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Vocabulary Word

Word: adjacent

Definition: adjoining; neighboring; close by

Sentences Containing 'adjacent'

A plaque with his name will be placed adjacent to a theater on campus.
A six-story parking deck is adjacent to the DTC.
A swimming pool, adjacent to the gymnasium, is open to all students.
Adjacent station stops were established to the north and south.
An example of this effect can be seen in the adjacent plot.
Anthony's School (adjacent to the church) and Padua Academy.
Barrowby is above sea level, and adjacent to the Vale of Belvoir.
But to their surprise that adjacent room is locked.
Cloverhill Prison, a remand prison, is located on a site adjacent to it.
Comines may refer to the following, adjacent places:
Facilities for the wrestling team are located adjacent to the football stadium.
FDC Honolulu is located adjacent to Honolulu International Airport.
Gaensslen concentrated on brewing, leasing the adjacent saloon to an operator.
In an adjacent park is a monument to the pianist, designed by Józef Gosławski.
It has a direct covered connection with the adjacent airport terminal building.
It is adjacent to San Gregorio State Beach.
It is adjacent to the Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station.
It is endemic to northeastern Mexico and the adjacent southwestern United States.
It is found in montane forest and adjacent scrub, both mesic and xeric.
It is located adjacent to Los Angeles Valley College.
It is located adjacent to the BNSF line from Phoenix.
It is named after the adjacent college of the same name.
It is quite visible to passengers on the adjacent BMT Subway line.
It is the old church in Rissa without a cemetery adjacent to it.
It occurs in tropical humid lowland forest and adjacent habitats.
It was adjacent to either the Sorbonne or the Collège du Plessis.
It was located adjacent to the wall of Philippe Auguste.
Mostly occurs with /a/ or /ɨ/ in adjacent syllable.
Nakina Airport, , is located adjacent to Nakina, Ontario, Canada.
Néolithique Moyen was a smaller settlement of no more than adjacent to the older site.
Riparian lands are adjacent to water sources.
Saladin is buried in a mausoleum adjacent to the Umayyad Mosque.
The adjacent Pierce Reservation land was given to the Trustees in 1957.
The adjacent settlement of Pinder, New Brunswick is named for him.
The arena opened in 2004 and is adjacent to the Bearcat Sports Complex.
The auditorium is adjacent to Rabindra Sadan and Nandan Complex.
The cities of Bukittinggi and Padang Panjang are located adjacent to the mountain.
The City of Olean, originally the Village of Olean, is adjacent to the town.
The development of LNA will boost the development of its adjacent areas.
The drive was then sealed and an adjacent area excavated.
The event takes place in the field adjacent 'Jubilee park'.
The Frontier Regions are named after their adjacent settled Districts.
The grass fields adjacent to the river were traditionally flood meadows.
The neighbourhood is adjacent to Howrah Bridge (renamed Rabindra Setu).
The original campus was established adjacent to the Ohio State University.
The school is also adjacent to the Packinghouse Christian Fellowship.
The site of the adjacent locomotive shed is now occupied by a supermarket.
The two adjacent states would not meet again until 1953.
There are restaurants and entertainment in the adjacent Soulard and Lafayette Square neighborhoods.
Warren Township is adjacent to Howard, Lincoln and Richland townships.

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