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Vocabulary Word

Word: adjutant

Definition: staff officer assisting the commander; assistant

Sentences Containing 'adjutant'

A chief adjutant wears a band, with thin red line, in the colour of his corps.
A French adjutant wears a band, with thin red line, in the opposite colour to that of his corps.
A regimental adjutant, garrison adjutant etc. is a staff officer, who assists the commanding officer of a regiment, battalion or garrison in the details of regimental, garrison or similar duty.
Adjutant ("adjudant" in French) is a class of NCO ranks in French Army, Air Force and Gendarmerie.
Adjutant comes from the Latin "adjutans", present participle of the verb "adjuvare", "to help"; the Romans actually used "adiutor" for the noun.
Adjutant General. An Adjutant General is a rank and a role that may represent the principal staff officer of an army; through him, the commanding general receives communications and issues military orders.
Adjutant is a military rank or appointment.
After he retired as adjutant general, he concentrated on the affairs of the Masonic Order.
Among the units under the command of the Adjutant Generals command are the following: Former generals.
An adjutant general is commander of an army's administrative services.
As such, the adjutant is usually a man of significant influence within his battalion.
During the reign of his father, Tsar Alexander II, he was made Adjutant-General, senator in 1868 and member of the Council of State in 1872.
Enlisting in the Thirty-sixth Massachusetts Infantry in 1862 during the American Civil War, he eventually rose through the ranks of Lieutenant Colonel, Assistant Adjutant General, and Adjutant General. After the American Civil Was Olin went to work for "The Boston Advertiser".
He is a Subedar who acts as deputy to the Adjutant.
He served as adjutant general of the Massachusetts Militia from 1834 to 1843.
He served as an adjutant with the Kenya Regiment during the Mau Mau Uprising.
He served with the 2nd Battalion Grenadier Guards, as battalion Adjutant of the 3rd Battalion 1893–4 and as Adjutant of the Guards Depot at Caterham 1895.
He was adjutant of the 2nd Green Jackets (KRRC) during the confrontation with Indonesia.
He was Adjutant-General to the Forces from 1984 to 1986.
He was appointed adjutant on 14 October 1937.
He was appointed battalion adjutant and, on 30 September 1999, was promoted to major, and posted to Permanent Joint Headquarters, Northwood, where he worked in intelligence analysis.
He was the Deputy Adjutant-General of I Australian Corps in Greece.
In 1693 he was named lieutenant-commander, garrison adjutant and adjutant general. On 1 April 1702 he succeeded Monic as governor of Plaisance, arriving at his post in 1703 during the early years of Queen Anne's War.
In 1919, Governor Yager named Major John A. Wilson (U.S. Army) the first Adjutant of Puerto Rico. The Adjutant is a military rank or appointment.
In 2008, as a result of the Army's transformation, the Human Resources community implemented the Personnel Services Delivery Redesign, which recoded the adjutant position in battalions to an officer from the Adjutant General branch.
In English, the term adjutant is used in common with other English-speaking armies, and the corresponding French term is "Capitaine-adjudant".
In order to distinguish an adjutant from a chief adjutant it is therefore necessary to know the arm's colour: This will be the colour of the cap badge e.g. gold cap badge for the infantry, silver cap badge for armoured cavalry.
In some armies, adjutant is a rank similar to a commonwealth staff sergeant or warrant officer.
In the 1920s he served as Adjutant of his battalion, and as Brigade Major in Eastern Command.
In the Australian Army, and most other Commonwealth armies, the adjutant performs much the same role as in the British Army although no RAO position exists within the Australian Army and as such the adjutant continues the administrative role.
In the British Army, an Adjutant ("adj"; sometimes actually referred to as this) is usually a senior captain (sometimes a major).
In the British Indian Army, the equivalent position was the Jemadar Adjutant, who held the lower rank of Jemadar.
In the US Army, historically the adjutant was generally a member of the branch or regiment of the parent unit (e.g. in an infantry battalion, the adjutant was usually an infantry officer).
In the USMC, the adjutant serves as the senior administrator for their unit, and is the OIC (officer in charge) of the S-1 or admin shop.
In United States Army squadrons, the adjutant is often the officer-in-charge (OIC) of the administrative platoon.
January 1776 be was again promoted to Adjutant on the staff of Col. Samuel Wyllys.
King served as adjutant general of the State of Texas from 1881 to 1891.
Major Wilson served as Adjutant of Puerto Rico until his death in 1938.
Normally, in a British Infantry battalion, the adjutant controls the battle whilst the CO commands it.
On 15 August, he was promoted to Adjutant.
On all formal parades, the standard procedure is for the Company Havildar Major to first report to the Subedar Adjutant, and the Subedar Adjutant in turn to report to the Adjutant.
Polish commander Miniewski also died; Nullo's adjutant, Elia Marchetti was mortally wounded and died two days later.
Subedar Adjutant (SA) is a position unique to the Indian Army.
The Adjutant General has a Deputy Adjutant General, who is the principal advisor assisting in the discharge of responsibilities in the areas of logistics, fiscal compliance, and personnel administration.
The adjutant's job is not solely a 'backroom' one, since he usually accompanies the colonel - Captain David Wood, the adjutant of 2 Para, was killed in action at the Battle of Goose Green, for example.
The following are the former and current Adjutant Generals of Puerto Rico:
The Indian Army has the position of Adjutant, which is based on the old British system.
There is a bugle call announcing the adjutant that is still used in military ceremonies today.
Unlike the RAO (who is an officer of the Adjutant General's Corps), the adjutant is a member of the corps or regiment of which their unit is a part.
Until the 1970s the adjutant was also the regimental operations officer, although this job is now filled by a separate officer.

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