "Puppenstudio", a studio for puppets.
They are Nature's watchmen links which connect the days of animated life.
Those that be admired by them that are more moderate and restrained, are comprehended under things animated: as flocks and herds.
Three animated series have been based on the team.
Weisenfeld speculates that this is because animated cartoons were not seen as significant at the time.
«The Adventures of Luntik» or simply «Luntik» is a Russian animated series for children of preschool age.

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