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Vocabulary Word

Word: analogous

Definition: comparable; similar

Sentences Containing 'analogous'

(This is analogous to the distinction in SI between becquerel and Hz, or between newton metre and joule.)
Although new and important modifications may not arise from reversion and analogous variation, such modifications will add to the beautiful and harmonious diversity of nature.
An ice divide is the boundary on an ice sheet, ice cap or glacier separating opposing flow directions of ice, analogous to a water divide.
Analogous facts could be given in relation to the distribution of marine animals.
Analogous facts could be given with respect to the inhabitants of the sea.
Analogous to a permutation group having elements that are permutations, a transformation semigroup has elements that are transformations.
And in the greatest pictures form, color, and idea are united to thrill us with harmonies analogous to music.
As a mechanical sacrificial part, it is analogous to an electric fuse.
As, however, we do not know the common ancestor of any natural group, we cannot distinguish between reversionary and analogous characters.
At the same time Doncaster Grammar School had merged with its analogous female school.
Both of them were handled by GUPVI, a special department of NKVD, analogous to GULAG, which was established in September 1939, after the start of the Soviet invasion of Poland.
But first let us look to a few analogous cases in our domestic varieties.
But it is only found on the sinister side, which has an ill effect, giving its owner something analogous to the aspect of a clumsy left-handed man.
Finally, the album that shares the film's name, "Grace of My Heart", is analogous to King's 1971 breakthrough album "Tapestry".
For the Canadian Rockies, the mountain building is analogous to a rug being pushed on a hardwood floor: the rug bunches up and forms wrinkles (mountains).
Fully symmetric Maxwell's equations can also be written if one allows for the possibility of "magnetic charges" analogous to electric charges.
Gerty wrote: Spacewalks are very analogous to diving in the ocean.
Hence in the several fishes furnished with electric organs, these cannot be considered as homologous, but only as analogous in function.
Homoplastic structures are the same with those which I have classed, though in a very imperfect manner, as analogous modifications or resemblances.
I have received an analogous account from Dr. Gunther, who has seen a mouse thus suspend itself.
In a 1996 paper Bergelson and Leibman obtained an analogous statement for "polynomial progressions".
In females mutations would have analogous effects.
In my opinion it has done excellent service in this country in calling attention to the subject, in removing prejudice, and in thus preparing the ground for the reception of analogous views.
In superfluids, there is a field B*, related to superfluid vorticity, which is mathematically analogous to the magnetic B-field.
In the admirable "Introduction to the Flora of New Zealand," by Dr. Hooker, analogous and striking facts are given in regard to the plants of that large island.
It is analogous to the medieval "empyrean", put further beyond the fixed stars, being the welkin or highest heaven.
It is structurally analogous to diphenhydramine.
Many analogous facts, all pointing in the same direction, could be added.
Many similar cases of analogous variation have been observed by Naudin in the great gourd family, and by various authors in our cereals.
Mr. Bates, in his interesting "Naturalist on the Amazons," has described analogous cases.
Mr. Thwaites informs me that he has observed similar facts in Ceylon; analogous observations have been made by Mr. H.C.
On the other hand, some languages do not require a copula at all, and sentences analogous to "In the yard boys" are used.
On this basis, it has sometimes been proposed that LIS is distinct from librarianship, in a way analogous to the difference between medicine and doctoring.
Polyphosphonates have high refractive indices due to the phosphorus moiety even if they have chemical structures analogous to polycarbonates.
Some of these compounds have in vitro antibacterial activities analogous to daptomycin.
Such structures are said to be ANALOGOUS, and to be ANALOGUES of each other.
The analogous construction for three-dimensional hyperbolic surfaces is the Kleinian model.
The fried skin after the blubber is called "koro", and analogous to "fritter/crackling".
The pattern displayed by the differences in human ethnic groups is analogous to the pattern displayed by the distribution of DLA types in different canine breeds.
The possessive form "whose" is often used with non-human as well as human antecedents, since no analogous form exists for "which" or "that".
The same remark holds good in regard to the fruit of the several varieties of the plum, and still more strongly with the melon, as well as in many other analogous cases.
There are many other isomers, analogous to those of fructose.
There is also an 'ALUT' (Audio Library Utility Tooklit) library that provides higher level 'convenience' functions — exactly analogous to OpenGL's 'GLUT'.
There was no principle analogous to "separation of church and state" in ancient Rome.
These fractions provide accurate rational approximations of the silver ratio, analogous to the approximation of the golden ratio by ratios of consecutive Fibonacci numbers.
These slightly varying organisms are interesting in as far as they present characters analogous to those possessed by the species which are confined to similar conditions.
This is analogous to an electric dipole, which has positive charge on one side and negative charge on the other.
This is analogous to the F-test used in linear regression analysis to assess the significance of prediction.
Typical species in the donor solvent are fused-ring aromatics (tetrahydronaphthalene and up) or the analogous heterocycles.
[[File:Homology.jpg|upright|thumbnail| Analogous flying adaptions: 2.
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