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Vocabulary Word

Word: alluvial

Definition: pertaining to soil deposits left by running water

Sentences Containing 'alluvial'

A layer of alluvial deposits consisting of clay, sand, gravel and marl overlay the rock.
A subaqueous fan is a fan-shaped deposit formed beneath water (similar to deltas or terrestrial alluvial fans), and are commonly related to glaciers and crater lakes.
After an alluvial flood in 1803, that destroyed a great part of the Church of Nossa Senhora do Calhau, the parish seat moved to the Church of São Tiago (who had become the patron saint of Funchal).
After it was officially declared a gold field in September 1873, the town suddenly grew to 1,500 inhabitants searching for alluvial gold.
Alluvial gold was first discovered in the area in 1894, and by 1895 over 400 men were working the area.
Alluvial panning eventually gave way to deeper ore mining.
Bankura district (Pron: bænˈkʊərə) () is one of the seven districts of Burdwan Division in the Indian state of West Bengal. The district has been described as the “connecting link between the plains of Bengal on the east and Chota Nagpur plateau on the west.” The areas to the east and north-east are low lying alluvial plains.
Bathurst Harbour, like the rest of the Bathurst Channel, is a ria formation caused by the inundation of a large valley and its associated alluvial plains.
By contrast, at the northern end of the area, Muddy Creek overflowed frequently, leaving behind a much richer alluvial soil which was suitable for the growing of vegetables.
Habiganj is located at . Its area is 2,636.58 km² and bounded by Sunamganj District to the north, Tripura of India and Maulvibazar District to the east, Balaganj Upazila of Sylhet to the north-east, Brahmanbaria and Kishoreganj districts to the west. This part of Bangladesh is characterized by alluvial plains which are dissected by various connecting rivers as well as streams, lakes; and it is vulnerable to both flood and drought.
His 1923 work, "Gold placers of California" (California State Mining Bureau Bulletin 92, 1923) described all economic occurrences of alluvial gold deposits in California that were known at the time.
His second novel, "Alluvial Reflections", published in 2004, is Ruwe’s attempt at thriller.
In the 1880s the alluvial gold dwindled and prospectors were attracted to Barberton's newly discovered gold deposits.
It occupies an area of 6.67 square kilometers and extends the hills of the Lloreda Valley and alluvial plain of the Ter river.
It supplies water to Sapporo city, the capital of Hokkaidō built on the alluvial fan formed by the river.
Khambhat lies on an alluvial plain at the north end of the Gulf of Khambhat, which is noted for the extreme rise and fall of its tides, which can vary as much as thirty feet in the vicinity of Khambhat.
Large basins are complex and there is often one or more non-aeolian process at work, including tectonics, glacial and alluvial forces.
Most of the delta is composed of alluvial soils made up by small sediment particles that finally settle down as river currents slow down in the estuary.
Nadia district is mostly alluvial plains lying to the east of Hooghly River, locally known as Bhagirathi.
On the first contract, care was needed at the River Calder crossing due to the alluvial bedrock.
On the south-east it is bounded by Hooghly district, on the south by Paschim Medinipur district and on the west by Purulia district. Bankura district has been described as the “connecting link between the plains of Bengal on the east and Chota Nagpur plateau on the west.” The areas to the east and north-east are low lying alluvial plains, similar to predominating rice lands of Bengal. To the west the surface gradually rises, giving way to undulating country, interspersed with rocky hillocks.
Once common on alluvial plains in the washes of San Bernardino and Riverside counties, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service listed the San Bernardino kangaroo rat as endangered in 1998.
Owing to alluvial aggregation, low gradient and frequent local tilting, many valley floors have become seasonal or permanent swamps.
R. Thompson's Island is a alluvial island in the upper Allegheny River.
Rikuzentakada is the largest alluvial plain along the ria of the Sanriku Coast. About 7500 years ago, the surface area of the bay grew, thus the present plain was under water.
Soil over here is Coastal Alluvial. The area south of Khambhat is muddy wetlands and then coast line comes.
The alluvial gold was discovered by prospector Alec Patterson.
The alluvial plains are cut across by such distributaries as Jalangi, Churni and Ichhamati.
The discovery of alluvial gold on the Shoalhaven River in 1851 led to increased interest in the area around Nerriga, and the town began to grow, with the Commercial Hotel opening for business some time around 1864.
The harbour is surrounded by low-lying alluvial plains with mountain ranges running along the western and eastern shores.
The land is devoted mainly to agriculture due to its fertile alluvial soils.
The name in Greek means "flat", because the town stands on an alluvial fan of material that has washed down the Kotsifou gorge directly to the north . This material has formed along the sea's edge into a long, fine, gold-hued sand beach, which shelves very gradually out into the bay, making it quite safe for swimming and hence, for family holidays.
The NBP ware is made of finely levigated alluvial clay, which when seen in section is usually of a grey and sometimes of a red hue.
The Nemegt is thought to represent alluvial plains containing meandering rivers.
The Pacific plate comprises two sectors, the alluvial coastal belt or platform characterized by low, covered with mangrove forest, swampy, both the quantity of rivers, estuaries and reaching the Pacific coast, such as being subjected the ebb and flow of tides, the other area is the actual plain of hills comprising the western slopes of the western cordillera.
The principal Chacoan complexes, such as Pueblo Bonito, Nuevo Alto, and Kin Kletso, have elevations of . The alluvial canyon floor slopes downward to the northeast at a gentle grade of per mile (6meters per kilometer); it is bisected by the Chaco Wash, an "arroyo" that rarely bears water.
This consists of a lower Red Unit of coarse conglomerates grading to fine sandstones representing river channel to alluvial fan deposits, and an upper unit of red clastic sediments from either overbank deposits in a meandering fluvial environment, or accumulation in a shallow lacustrine or paludal (marsh) environment.
This consists of grey siltstones and calcareous mudstones comprising two sequences of fluvio-lacustrine sedimentation with some alluvial fan and littoral (lake-shore) deposits.
This is a perennial herb growing from a thick root in rocky, cobbly alluvial soils.
This wall, together with the Rhee Wall erected between New Romney and Appledore, ensured that the rich alluvial land deposited by the river Limen (Rother) which had initially been used as salt pans, slowly became rich and fertile farmland.
Unlike the rest of Bardhaman district, which lies to the north of the Damodar River, the Khandaghosh-Jamalpur-Raina area lies on the alluvial plains between the Damodar on its southern/ eastern side and the Dwarakeswar River.
Using research methods used in journalism, Ruwe has written three novels "Dyeing of Colors", "Alluvial Reflections", "Pearly Gates", and his fourth entitled "Crown Jewels" which is due to be published soon.

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