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Vocabulary Word

Word: aggregate

Definition: sum; total; ADJ. V: gather into a mass or whole; accumulate; add up to; Ex. aggregate 100 dollars

Sentences Containing 'aggregate'

" Ferencvárosi TC won 0–6 on aggregate."
"1-1 on aggregate, Steaua Bucureşti won on away goals."
"2-2 on aggregate, Middlesbrough won on away goals."
"2–2 on aggregate, Middlesbrough won on away goals."
"2–2 on aggregate, Palermo won on away goals."
"3-3 on aggregate, Rapid Bucureşti won on away goals."
"3–3 on aggregate, KV Mechelen won on penalties" "Genk won 6–3 on aggregate"
"AEL won 3–2 on aggregate" "APOP Kinyras Peyias won 2–1 on aggregate"
"Alania Vladikavkaz won 6–2 on aggregate."
"Apollon Limassol won 1–4 on aggregate."
"Atlético Madrid 2–2 Aston Villa on aggregate.
"Dinamo Minsk 2–2 Kolheti Poti on aggregate.
"Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk won 8–1 on aggregate."
"Excelsior Mouscron won 0–3 on aggregate."
"FK Jablonec 97 1–1 Örebro on aggregate.
"Fortuna Düsseldorf won 4–3 on aggregate."
"Hapoel Petah Tikva won 0–1 on aggregate."
"Helsingborg 1–1 Ferencvárosi TC on aggregate.
"HIT Gorica 4–4 Oţelul Galaţi on aggregate.
"Lazio win Coppa Italia 2–1 on aggregate."
"Neuchâtel Xamax won 10–1 on aggregate."
"Olomby won 3–1 on aggregate" Season Statistics.
"Steaua Bucharest 3–3 Bastia on aggregate.
"Steaua Bucharest won 2–1 on aggregate."
"Steaua Bucureşti won 3-0 on aggregate."
"Steaua Bucureşti won 3–2 on aggregate."
"Toronto FC won 2–0 on aggregate" "Vancouver Whitecaps FC won 5–1 on aggregate"
"UNAM tied 3–3 on aggregate and advance as the higher seeded team."
A composite of sideromelane aggregate in palagonite matrix is called hyaloclastite.
AC Léopards won 2–1 on aggregate and advanced to the 2012 CAF Confederation Cup Final. 2–2 on aggregate.
An aggregate score is calculated out of 100 as a percentage.
Generally there is an aggregate score from the judges and the audience.
Having aggregate data in the dimensional model makes the environment more complex.
Lebanon won 6–1 on aggregate and advanced to the group stage.
Lorber's work is divided into several books which, in aggregate, are called the "New Revelation".
Matching will tend to minimize the aggregate cost of financing.
Once these alleged errors are corrected, his conclusion that aggregate price and profit are determined by, and equal to, aggregate value and surplus value no longer holds true.
St. Paul has three public libraries, and they contain, in the aggregate, some forty thousand books.
That aggregate total landed her one of two spots on the 2012 US Olympic Team.
That is, market share is the aggregate or macro version of the patronage concentration ratio.
The aggregate navigation essentially examines the query to see if it can be answered using a smaller, aggregate table.
The aggregate scoring average of 32.82 points per match was the highest in championship history.
The Government retains an aggregate interest of 51.19% of the issued and outstanding shares of Telkom.
the higher seeded team will advance if the aggregate is a tie.
The value indeed of an aggregate of characters is very evident in natural history.
The winner of each match up will be determined by aggregate score.
The world community (also called the global community) is the international aggregate of nation states.
These shortened the river, in the aggregate, seventy seven miles.
These shortened the river, in the aggregate, sixty seven miles.
They were then defeated 6–1 on aggregate by the Italian team Palermo.
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