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Vocabulary Word

Word: amphibian

Definition: able to live both on land and in water; N.

Sentences Containing 'amphibian'

(Chytrid is the cause of the infectious amphibian disease chytridiomycosis.)
1st Engineer Special Brigade was activated on June 15, 1942, at Camp Edwards, Massachusetts as the 1st Engineer Amphibian Brigade.
2nd Engineer Special Brigade was activated on June 20, 1942, at Camp Edwards, as the 2nd Engineer Amphibian Brigade.
4th Engineer Special Brigade was activated on February 1, 1943, at Fort Devens, Massachusetts, as the 4th Engineer Amphibian Brigade.
After the common frog ("Rana temporaria"), the edible frog ("Pelophylax esculentus") and the smooth newt ("Lissotriton vulgaris"), the common toad is the fourth most common amphibian in Europe.
Amphibian skin is not a strong barrier, especially regarding the passage of chemicals via skin and is often subject to osmosis and diffusive forces.
Apateon is an extinct genus of temnospondyl amphibian within the family Branchiosauridae.
Beyond this, Werner described or redescribed (alone or with co-authors) a number of amphibian and reptile taxa: Attention: Amphibian and reptile taxa with the author's name "Werner" described between 1893 and 1938 are from the Austrian zoologist Franz Werner.
Bufo is a large genus of about 150 species of true toads in the amphibian family Bufonidae.
Cast as Gutierrez, a young woman in love with an amphibian man, Vertinskaya had to go through difficult late Autumn underwater shooting sessions which she performed all by herself, without any stuntwomen.
Cirque du Soleil describes "Totem"'s theme as the evolution of humanity from its primordial, amphibian state toward the aspiration of flight, taking inspiration from many of humanity's founding myths.
Commanded for almost the entire war by David Ayres Depue Ogden, the 3rd Engineer Special Brigade was activated on August 6, 1942, at Camp Edwards, as the 3rd Engineer Amphibian Brigade.
Due to their comical appearance, they tend to make an attractive option for the intermediate to advanced amphibian keeper.
Evidence of habitat destruction through natural processes such as volcanism, fire, and climate change is found in the fossil record. For example, habitat fragmentation of tropical rainforests in Euramerica 300 million years ago led to a great loss of amphibian diversity, but simultaneously the drier climate spurred on a burst of diversity among reptiles.
In 1962 Vertinskaya starred in the "Amphibian Man", Gennady Kazansky and Vladimir Chebotarev's adaptation of Alexander Belyayev's book of the same title.
In 2008, "Plague War" was a finalist for the Philip K. Dick Award, a juried prize which goes annually to the best science fiction paperback original. Among his short stories such as those for "Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine" and the "Fast Forward 2" anthology, Carlson has also written an award-winning novelette called "The Frozen Sky", a near-future adventure which deals with the surprise discovery of an intelligent amphibian species in the oceans beneath the frozen surface of Jupiter’s sixth moon, Europa.
Initially designated Engineer Amphibian Brigades, the first four brigades were redesignated ESBs in 1943.
More than 400 mammal, 700 bird, 500 reptile and amphibian, and 90,000 insect species have been documented.
Per its agreement with the Navy, the Army continued to train Engineer Amphibian Brigades, for while the Marine Corps was adept at the initial waves of amphibious assaults, the Marine Corps had yet to create an effective doctrine concerning subsequent support waves.
Some 12 amphibian, 254 bird, 40 mammal, 35 reptile, 101 butterfly and 274 tree species have been recorded in the kloof or its vicinity.
Staff members from Zoo Atlanta and the Atlanta Botanical Garden were among the first to respond to the global amphibian extinction crisis by establishing captive assurance colonies of Panamanian frogs threatened by the spread of chytrid fungus.
Subsequently, the Army also activated the Engineer Amphibian Command.
The "Paracyclotosaurus davidi" was a prehistoric amphibian and the only known species to have lived in Australia.
The aliens themselves had designs based on jellyfish, with movements inspired by red-eyed tree frogs, and an amphibian quality particularly on the wet skin.
The Chinese giant salamander (Andrias davidianus) is the largest salamander and largest amphibian in the world, reaching a length of , although it rarely—if ever—reaches that size today.
The Chinese giant salamander is the largest known amphibian species, reaching lengths of up to , although it rarely—if ever—reaches that size today.
The common toad, European toad or in Anglophone parts of Europe, simply the toad ("Bufo bufo", from Latin "bufo" "toad"), is an amphibian found throughout most of Europe (with the exception of Ireland, Iceland, and some Mediterranean islands), in the western part of North Asia, and in a small portion of Northwest Africa.
The Ichthyostegidae is a small family of extinct labyrinthodont amphibian from the Devonian.
The Ihrdizu have evolved on Genji's moonside from an amphibian precursor, a fact which still shows in their poikilothermic regulation of body temperature.
The various subordinate Engineer Boat, Engineer Amphibian, and Engineer Shore regiments were all redesignated as Engineer Boat Shore Regiments (EB) by the end of the war.
The Zoo currently contributes to the following individual Species Survival Plans: Zoo Atlanta also participates in several international conservation initiatives, among them the Asian Turtle Crisis and Global Amphibian Decline.
They are also important habitats for a number of amphibian species, including "Amietophrynus kisoloensis", "Bufo keringyagae", "Cardioglossa cyaneospila", and "Nectophryne batesii".
This number can be expanded to as many as four (juvenile dirt-dragons as larva, "adult" graboids as pupa, Shriekers as subimago, and Ass-blasters as imago) or reduced to as few as two (Dirt-Dragons as larva and Ass-blasters as adults; similar to the sharp lexical division of amphibian metamorphosis into tadpole and frog/newt).

More Vocab Words

::: elaborate - work out carefully; add more detail or information; ADJ.
::: infamous - notoriously bad; notorious; well known for being bad; Ex. infamous behavior; N: infamy: infamous act; evil fame or reputation
::: compensatory - making up for; repaying
::: plethora - excess; overabundance; Ex. a plethora of excuses
::: countermand - cancel; revoke (an order)
::: gratis - free; without charge; ADJ.
::: yield - amount produced; crop; income on investment; profit obtained from an investment; V: produce; give in; surrender
::: fortitude - bravery; courage; strength of mind
::: imbecility - weakness of mind; state of being an imbecile; N. imbecile: stupid person; fool
::: acrid - bitter (to the taste or smell); sharp; bitterly pungent