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Vocabulary Word

Word: afterlife

Definition: life after death; later part of one's life

Sentences Containing 'afterlife'

A horcrux is nothing more than the fused object/soul-shard created when the portion of the murderer's soul that was split off is infused into some material object.) The point of creating a horcrux is to prevent the passage of a soul to the afterlife (death) by anchoring a portion of the soul in the material world.
According to al-Farabi, the afterlife is not the personal experience commonly conceived of by religious traditions such as Islam and Christianity.
According to Liadinis, the notion of death occupied the ancients to such a degree that one could see their whole culture as arising from the radical views they held on the subject. They saw death as an unchanging cosmic law, much like today's notion of entropy, and did not associate whatever afterlife they had conceived with a moral system of reward and punishment (like the ones found in the great Judaic religions).
According to popular mythology, Mount Osore (literally "Mount Fear") marks the entrance to Hell, with a small brook running to the neighboring Lake Usori that is equated to the Sanzu River, a river that deceased souls needed to cross of their way to the afterlife.
After "Embraced" was published, Betty gave up her hypnotherapy practice and began traveling extensively throughout the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Ireland, speaking on death and the afterlife.
At the same time, she explores otherworldly things, like the afterlife and ghosts with the same accurateness.
Because of their appeal to the innate human desire for an understanding of afterlife, her works led to a strong reader response which she initially attempted to answer in detail but became forced to limit.
Beginning in the Middle Ages, and even more so in the 18th century and later, rationalists and classicists began to advocate cremation again as a statement denying the resurrection and/or the afterlife, although the pro-cremation movement more often than not took care to address and refute theological concerns about cremation in their works.
Cooper explains to the widowed Sarah in the following episode, it was probably Laura forgiving him and welcoming him into the afterlife.
Cupid asks Pluto to bring the spirits of women who rejected love up from the Underworld to show what fate awaits them in the afterlife.
Eric Dodds a past president of the SPR wrote a paper claiming there is no evidence for an afterlife, however, David Fontana who was at one time president of the SPR, from 1995 to 1998 has claimed there is evidence supportive of an afterlife based on the Scole experiment.
He is visited one day by a spirit named Rukia Kuchiki, who is a soldier for the afterlife-ruling Soul Society.
He purchases a refurbished World War II jet pack that was part of a Nazi plot to conquer Heaven in the afterlife and outfits it with booster rockets that he bought from a women's fashion magazine.
His spirit was finally released and allowed to go to the afterlife by Power Girl and Hawkgirl, (along with a recently awakened Dove), in order to weaken Mordru.
Imported mystery religions, which offered initiates salvation in the afterlife, were a matter of personal choice for an individual, practiced in addition to carrying on one's family rites and participating in public religion.
In chapter 58 of the second book of the "Great Gospel of John" verse 3, the angel explains that one should speak to God as if He was one's equal. The highest spiritual perfection in this world, or in the afterlife, is to become boundlessly free, a perfect person, a child of God, one with God and doing what God is doing.
In it, he addresses man’s belief in the afterlife, the corporality of the soul, and the faults of Materialism.
In the first, none of the objects show evidence of human sacrifice, most are depictions of everyday life along with some that are related to the afterlife.
In the late 1800s and early 1900s, it was reported that the people from the interior of the island of Borneo believed that slow lorises were the gatekeepers for the heavens and that each person had a personal slow loris waiting for them in the afterlife.
It is only by this process that a human soul may survive death, and live on in the afterlife.
It places emphasis on personal cultivation, this-worldly social welfare, and rejects any notion of an afterlife.
Meanwhile, in the afterlife, Mina encounters Izuko, the Guardian of the Gate.
Now a Soul Reaper, Ichigo guides the ghosts of the innocent to the afterlife and protects his city against the hollows: the hungering ghosts of people who are not able to rest in peace after death.
Other revenue came from private individuals, who offered land, slaves, or goods to temples in exchange for a supply of offerings and priestly services to sustain their spirits in the afterlife.
Pharaohs also built temples where offerings were made to sustain their spirits in the afterlife, often linked with or located near their tombs.
Subsequent to her experience, she spoke of it very little and suffered a long-term depression, which she attributed to the anticlimactic nature of returning to corporeality after experiencing the heaven of afterlife.
The belief in some sort of afterlife is a great relief for her.
The breast-shaped cup may have a religious significance; the drinking of breast milk by an adult who is elderly or about to die symbolized potential rebirth in the afterlife.
The grief she carries leads her at one point to contemplate talking to the hat in an attempt to reach him in the afterlife, however she realizes his presence is not with her and opts against it.
The idea that 'infinite reason' or 'the absolute' (i.e. broadly Hegelian notions of God) could be incarnated within a finite human being was particularly absurd. Moreover, the original teachings of Jesus, which were aimed at aiding the poor and downtrodden, had slowly been perverted and usurped by the establishment to manipulate and oppress the populaces of the world by promising them a reward in the afterlife if they refrained from rebellion against the powers that be in this life.
The philosopher Simone Weil has wrote that feeding the hungry when one has resources to do so is the most obvious obligation of all, and that as far back as Ancient Egypt, it was believed that people needed to show they had helped the hungry in order to justify themselves in the afterlife.
The plot of the anime follows , a mail carrier from the afterlife realm of Shigo who delivers "shigofumi" — letters written by people who have recently died — to people in a city in Japan.
The protagonist in Porco Rosso is a pilot and the film is focused on flying, airplanes and aerial combat, as well as the connection between flight, Ascension and the afterlife.
The Sadducees, politically powerful religious leaders, rejected the afterlife, angels, and demons as well as the Pharisees oral law.
The story follows Lily Bloom's encounter with the afterlife after dying from cancer.
Their philosophy was a study of death and their conclusions where absolute and hard to accept since they saw death as a final end, with no afterlife or moral rewards for the life lived on earth.
They are in fact, the past and present guardians of the gateway of the afterlife.
Thus, Cheondoism rejects the notion of an afterlife, and instead works to create a paradise on earth through peace, moral virtue and Confucian propriety, while reforming society and overcoming old, outdated customs in Korean society.
Tony Cornell, Alan Gauld and Donald West have written the Scole experiment is not evidence for an afterlife.
While in the afterlife, she went up against a being called the Pitiful One who had a resurrection plan utilizing the denizens of the afterlife.

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