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Vocabulary Word

Word: allegiance

Definition: loyalty

Sentences Containing 'allegiance'

(2) A person to whom a certificate of naturalisation is granted under subsection (1) shall take the oath of allegiance and become a citizen by naturalisation from the date on which the oath of allegiance is taken.
(2) The date stated on the certificate of registration shall be the date of the taking of the Ghana oath of allegiance.
2010 – VIST Bank acquires Allegiance Bank of North America in Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, and its offices in Old City, Berwyn, and Worcester.
All men recognize the right of revolution; that is, the right to refuse allegiance to, and to resist, the government, when its tyranny or its inefficiency are great and unendurable.
Allegiance Health is a community-owned and locally-governed health system located in Jackson in the U.S. state of Michigan.
Allegiance Health operates CareLink of Jackson to provide long-term acute care.
Allegiance Health supports a 480-bed system with more than 400 physicians and 3,700 staff members.
Allegiance Health's Radiation Oncology - Tejada Center offers cancer care in partnership with the University of Michigan.
He defeated the Narentines the same year, and the cities of Dalmatia offered to pledge their allegiance to the Doge and his successors.
He gave Rahman permission to offer Latif's allegiance if Rahman felt convinced.
He had control over portions of Western Maui and relied on the allegiance of many district chiefs.
He is puzzled and sometimes angered by her allegiance to Erik, and thinks that she may be toying with his heart.
He used this as an opportunity to memorise their Oath of Allegiance, passwords, and the identities of their agents.
He was formerly a member of the People's First Party, but switched allegiance to the Kuomintang shortly before the county chief elections.
He was one of those who pledged allegiance to the Prophet at the Second Pledge of Aqabah.
He was ordained as a priest in 1699 but refused to swear allegiance to Queen Anne in 1702 as he did not agree to reject allegiance to the son of King James II.
He wrote several letters to Saladin, who dismissed them without abandoning his allegiance to Nur ad-Din.
However, the creation of the Lancashire League meant that some of the Football League clubs changed their allegiance.
I do not care to trace the course of my dollar, if I could, till it buys a man or a musket to shoot one with--the dollar is innocent--but I am concerned to trace the effects of my allegiance.
I do not care to trace the course of my dollar, if I could, till it buys a man or a musket to shoot one with the dollar is innocent but I am concerned to trace the effects of my allegiance.
I myself am a savage, owning no allegiance but to the King of the Cannibals; and ready at any moment to rebel against him.
I simply wish to refuse allegiance to the State, to withdraw and stand aloof from it effectually.
In December 2013, Allegiance Health and the University of Michigan Health System announced that they had signed a letter of intent for Allegiance to become absorbed by the University of Michigan.
In July 2008, Foote Hospital was renamed Allegiance Health.
In the presidential election of 1876, Governor Hébert changed political allegiance back to the Democrats.
In this context, a loyalty oath is distinct from pledge or oath of allegiance.
It required the judges to take a fresh oath of office swearing allegiance to military rule.
Katrina and Mike call a truce, though she assures him that her allegiance is now to Louis.
La Corne asked the Acadians to affirm their allegiance to the French king, which they did.
Many questioned their allegiance to the Song, and the Emperor barred Jia Sidao himself from the command.
Many voters use elections to reaffirm their party allegiance.
Nevertheless, the County of Tripoli owed fealty (allegiance) and homage (declarations of allegiance) to him, and he, in return, provided support to the county in times of trouble.
Peters was originally elected as a Liberal, but later changed his allegiance to the National Liberal Party.
Rahman was convinced, took an oath of allegiance, and returned to Afghanistan with more of Ahmad's books.
Rainer took her oath of allegiance to the United States in the 1940s, but she and Knittel would live in the UK and Switzerland, instead.
She acquired the allegiance of the Demon and his army of ghouls, collecting energy to return to her insectoid form.
Similarly, the Oath of Citizenship contained a statement of allegiance to the reigning monarch until 1994, when a pledge of allegiance to "Australia" and its values was introduced.
The mission of Allegiance Health is to "lead our community to better health and well-being at every stage of life."
The only man with the prestige to keep the allegiance of the army in such a coup was the Grand Duke.
The Singapore National Pledge is an oath of allegiance to Singapore.
The three deputies returned home in January 1826, appeared before the archbishop, and declared to him their allegiance.
The tinctures red and silver witness Kaden’s allegiance to the Electorate of Trier from 1564 to 1802.
Therefore, the city offered its allegiance to Venice in exchange for the Doge establishing security.
These leaders had conservative origins and showed allegiance to Portugal, but never advocated integration with Indonesia.
Those who, while they disapprove of the character and measures of a government, yield to it their allegiance and support are undoubtedly its most conscientious supporters, and so frequently the most serious obstacles to reform.
To this God you also should have sworn allegiance, even as soldiers unto Caesar.
When the subject has refused allegiance, and the officer has resigned from office, then the revolution is accomplished.
When the subject has refused allegiance, and the officer has resigned his office, then the revolution is accomplished.
Whig newspapers tried to discredit Hébert by starting rumors of his allegiance with the Know Nothings.
``I am a royalist,''replied the general;``I have taken the oath of allegiance to Louis XVIII., and I will adhere to it.''
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