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Vocabulary Word

Word: ambidextrous

Definition: capable of using either hand with equal ease

Sentences Containing 'ambidextrous'

A decentralized structure and a culture of excellence, recruitment and training are also important aspects of establishing an ambidextrous organization.
A longitudinal study by Kyriakopoulos and Moorman (2004) showed that market orientation positively moderates the impact of pursuing high levels of exploitative and exploratory marketing strategies on new product performance; however, firms that pursue an ambidextrous orientation without strong market orientation display a significant reduction in new product financial performance.
A manual safety is available in the form of the cross-bolt button, located above the grip, making the gun fully ambidextrous in use.
Although they were not directly testing an ambidextrous orientation, results indicated a positive performance effect of simultaneously pursuing exploitative and exploratory innovation under high dynamic and competitive environments.
Ambidextrous leadership consists of three elements (1) opening leader behaviors to foster exploration, (2) closing leader behaviors to foster exploitation, (3) and the temporal flexibility to switch between both as the situation requires (Rosing et al., 2011).
Ambidextrous leadership was defined as the leaders’ ability to foster both explorative and exploitative behaviors in followers by increasing or reducing variance in their behavior and flexibly switching between those behaviors (Rosing et al., 2011).
An ambidextrous leader is able to switch back and forth between transformation/exploration and transaction/exploitation as needed, in other words, being able to switch between different leadership styles at the appropriate time, in order to foster innovation and then implement plans.
An ambidextrous organization is able to pursue innovation (creating new products/services) while also maintaining itself through the continued use of proven techniques/products.
During that time, Robinson was a player-coach for the Modesto A's in , where he worked with future stars Mark McGwire and José Canseco. Robinson is the father of former ambidextrous minor league first baseman, catcher and player/coach Scott Robinson.
Future research is likely to focus on the role of ambidextrous leaders, ambidextrous teams and the social context of organizational ambidexterity.
If the surgeon was not ambidextrous, the use of the von Graefe knife might be even more difficult with the non-dominant hand.
In addition, several characteristics of organizational culture are also emphasized on building an ambidextrous organization.
Just as being ambidextrous means being able to use both the left and right hand equally, organizational ambidexterity requires the organizations to use both exploration and exploitation techniques to be successful.
Normally, the ambidextrous von Graefe surgeon would switch to his left hand so that he could enter the left eye at 3 and exit at 9.
Noting that ambidextrous organizations require significant amounts of mobilization, coordination, and integration activities to maintain both exploitation and exploration, informal and social integration of the senior team as well as the cross-functional interfaces of the formal organization contribute to the success of organizational ambidexterity significantly (Jansen, Tempelaar, van den Bosch, Volberda, 2009).
One recent hot research topic in this area focused on the leadership characteristics that enable organizations to manage the contradictions that they face and achieve ambidexterity, which is the origin of the concept ‘ambidextrous leadership’.
Organizational ambidexterity is defined broadly, and several other terms are also highly related or similar to the construct of ambidextrous organization, including organizational learning, technological innovation, organizational adaptation, strategic management, and organizational design.
The ambidextrous safety lever is located on both sides of the slide and also acts as a decocker when safety is engaged.
The construct of ambidextrous leadership has also been linked to the combination of leadership styles (Jansen et al., 2009).
The magazine release is located on the front of the grip making it easy to locate and also makes it ambidextrous as well since it is equally well placed for both right and left handed shooters.
The role of leaders (or managers) is always highlighted towards building an ambidextrous organization.
The standard PT1911 is hand-fit in the Taurus factory and includes popular combat and competition custom features such as a "Beavertail" grip safety with memory groove, extended ambidextrous thumb safety and slide stop controls, lowered and flared ejection port, frame checkering, and other niceties unusual for a pistol of its price range.
The top executives of British Airways credited the formation of a more ambidextrous culture and leadership with the company’s improved performance.
Things such as reconciling exploitation and exploration, the simultaneity of induced and autonomous strategy processes, synchronizing incremental and discontinuous innovation, and balancing search and stability also tend to refer to the same underlying construct as ambidextrous organization.
Thus most studies on how to build ambidextrous organizations in literature focused on contextual ambidexterity rather than structural ambidexterity.

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