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Vocabulary Word

Word: angular

Definition: sharp-cornered; having an angle; not rounded (body); bony; lean; gaunt; stiff in manner

Sentences Containing 'angular'

A 2008 work shows that more than half of the spin of the proton stems from the motion of its quarks, and the missing spin is produced by the quarks' spatial angular momentum.
A continual interruption in the flow of lines, and a harsh jarring of one against another in an angular, jagged fashion, produces a feeling of terror and horror.
Although it would be possible simply to integrate over all space to find the total angular momentum in the above example, Dirac took a different approach.
Another explanation is that as both vortices rotate at the same angular velocity and direction, the inner vortex has lost angular momentum.
As the wire is vaporized by the initial strike subsequent strikes are more angular in nature following the ionization trail of the initial strike.
Delta Virginis is a possible binary star, as an 11th magnitude star is located at an angular separation of 80 arcseconds.
Depending on the ripeness, the fruits are distinctively squarish and angular.
During the receive cycle, the outputs of the elevation and azimuth comparator arms represent the amount of angular displacement between the target position and electrical axis.
For instance, the maximum angular speed of the Earth as measured from the Sun varies by a semitone (a ratio of 16:15), from "mi" to "fa", between aphelion and perihelion.
François Couture at Allmusic described their music as "a cross between Robert Fripp's circular motifs and Fred Frith's angular playing."
he exclaimed, with a sickly, angular contortion of himself.
He found that the difference between the maximum and minimum angular speeds of a planet in its orbit approximates a harmonic proportion.
Height perception, however, may also be influenced by factors such as darkness and angular perception.
Here, use is made of the fact that a pair of dove prisms rotate an image optically if they are arranged one after the other and with an angular displacement relative to each other.
His appearance has changed in the second film as well; his sunglasses are of a different, more angular shape than the square ones the Agents wear.
In celestial mechanics, eccentric anomaly is an angular parameter that defines the position of a body that is moving along an elliptic Kepler orbit.
In particular, the direction of the angular momentum of the photons would set the magnetization direction without the need of an external magnetic field.
In quantum field theory and quantum chemistry the effect where the angular momentum associated to the circular motion of the photons induces an angular momentum in the electrons is called photomagneton.
It is often said that an interferometer achieves the effect of a telescope the size of the distance between the apertures; this is only true in the limited sense of angular resolution.
It is usually spherical in form, but angular shapes are also used.
On one occasion Malm saw a young fish raise and depress the lower eye through an angular distance of about seventy degrees.
On the flatter hill side, the walls were protected by angular 5 m deep and 10 to 16 m wide moat.
Remark: with the angular frequency ω convention instead of the frequency one, the FrFT formula is Properties.
Scientists named the angular rock after the Adirondack mountain range in New York.
Significant ones were the addition of specific angle-track capability and additional angular scan modes.
Tall and slim with angular features and red hair, Martha closely resembled her father.
The body whorl is angular at the periphery.
The decrease of angular momentum is transferred as kinetic energy to the outer vortex, resulting in separated flows of hot and cold gas.
The eccentric anomaly is one of three angular parameters ("anomalies") that define a position along an orbit, the other two being the true anomaly and the mean anomaly.
The first monopulse radar was developed at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) in 1943 to overcome the angular limitations of existing designs.
The landscapes are fantasy landscapes with mostly angular architectural shapes that sharply contrast with the organic shapes seen in nature.
The monopulse technique makes angular determinations simultaneously on each individual received pulse.
The only difference is that now, the angular momentum is supplied by the circularly polarized photons instead of the polarized electrons.
The outer margin is thin, angular by the terminations of the spiral keels.
The pores are circular to angular, measuring 1–2 per mm and deep.
The rate of centrifugation is determined by the angular acceleration applied to the sample, typically measured in comparison to the "g".
The shell shows somewhat angular whorls, caused by the greater prominence of one of the revolving ribs.
The short columellar margin is excavated, and angular below by the end of the umbilical rib.
The Tristram's Storm Petrel has long angular wings and is 24 cm long.
The wooden reel and angular log attached hung, long untouched, just beneath the railing of the after bulwarks.
Then the solution (i.e. the angular velocity of the rod) has to jump to an area where the LCP has a solution.
There was no fixed fin, just a generous and slightly angular rudder.
Therefore, it was expected that the quark's wave function is the spherically symmetric s-wave with no spatial contribution to angular momentum.
They are disc-shaped, but may appear angular due to pressure from neighbouring peridioles.
This fin is some three or four feet long, growing vertically from the hinder part of the back, of an angular shape, and with a very sharp pointed end.
This improvement in radar technology provides a tenfold increase in angular accuracy over previous fire and missile control radars at longer ranges.
This work uses relativistic effects together with other QCD properties and explains how they boil down to an overall spatial angular momentum that is consistent with the experimental data.
To unlock, the barrel is cammed down by the interaction of the shaped cam on the barrel and the angular camming guide in the frame.
Ventral shoulders are angular, umbilical shoulders broadly rounded.
With a fluid rotating body, its distribution of mass is not spherical (it shows an equatorial bulge), and it has angular momentum.
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