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Vocabulary Word

Word: agenda

Definition: items of business at a meeting

Sentences Containing 'agenda'

"It is clear to me that your Canadian Free Speech League is merely a front for an anti-semitic, Pro-Nazi agenda."
A cross-border initiative has always been on the agenda for the Green Party in the Republic of Ireland.
After the secretariat has studied the proposals put forward, the Pope, generally on the basis of the secretariat's recommendation, establishes the topic and agenda of the assembly.
agenda and that is why you won't find a single good word in the American mainstream media about Iran—none, nil, zero."
Aside from his life work, Tyndale was a prodigious pamphleteer, propounding a Protestant agenda that was significantly more radical than that of his protector, Martin Luther.
Before the EGM however, and unbeknown to the WHLR (1964) Ltd Board, the whole railway faction continued to push forward their own agenda.
Bill Faison for Governor has launched a new campaign website and a policy agenda for workforce for the 21st Century.
Due to Blue Blouse serving as political propaganda for the Soviet Union, it serves as a way of looking at the Soviet agenda and influence through theatre.
Eric Odom has stated that "Our agenda is to declare war on incumbency and long term power.
Hanly was considered a party maverick and he pushed his own agenda, rather than his party's platform, once in office.
He is campaigning on an agenda for change.
He successfully put questions like making colleges more accountable for the state money they get on the agenda in Virginia.
Hernández is the presenter on the television show “Elizabeth En Tu Agenda” ("Elizabeth In Your Agenda") TV Show (EETA) broadcasting in USA Florida on Telemundo, Vision TV, Orange TV and other outlets and Puerto Rico Canal 13 WORO.
In 1994, Horowitz wrote that the case should be treated as serial homicide, concluding that Acer had acted with murderous intent and was motivated by a political agenda.
In 2011, Lee said, "People thought we had some political agenda, because we had a lot of female characters.
In effect Dresser set the agenda adopted by the Arts and Crafts movement at a later date.
In that year, Trudeau appointed him Secretary to the Cabinet for Federal-Provincial Relations, to support Trudeau in his constitutional reform agenda.
India and Australia had quickly assured Beijing that security and defence issues did not form part of the meeting's agenda.
It may be the only debate tournament with that type of social impact as part of the agenda of the tournament.
Its members — ambitious amateurs, artists, businessmen and scientists — had regular meetings at an established venue, with a written agenda.
March 2008 sees the musician with a busy agenda to follow and with many projects to complete.
Membership of the ECBC continues to grow and its agenda for the coming year is already filled with numerous activities.
On its agenda at that time were its first three live-action franchises, "The Edison Twins", "20 Minute Workout" and "Mr. Microchip".
Participants can edit and refinement the National Agenda document, and can invite other participants.
Provincial. The separatist movement draws above the left and right spectrum, a sizeable minority of more conservative Quebecers supporting the PQ's political agenda because of the sovereignty issue, despite reservations about its social democratic political agenda.
Saddam Hussein had his agenda and al-Qaida had its agenda, and those two agendas were incompatible.
She said in 2005 that she was "very fearful of the power of David Clarke...because he has around him a significant group of people who are absolutely fixated on their agenda, and a very narrow agenda."
So, with a mostly progressive agenda, and styling themselves "Union Republicans," they frequently ran their own candidates and rapidly built a large following.
Strategically identifying opportunities and challenges confronting the Egyptian Government in implementing its plans agenda.
Synod business is arranged and compiled into an Agenda book, which is circulated several weeks before the start of Synod.
The Act was part of the nationalisation agenda of Clement Attlee's Labour government, and took effect from 1 January 1948.
The army was devoted to him and this made him potentially dangerous to Steven's new agenda in the shifting political climate of Sierra Leone.
The committee did not allow these three organisations' presentation to be on the public agenda; only the committee members saw the presentation.
The format of the film is of a caper and all the characters in this film, excluding one, has an agenda.
The Leedom board continued to implement a conservative agenda at the NLRB, although more slowly and with less publicity.
The legislation was part of the progressive agenda and received broad support at the time.
The May Revolution was not the product of the actions of a single political party with a clear and defined agenda, but a convergence of sectors with varying interests.
The National Agenda document resides Google Docs, a collaborative online word processor.
The organization aims to increase the participation of Israeli student affairs on the political agenda.
The Senate report noted that in October 2002, "the DIA cautioned that the INC was penetrated by hostile intelligence services and would use the relationship to promote its own agenda."
The small elementary school was a focus of criticism, lawsuits and criminal charges, stemming from allegations that the school promotes an agenda of "racial separatism."
The unions claimed in court that the hidden agenda was to sell off the BGML lands for real estate development.
They are no longer speaking out against the deterioration of civil liberties in this country" and that "their political agenda has moved closer and closer to that of the far right."
They would allow the president to address parliament in-session, and parliament, to set its own agenda.
This new political agenda caught the attention of the authorities and in 1972 the magazine was banned and Laabi arrested.
This research agenda went against the more procedure-based approach of "library economy," which was mostly confined to practical problems in the administration of libraries.
Though a Democrat, he gave only reluctant support to President Roosevelt's agenda.
Though Blue Blouse was very entertaining, it had political content and a specific agenda to get across.
While he generally shared the party's left-wing agenda, he rejected the extreme anti-capitalism of some members.
While speaking to rural audiences Biden noted that the war in Iraq continued to be an important facet of his campaign agenda.
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