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Vocabulary Word

Word: anguish

Definition: acute pain; extreme suffering

Sentences Containing 'anguish'

1–3) and then launches into a description of the psalmist's anguish and his desire for peace.
A look as of surprise and triumph shone out dimly through the anguish in my victim's face.
A reaction like physical anguish triggers it and brings it out because the Allomantic power comes from the extra bit of Preservation inside of humans, that same extra bit that gives us free will.
Affliction is a sort of suffering "plus", which transcends both body and mind; such physical and mental anguish scourges the very soul.
After placing the source of anguish in human intellect, Zapffe then sought as to why humanity simply didn't just perish.
An-Nuayman lived up to the time of Muawiyah when fitnah saddened him and discord filled him with anguish.
And heaved and heaved, still unrestingly heaved the black sea, as if its vast tides were a conscience; and the great mundane soul were in anguish and remorse for the long sin and suffering it had bred.
At the instant of the dart an ulcerous jet shot from this cruel wound, and goaded by it into more than sufferable anguish, the whale now spouting thick blood, with swift fury blindly darted at the craft, bespattering them and their glorying crews all over with showers of gore, capsizing Flask's boat and marring the bows.
At this moment of mortal anguish the cold sweat came forth upon his brow, a pang stronger than death clutched at his heart strings.
Atheistic existentialism can nevertheless share elements (e.g. anguish or rebellion in light of human finitude and limitations) with religious existentialism, or with metaphysical existentialism (e.g. through phenomenology and Heidegger's works).
Be that as it may, she saw him go with regret; and in this early example of what Lydia's infamy must produce, found additional anguish as she reflected on that wretched business.
Betty and Opal have words over her anguish: Opal would rather see Cletus dead than be a slave, Opal disagrees that one man's life is more important than the war, and responds to Betty's concession of misunderstanding that Betty would understand if she was black.
By 1982 Podhoretz was terming himself a neoconservative, in a "New York Times Magazine" article titled "The Neoconservative Anguish over Reagan's Foreign Policy".
Fixed there by the keenest of all anguish, self reproach, she could find no interval of ease or forgetfulness.
For some thinkers, existential malaise is mostly theoretical (as it is with Jean-Paul Sartre) while others are quite affected by an existentialistic anguish (an example being Albert Camus and his discussion of the Absurd).
Gupte said his character keeps the frame unpredictable and that it provided him with a foil to express rage and anguish.
He turned towards Noirtier; the pallor and anguish expressed on his countenance momentarily increased.
Her father's only answer was to draw his hands through his white hair, and wring them with a shriek of anguish.
His first novel, "Submarine", in which a teenager records with comedy and anguish his relationship with his girlfriend and his lop-sided view of the strains on his parents' marriage, was published to critical acclaim in 2008.
Hitherto, except during my night's anguish at the loss of the Time Machine, I had felt a sustaining hope of ultimate escape, but that hope was staggered by these new discoveries.
It is written by a man intent, by nature, on the search for truth, and driven, by circumstance, to seek for it in anguish, in solitude, with an urgency that grips the reader.
It was terrible to behold the frightful pallor of that woman, the anguish of her look, the trembling of her whole frame.
It was, that another partook of his punishment that another partook of his anguish that another was to die before him.
Kamban’s anguish-filled plea for clemency falls on deaf ears, as the King orders the death sentence to be carried out.
Mercedes uttered these words with such deep anguish, with an accent of such intense despair, that Monte Cristo could not restrain a sob.
My father looked at his watch, and paced up and down with a countenance expressive of the greatest anguish.
Never did a gamester, whose whole fortune is staked on one cast of the die, experience the anguish which Edmond felt in his paroxysms of hope.
O lady, deign to hold in remembrance this heart, thy vassal, that thus in anguish pines for love of thee."
Others will have a more typical level of power and might have Snapped earlier, had they gone through enough anguish to bring the power out.
Ríos expressed her frustration and anguish in poems.
That immaculate manliness we feel within ourselves, so far within us, that it remains intact though all the outer character seem gone; bleeds with keenest anguish at the undraped spectacle of a valor-ruined man.
The anguish and the fright which this thought gave me made my previous sufferings seem trifling by comparison.
The bell here rang for the third time, with another shriek of anguish.
The count breathed with difficulty; the cold drops ran down his forehead, and his heart was full of anguish.
The EP features several guest appearances: vocals by Matt Knowles of Royal Anguish on "Insipid", and additional lead guitar work by Dustin Olson, Tim Roth (Into Eternity) and Rob Doherty (Into Eternity).
The name was pronounced in such a tone of anguish that the servants ran up.
The poor beasts felt the strange spurs and added to their anguish by pressing their tails tight, so much so that, cutting a multitude of capers, they flung their masters to the ground.
The rest of the poems in "Shaker" emphasize determination despite the "unabiding anguish over the oppression of the black race", and deal with the cruel treatment of slaves in the South.
The sight of this, instead of exciting the anguish experienced by the count in the dungeon, filled his heart with a soft and grateful sentiment, and tears fell from his eyes.
The young man overwhelmed by the weight of his anguish, fell heavily on his knees before the bed, which his fingers grasped with convulsive energy.
Then, sobbing and raving in my anguish of mind, I went down to the great building of stone.
This lovely light, it lights not me; all loveliness is anguish to me, since I can ne'er enjoy.
This state of mental anguish is, however, less terrible than the sufferings that precede or the punishment that possibly will follow.
Unfortunately his plan goes awry; at the restaurant there really is a reservation for two under the name Pritchett, so they have to stay much to Gloria's delight and Jay's flabbergasted anguish.
When, sir, I tell you all this with tears of heartfelt anguish, can you reply that I am wrong, can you prevent my putting an end to my miserable existence?
With an expression of indescribable anguish he threw himself upon the body of the child, reopened its eyes, felt its pulse, and then rushed with him into Valentine's room, of which he double locked the door.
Yet, when by this collision forced to turn towards home, and for long months of days and weeks, Ahab and anguish lay stretched together in one hammock, rounding in mid winter that dreary, howling Patagonian Cape; then it was, that his torn body and gashed soul bled into one another; and so interfusing, made him mad.
``And you have observed, my wife,''said Defarge, in a deprecatory manner,``the anguish of his daughter, which must be a dreadful anguish to him!''
``Open; it is I.''But notwithstanding this request, notwithstanding the tone of anguish in which it was uttered, the door remained closed.
``Speak to me not as a magistrate, but as a friend; and when I am in bitter anguish of spirit, do not tell me that I ought to be gay.''
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