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Vocabulary Word

Word: affiliation

Definition: joining; associating with

Sentences Containing 'affiliation'

14.1% declared no religious affiliation.
ABC's games featured teams regardless of conference affiliation.
About 87% of the population identified as Roman Catholic in 2001 while 6% said they had no religious affiliation.
Aderca's own affiliation to the "Sburătorul" circle was loose and his interests more diverse than those of his mentor Lovinescu.
Affiliation with The Family and John Ensign.
After leaving the Board in 2010, she changed her party affiliation to Republican.
American Scientific Affiliation and creationism.
For his current organisational affiliation, see concluding paragraph and links section.
In 1956, channel 6 took the NBC affiliation from WTTV.
In 1994, New World Communications signed an affiliation deal with Fox Broadcasting Company, resulting in most of New World's stations switching affiliation to Fox.
In March 1991, while serving as governor, Roemer switched affiliation from the Democratic to the Republican Party.
In September 1979, WATE swapped its NBC affiliation with WTVK and became an ABC affiliate.
It is nicknamed "The Clever Boys" or "The Students" because of the close affiliation with the University of the Witwatersrand.
It is the only commercial station in the market that has never changed its primary affiliation.
It was the first Canadian member of Round Square, an international affiliation of schools.
Most of the members were active voters with unidentified political party affiliation.
Not many baseball players can claim an affiliation with the Baseball Hall of Fame.
On February 7, 2008 WWE announced it had ended its affiliation with OVW.
On the same day, the existing television station in North Bay, CKNY, switched affiliation to CTV.
Others defended Palin by noting that Loughner was an anarchist who hated all politicians regardless of their affiliation.
Party affiliation has declined in recent decades.
Party members that were found to have religious affiliation were purged.
Politically, the former emphasis on tribal affiliation had been replaced by the 700s by that of patrilineal and dynastic background.
Prekmurje has traditionally been the most heterogeneous Slovene region regarding religious affiliation.
Resistance to slavery was usually due to religious affiliation or based on economic principles.
She is a member of the Aosdána affiliation of Irish artists and of its governing body, the Toscaireacht.
Some of the coverage alleged mainstream media bias due to Edwards' Democratic affiliation.
Some prominent Zaydi Muslims reported they felt targeted by government entities for their religious affiliation.
Some tracks worried about the solvency of the ABA changed their affiliation to the USBA.
The college has been granted Permanent Affiliation, and Autonomous University status by JNTU in 2011.
The EELC participates actively in ecumenical work through its affiliation with:
The following is a list of television stations making noteworthy network affiliation changes during 2011.
The following players have also played senior international football: Affiliation Program.
The most common responses for religious affiliation were Catholic 25.7%, Anglican 22.0% and No Religion 21.4%.
The most common responses for religious affiliation were No Religion 34.6% Catholic 24.0% and Anglican 16.5%.
The predominant religious affiliation of Pangili is Hindu.
The regiment has an affiliation with INS Ranjit (D53), a Rajput class destroyer of the Indian Navy.
The republican affiliation offices almost completely duplicated the structural organization of the main KGB.
The school has affiliation with the Archdiocesan Shrine of San Nicolas Parish.
The Senators continued their affiliation with the Binghamton Senators of the American Hockey League and added an affiliation agreement with the Elmira Jackals of the East Coast Hockey League.
The World Kindness Movement (WKM) Is an organization with no religious or political affiliation.
There have been a number of estimates about the ethnicity and the religious affiliation of the local population.
There is no record that this radio station had any network affiliation between 1925 and 1955.
These actions angered the NAACP, which did not even want to meet with the CRC because of its communist affiliation.
This relationship continued until 2009, when WBUT changed its affiliation to CBS Radio.
This trade protected WOFL's Fox affiliation.
Throughout the years, Penn had maintained an affiliation with Yale University, occasionally teaching classes there.
WDAR/WSGA had no network affiliation until early 1961, when it picked up the ABC affiliation previously held by WFRP/WSOK.
While his descendance is disputed, some affiliation with the ducal Luitpoldings dynasty is probable.
‡Changed affiliation, see table below for details.

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