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Vocabulary Word

Word: alias

Definition: an assumed name esp. by a criminal (usually to mislead people); ADV. alias

Sentences Containing 'alias'

"At War with Satan" is centred on a character named Abaddon (which is also the alias of Tony Bray, Venom's drummer), who's the guardian to the gates of Hell.
A nameless pet shop employee working under Santa-chan, who goes by the alias of , is the true leader of EXE.
Aarti is daughter of Mr Chaudhary, alias of decoit Daulat Singh.
Alias toured extensively through 1990, including touring with REO Speedwagon.
Alias was featured in the Top 20 AOR Records of All Time, ranked at number 17.
Before Alias, Curci and DeMarchi were members of a Canadian rock band Sheriff, from 1979-1985.
Between 2004 and early 2005, Lassiter also maintained a trading blog (now deleted) under the alias of "The Big Cheese."
Bone of My Bones is the debut album by British singer Ebony Bones, an alias of Ebony Thomas.
Curiously, Çatlı was carrying a fake passport under the alias "Mehmet Özbay", the very same alias used by Mehmet Ali Ağca, the assassin who had shot Pope John Paul II.
Doctor Polaris is an alias used by two fictional supervillains, comic book characters published by DC Comics.
Dupré began working for him on the side, using the alias Victoria.
Early collaborators included Alias Systems Corporation, Criterion Software, Autodesk, Inc., and Avid Technology.
Eric Weiss is a fictional character, played by Greg Grunberg, from the television series "Alias".
Fatal crash during practice, "Bruni" alias Comte Bruno d'Harcourt, died in a hospital Saturday 19 April.
George's songwriting credits are also on another alias.
He covered up many of these actions by assuming an alias as the leader of the Illuminati, known as "Janus".
He switched to selling appliances and promoted himself as "Mr. Laundry" (alias the "Bad Boy").
He was generally known by the name of Dormer, but he occasionally assumed the alias of Shirley.
His alias Dassault developed when he was in the French Résistance.
How do criminals manage to keep a brand new ALIAS in mind?
In 1990, Alias released its first album, a self-titled debut recorded under the Capitol Records label.
In addition to his work with the Beastie Boys, Horovitz also remixes numerous tracks for other artists under the alias 41 Small Stars.
In an interview with Strutter Magazine, Curci indicated that Alias was never formally disbanded: Band members.
In early 2000s he met Frederic de Backer and both worked under the alias Madrid Inc.
In January 2009, Alias announced the release of their long awaited second album.
In support of the release of the album, Alias have planned a series of performances for 2009, but the band member lineup for the tour has yet to be announced.
In the American ABC TV show "Alias", Nadia Santos ("Mía Maestro") is an ex-SIDE agent who now works for the CIA.
It centers on Sauer and his team as they track a serial killer known only by the hacker alias "Voyager", who kills his victims using the U.M.N. network.
It is hosted by Adam Kovic, an employee of Machinima, under the alias "The Dead Pixel".
It was also featured in the television series "Alias" some years earlier.
It was former Felt and Denim frontman Lawrence's third album under the alias Go Kart Mozart.
It was the musical alias for the solo recordings of bandleader Ivan Reese.
It was under this alias his notability and fame were built, when it was his initial Xbox Live Gamertag.
James Husband is a recording alias for multi-instrumentalist/songwriter James Huggins III.
Kersey began using the alias "Kimble" during this period as dictated by the situation.
Mar Joseph Kundukulam alias "the father of the poor" had been the Asst. Vicar at Pavaratty for more than nine years.
McCulloch had been living in Scotland since 1694 under the alias "Mr. Johnstoune".
More recently, Zoë recorded an EP under the alias Hephzibah Broom, released by an independent Manchester label.
Most of these songs are on the "Alias" debut album.
My Way is an album, and song, by Akufen, an alias of electronic musician Marc Leclair.
Ramakrishnan alias Chirayinkeezhu Ramakrishnan started writing poetry at a young age.
She arranged the ambush in which the android Zodiac killed all of the remaining human Zodiac leaders except Cornelius van Lunt, alias Taurus.
She was jailed for two months under the alias 'Ida Inkley'.
The "lonelygirl15" video blogs, which first appeared in mid-2006, featured Rose as a 16-year-old girl named Bree posting under the alias lonelygirl15.
The 2011 documentary film "" presents evidence that the tiler was reclusive Philadelphia resident who used the name "James Morasco" as an alias.
The dialect spoken in southwestern Hyōgo, former Harima Province alias Banshū, is called Banshū-ben (播州弁).
The European Central Bank is however not under the "Europa umbrella" due to its political independence, and uses only ECB.int, but ecb.europa.eu is an alias.
Time Machines is Coil's landmark drone music album, released under the alias Time Machines.
Vaman Shenoy's Mother was Gowri alias Bhagirathi.
William Lamb, or William Paniter alias Lamb, (c. 1493 -1550) was a Scottish cleric, lawyer, and author.

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