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Vocabulary Word

Word: amass

Definition: collect (gradually, in a very large amount)

Sentences Containing 'amass'

According to AMASS technical support personnel, in a scenario such as this conflict, AMASS is designed to provide an alert 15 seconds before the aircraft reach the conflict point, and the system performed as designed.
AMASS, which can detect and alert controllers to potential runway conflicts, was intended by the FAA to be eventually installed in 40 airports around the country.
Approximately 27 seconds later the Airport Movement Area Safety System (AMASS) issued an aural warning of an imminent collision, and the local controller attempted to instruct the SkyWest aircraft to stop, transmitting, "uh, sky-, skywest uhh fifty seven forty one HOLD HOLD HOLD".
Chiana then begins to amass an army, which will invade Princemarch.
David had a new goal, to help his father realize his dream of human-mutant coexistence by killing Magneto, Xavier's greatest opponent, before he has a chance to amass power.
Even with 60% diversion through the green bin and recycling programs, residual waste from the Greater Toronto Area would amass 2,200 tonnes (2,425 tons) a day or 800,000 tonnes (882,000 tons) a year.
He wanted to amass the entire 5th Army in the Belgrade region to annihilate the Second Army, which was on the right wing of the Serbian front.
However, frustrated with the progression of her music degree, she claims she spent her entire student loan on a huge sequencer keyboard. She then slowly continued to amass the equipment needed for a fully operational home recording studio.
On 26 June 1944, it was bombed by the British Royal Air Force which mistakenly believed it had been overrun by German forces and was being used to amass stores and ammunitions.
On May 1 1987, she became the first player in Division I to hit three home runs and amass a total of 13 bases for a single game (against the Bradley Braves), in which the Huskies eventually won 12-2.
Originally from Plymouth, they moved to London and managed to amass a fortune from the business in quite a short time.
SFO was initially selected for the first test installation of the AMASS ground radar system in 1992.
The award was established in 2010 and is named for legendary head coach Lefty Driesell, who is the only head coach to amass 100 wins at four different Division I schools.
The Germans were able to amass around 70,000 men against the 210,000 Red Army soldiers.
The label also didn't experience heavy sales with albums by Angel who were introduced to the label by Kiss's Gene Simmons, although that glam rock band did amass a cult following.
The markets pile up gold and silver; the people amass beautiful clothes and ornaments.
The SFO AMASS was finally declared operational on June 18, 2001.

More Vocab Words

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