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Vocabulary Word

Word: amorphous

Definition: formless; lacking shape or definition

Sentences Containing 'amorphous'

2009 Produced the first amorphous silicon thin film solar cell at the production plant located in Henan, China using its in-house designed 40MW production line.
A dust particle that originates in the Kuiper Belt at 40 AU would have many more times the density of tracks, thicker amorphous rims and higher integrated doses than a dust particle originating in the main-asteroid belt. Based on 2012 computer model studies, the complex organic molecules necessary for life may have formed in the protoplanetary disk of dust grains surrounding the Sun before the formation of the Earth.
Although more fearsome than Bai Bureh's rising, it was amorphous, lacked a definite strategy, and was suppressed in most areas in two months.
An amorphous solid, such as amorphous indomethacin displays a temperature dependence of molecular motion, which can be quantified as the average relaxation time for the solid in a metastable supercooled liquid or glass to approach the molecular motion characteristic of a crystal. Differential scanning calorimetry can be used to quantify enthalpy change due to molecular structural relaxation.
As recently as the late 1980s there may have been a thousand native speakers of the region's Missouri French dialect. This culturally distinct population has sometimes been referred to as "paw-paw French" and lives in an amorphous area in Washington, Jefferson, and St.
Boasting a 7th generation 12-megapixel Super CCD, a 2.7 inch amorphous silicon TFT LCD screen and a sleek new design, the F50fd is the first model in the Finepix 'F' series to feature optical-based image stabilization, referred to as "Dual Stabilization Mode".
Branches of pharmaceutics include: Pure drug substances are usually white crystalline or amorphous powders.
Due to their highly-processed nature, IDPs (interplanetary dust particles) are fine-grained mixtures of thousands to millions of mineral grains and amorphous components.
Even if it is structurally amorphous or naïvely traditional, music whose newness lies in its "duende" will arrest our attention because of its insistence on honouring the death required to make the song: we sense the gleam of the knife, we smell the blood...
In general, critics have described his music as "complex–confused–derivative–highly original– colourful–masterly–dull–formally amorphous etc." The music has always arisen as a result of inspiration from observations of nature, the works of other artists, (especially painters), and from the nature of form itself.
In October 2011, scientists reported that cosmic dust contains complex organic matter ("amorphous organic solids with a mixed aromatic–aliphatic structure") that could be created naturally, and rapidly, by stars.
Motifs in Villegas' artworks include fashion logos, animal hybrids, weaponry, sales banners, clothing piles, anuses, cosmic debris, taxidermy, bear men, amorphous beasts, religious iconography, and party scenarios.
One example is amorphous silicon solar cells, where triple-junction tandem cells are commercially available from Uni-Solar and other companies.
Sanyo had planned on using cutting edge solar technology available to them at the time, using a combination of crystal silicon and thin-film amorphous silicon with 14-15% efficiency.
Solar wind ions impacting on the particle's surface produce amorphous radiation damaged rims on the particle's surface.
The animation reveals a consumption cosmology of anuses, amorphous beasts, and a rotund man watching television.
The color is indicative of the presence of iron in the +3 oxidation state, embedded in an amorphous matrix.
The crystalline phase has a lower density than the amorphous phase.
The Splugorth are evil, trans-dimensional conquerors that are reminiscent of supernatural entities described in the works of H. P. Lovecraft. They are huge, tentacled monstrosities with a giant eye atop their massive, amorphous bodies.
The stem of typically forks at a height of between 1 and 2 m, where 3 to 5 steeply ascending branches develop in conjunction with more obtusely angled lower side branches to form an amorphous open crown.
These compact growths form large amorphous cushion-like masses with only the growing tips visible.
Thorite is commonly metamict and hydrated, making it optically isotropic and amorphous.
Water penetrates the bulk of the device, attacking the chemical bonds in the amorphous phase and converting long polymer chains into shorter water-soluble fragments.
When circulating in the bloodstream and unactivated, neutrophils are spherical. Once activated, they change shape and become more amorphous or amoeba-like and can extend pseudopods as they hunt for antigens.

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