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Vocabulary Word

Word: adversary

Definition: opponent; enemy

Sentences Containing 'adversary'

A deterministic hash function cannot offer any guarantee in an adversarial setting if the size of formula_1 is greater than formula_8, since the adversary may choose formula_6 to be precisely the preimage of a bin.
According to Stoessinger, George W. Bush made the transition from pragmatist to crusader during his terms as President, developing misperceptions of himself in the process that have proven detrimental to finding peace in the Middle East. The second level is misperceptions of the adversary.
Although these six books make up the "core" of "The Adversary Cycle", many more novels and short stories tie into the series.
As the above guarantees hold for any fixed set formula_6, they hold if the data set is chosen by an adversary.
At this lucky moment and crisis, Don Quixote came upon his adversary, in trouble with his horse, and embarrassed with his lance, which he either could not manage, or had no time to lay in rest.
Broughton's old adversary, Rainolds, had been more successful than he in pressing upon the authorities the need of a revision, and when the translators were appointed, Broughton, to his intense chagrin, was not included among them.
Desperate to stabilize the situation, Frangieh dismissed Prime Minister Rashid al-Solh and called on his old adversary Karami to form a government on 1 July.
Don Quixote examined his adversary, and found that he already had his helmet on and visor lowered, so that he could not see his face; he observed, however, that he was a sturdily built man, but not very tall in stature.
During his consulship, his main adversary was the Plebeian Tribune Gaius Terentilius Harsa.
Eugenie bowed, not as a submissive daughter, but as an adversary prepared for a discussion.
For example "The Tomb" is also the start of the Repairman Jack series of novels, which quickly became deeply entwined with the Adversary Cycle.
Friedrich Von Roehm, also known as the Black Rook is a Marvel Comics supervillain, and an adversary of the X-Men.
He is also well known for being Batman's most intelligent adversary.
He soon finds himself longing for greater challenges and thrills, and dons the guise of the Riddler to challenge Batman, who he believes could possibly be a worthy adversary for him.
He was the adversary of Bartolomé de las Casas in the Valladolid Controversy in 1550 concerning the justification of the Spanish Conquest of the Indies.
However, the adversary has to make this choice before (or independent of) the algorithm's random choice of a hash function.
I walked through the streets; and, once more seeing my old adversary the butcher--now a constable, with his staff hanging up in the shop--went down to look at the place where I had fought him; and there meditated on Miss Shepherd and the eldest Miss Larkins, and all the idle loves and likings, and dislikings, of that time.
If the adversary can observe the random choice of the algorithm, randomness serves no purpose, and the situation is the same as deterministic hashing.
In the "Malleus Maleficarum" (1486), Asmodeus was considered the demon of lust. Sebastien Michaelis said that his adversary is St.
Madam Efunroye Tinubu was an active adversary of the British Colonial Government of what is now Nigeria that was banished by it from Lagos to her native Abeokuta.
Nightworld completes The Adversary Cycle, which consists of six books: "The Keep", "The Tomb", "The Touch", "Reborn", "Reprisal", and "Nightworld".
Nightworld is the sixth and final volume in a series of novels known as The Adversary Cycle written by American author F. Paul Wilson.
Originally known as "The Nightworld Cycle" (this name is even printed in the front of some early editions of Nightworld), John Clute, in his section on F. Paul Wilson's work in "The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction", kept referring to "the Adversary."
Paradoxically, the Honduran government found itself espousing positions similar to those supported by its traditional adversary, El Salvador.
Reborn is the fourth volume in a series of six novels known as The Adversary Cycle written by American author F. Paul Wilson.
said Eugenie -LRB- in a tone which a Vestal in the amphitheatre would have used, when urging the victorious gladiator to finish his vanquished adversary -RRB-.
Stringer deals with this by tricking his old adversary Omar into believing that Mouzone was responsible for the vicious killing of his partner in their feud in season one.
Suddenly your adversary's checker disappears beneath the board, and the problem is to place yours nearest to where his will appear again.
Suspicion concerning the Monster's abilities became almost universal when another adversary, Bombo Chevalier, stated that one of his own seconds had threatened to kill him unless he lost to Carnera.
The Adversary Cycle is a series of six novels written by American author F. Paul Wilson.
The Adversary is the debut solo album by Emperor frontman Ihsahn.
The character is an adversary of Marvel's mutant characters, including the X-Men.
The circumstance irritated instead of calming the general, and he rushed on his adversary.
The first is, to gain over my adversary’s lawyer with a double fee, who will then betray his client by insinuating that he hath justice on his side.
The only one who can possibly stop the horror is Glaeken, an enfeebled old warrior who has battled the Adversary across the millennia.
The principle deity of Setianism is the ancient Egyptian god Set, or Seth, the god of adversary.
The second way is for my lawyer to make my cause appear as unjust as he can, by allowing the cow to belong to my adversary: and this, if it be skilfully done, will certainly bespeak the favour of the bench.
The six novels that comprise The Adversary Cycle are (in chronological order): "The Tomb" and "The Touch" were initially written as stand-alone novels; it is only in "Nightworld" that they were retroactively made part of the Cycle as their respective protagonists all come together to fight the final battle against the Otherness.
The third level is misperception of the intentions of the adversary and the last level is misperception of ability of the adversary.
The trio help stop the murderous "Adversary" hundreds of years ago in the wilds of North America.
The witnesses thought he was dead, but his adversary, who knew he had not struck him, offered him the assistance of his hand to rise.
Then, as he rolled on the ground, his adversary seized him by the hair, and struck him a third blow in the chest.
Therefore, lady, let us, as I say, forestall his schemes by our activity, and let us depart at once in quest of fair fortune; for your highness is only kept from enjoying it as fully as you could desire by my delay in encountering your adversary."
They take place in the last three years before "Nightworld" and include some of the main characters from the original Adversary Cycle.
This guarantees a low number of collisions in expectation, even if the data is chosen by an adversary.
This second success of adapting an Agatha Christie book led to the same company commissioning "The Secret Adversary" and "Agatha Christie's Partners in Crime" for their 1983 transmission.
Using the butt of his rifle, he felled 1 adversary and bayoneted a second, before his scouts came to his aid and assisted him in overcoming the others in hand-to-hand combat.
Villefort's astonishment redoubled at this second thrust so forcibly made by his strange adversary.
While today's decision requires only an administrative, evidentiary hearing, the inevitable logic of the approach taken will lead to constitutionally imposed, time-consuming delays of a full adversary process of administrative and judicial review.
Your worship's great courage has been fully manifested already; no brave champion, so it strikes me, is bound to do more than challenge his enemy and wait for him on the field; if his adversary does not come, on him lies the disgrace, and he who waits for him carries off the crown of victory."

More Vocab Words

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::: dregs - sediment in a liquid; lees; worthless residue
::: homogeneous - of the same kind; uniform in composition throughout
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::: derivative - unoriginal; obtained from another source; Ex. derivative prose style; N.
::: hypothetical - based on assumptions or hypotheses; supposed; N. hypothesis
::: rally - come or bring together; call up or summon (forces, vital powers, etc.); revive or recuperate (after illness or difficulty); N: act of rallying; mass gathering
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::: eccentricity - oddity; idiosyncrasy
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