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Vocabulary Word

Word: amnesia

Definition: loss of memory

Sentences Containing 'amnesia'

"Final Approach" deals with the mental condition of amnesia when a stealth test pilot, Col. Jason Halsey (James Sikking), is involved in an air disaster.
"Stacking" is the second game, following "Costume Quest", to come from Double Fine that was initially created during an "Amnesia Fortnight" event during "Brütal Legend"s development period.
After a long media career, Clive James remains a leading humourist and author based in Britain whose memoir series is rich in reflections on Australian society (including his recent book "Cultural Amnesia").
As she was about to name the group's mastermind, Tomas suddenly hits her over the head with the computer's system unit, causing her to lapse into amnesia.
Despite escaping with his life, Daniel now experiences amnesia cannot remember seeing the killer's face; also, he now suffers from spastic episodes of fear every hour or so.
During the trial of Czugaj, Sukumaran refused to give testimony, stating ""...I am also on trial"." During his trial, Sukumaran denied knowing Czugaj and Rush, or any knowledge of a heroin importation plan, and frequently blamed amnesia on his inability to remember events leading to his arrest. Sukumaran denied signing police statements, and when asked by judges to sign his name as an example of his signature, signed his name in four different styles.
Finally, if violence in a Basque context has a very specific connotation—that of ETA—which is represented in Félix's random violence and self-mutilation, then Lisa/Sofía's amnesia can be read as an attempt on the part of Basque society to forget and escape from the violence of the past and establish a new identity for the Basque country that is not founded around ETA.
Fitz begins to doubt the man's amnesia, claiming that the chances of getting them all wrong are very low.
Fitz requests that Bilborough let him join the case, as he knew Jacqui, but Bilborough turns him down after he suggests that the man's amnesia may be genuine.
Gaz then falls into a coma and later pretends to suffer from amnesia as to what had happened.
His dramatic story was about four astronauts aboard a settlers' ship who suffer from amnesia.
His initial appearance suggested that he was Ultra Boy with amnesia, but he was soon revealed to be Superboy, (whose body was being possessed by the consciousness of the apparently dead Ultra Boy), who was suffering from a form of amnesia brought on by his inadvertent disobedience to a post-hypnotic command implanted in his mind by Saturn Girl.
It is 4-6x more potent than midazolam, and slightly shorter acting, and produces similar side effects such as sedation and amnesia.
It is located off the main road which connects Ibiza Town and San Antonio and a short walk from two of the most famous Ibiza nightclubs, Amnesia and Privilege.
On "Dynasty", presumed-dead heiress Fallon Carrington Colby reappears alive, suffering from amnesia and using the name Randall Adams.
Read's works, covering a period of seven decades, not only describe a unique life starting from the adoption of the young boy by the magnificent Maasai tribe whose influence never ceased through his adolescence and manhood; it is also an ethnographic document of a native African group, who rely on oral tradition and whose knowledge and history is, by the accuracy and the empathy which characterise Read's novels, preserved from amnesia.
Sahadevan survives but suffers from amnesia.
The Doctor realizes this is the event that gave her the amnesia during her disappearance, and uses the TARDIS to quietly drop her near the Harrogate Hotel ten days later.
The Eighth Doctor experienced amnesia as a result of post-regeneration trauma (the 1996 television film); uniquely, the Doctor was "not alive" at the time of this regeneration.
The Seventh to Eighth regeneration remains the only one that takes place significantly far away from the TARDIS, without any obvious interaction from other Time Lords and results in the Doctor suffering near-complete amnesia for nearly a day until an event inside the TARDIS triggers his memories to return.
The story planned for the Riddler would have him emerging from his coma stricken with amnesia, allowing him to solve the greatest riddle, "Who Am I?"
There is disorientation and amnesia, and uninhibited behaviour may occur.
These alterations can include: a sense that one's self or the world is unreal (derealization and depersonalization); a loss of memory (amnesia); forgetting one's identity or assuming a new self (fugue); and fragmentation of identity or self into separate streams of consciousness (dissociative identity disorder, formerly termed multiple personality disorder).
Upon discovering that he was in the 30th century, the conflict with the post-hypnotic command caused a form of extreme denial/amnesia.
Wednesday: "Does it matter?") Seven months later, it is revealed to the viewers that Gordon has been Fester all along, having suffered amnesia after being lost in the Bermuda Triangle and turning up in Miami, where Abigail had taken him in.
When Mac wakes up, not only does he headbutt Caroline, but he has amnesia and has totally forgotten their relationship.
While in their care, and although apparently suffering from amnesia, the girl displays an incredible knowledge of ancient Egypt.
Yeung was acquitted after the case against him folded when five prosecution witnesses suffered amnesia, the first of whom told Magistrate Paul Kelly he did not want to give evidence against Yeung because he was "very frightened".

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