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Vocabulary Word

Word: anecdote

Definition: short story of an amusing or interesting event

Sentences Containing 'anecdote'

'Some sleight-of-hand trick or other,' said the Medical Man, and Filby tried to tell us about a conjurer he had seen at Burslem; but before he had finished his preface the Time Traveller came back, and Filby's anecdote collapsed.
A frequently told anecdote about his tenure as speaker was that when he was heading to a session of the Legislature, he became so absorbed in thought that he reached Boston with his bridle in hand, before discovering that he had left his horse at home.
An anecdote imputing inhumanity to him is in Samuel Parr's "Works".
An anecdote tells that when a Danish historian was counter-criticizing parts of Weibull's treatise on Saxo Grammaticus in a doctoral dissertation (believing he was dead since this was after his 100th birthday) Weibull appeared on the public disputation angrily defending his work.
An old anecdote illustrates Napoleon’s charisma or popularity.
An old Kinshasa anecdote says that a college student then-named Antoine Agbepa Koffi was such an impressive songwriter that one day in 1977 Papa Wemba exclaimed, "Ooh!
Anecdote illustrative of influence of reputation in the changing of opinion.
Another anecdote labeled the effort as "criminally underrated", with the denouncement and boycott of Jackson called "one of the saddest things in pop music over the last decade."
Asked by Walters if he had considered suicide, he responded: Despite being identified as "Lowjack" in the transcription above, the dog in the anecdote was apparently Beau Jack, who sired two of Rourke's later pets, Loki and her littermate Chocolate.
Black chusa hand is the classic descent into hell, with the submission to demanding tests, which ends with the utmost simplicity to round out the earthy anecdote.
Former Men at Work frontman Colin Hay uses an electro-acoustic Maton as part of his solo live show, and recounts an anecdote of a concert-goer's mispronunciation of the name.
From an anecdote related by Phylarchus, it appears that he had been attached to the court of Olympias for some time.
He will introduce the topic by reading a news article or peer-reviewed study, or by discussing a personal anecdote or experience.
In 1996 she guest starred on sci-fi show "" as Marisa, and was asked to write an anecdote for the book "Science Fiction Television Series 1990-2004" in 2007 about her role on the show.
In August 1235 an incident that has become a representative anecdote of Bishop Raymond took place: the entrapping, related in the chronicle of Pelhisson, of a seriously ill Cathar woman.
Kaylee and River play jacks while Kaylee relates a racy anecdote from her past. River picks up and examines the bouncing ball, with its swirling, multicolored surface, which recalls the multicolored planet Serenity flies by in the opening shot.
Lady Catherine was generally speaking stating the mistakes of the three others, or relating some anecdote of herself.
Mr. Brown would start out with the honest intention of telling you a vastly funny anecdote about a dog.
One older anecdote tells of a fisherman who provoked a porbeagle into leaping from the water and tearing his clothes.
Randy Pitchford also tweeted: "I'm sure Hemmingway is getting noogied now, but not his fault. A personal anecdote has been twisted and dogpiled on by sensationalists."
She told an anecdote about how someone in the family had put a can of beer in Hank's casket.
Sian, who reports that claims of conversion through courtship on campuses are widespread in the UK, indicates that rather than relying on actual evidence they primarily rest on the word of "a friend of a friend" or on personal anecdote.
Simon is relaxing with Kaylee in the common room, telling her an amusing anecdote about medical school.
The anecdote is related in Watson's book "The Double Helix" and commemorated on a blue plaque next to the entrance.
The anecdote of Satie introducing himself as a "gymnopaedist" in December 1887 runs as follows: the first time Satie visited the "Chat Noir" cabaret, he was introduced to its director, Rodolphe Salis, famous for serving sharp comments.
The booklet with the original cast recording contains the following anecdote: This is an opera for children because it tries to recapture my own childhood.
The high esteem in which he was held by his compatriots is illustrated with an anecdote from the end of his life: one of his sons was tried for military incompetence.
The latter may have met him; a well-known apocryphal anecdote describes how Reincken and Bach met, and how, after Bach improvised a lengthy fantasia on the Lutheran chorale "An WasserflĂĽssen Babylon" (paying homage to Reincken's massive fantasia on the same chorale), Reincken remarked: "I thought that this art was dead, but I see that it lives in you."
They could describe an entertainment with accuracy, relate an anecdote with humor, and laugh at their acquaintance with spirit.

More Vocab Words

::: equable - tranquil; of even calm temper; (of temperature) steady; uniform
::: unkempt - disheveled; uncared for in appearance; not combed; CF. comb
::: incidental - not essential; minor; N: something incidental
::: recline - lie down
::: discrepancy - lack of consistency or agreement as between facts; difference; Ex. discrepancy between two descriptions
::: elated - filled with excited joy and pride; overjoyed; in high spirits; joyful and proud; Ex. elated crowd; V. elate; N. elation
::: defeatist - resigned to defeat or failure; accepting defeat or failure as a natural outcome; N. CF. defeatism
::: brocade - rich, figured(patterned) fabric
::: perceptive - insightful; showing a good ability at perceiving and understanding; aware; wise; of perception
::: congenial - pleasant; friendly; in agreement with one's tastes and nature; Ex. congenial weather