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Vocabulary Word

Word: adherent

Definition: supporter; follower

Sentences Containing 'adherent'

"L. piracicabae" has its egg adherent to its ventral surface.
"Shakubuku", essentially, is the more assertive of two different methods of proselytizing traditionally employed by Nichiren adherents, in which the proselytizer aggressively confronts a non-adherent about the falsity of their beliefs.
Adherent Frank Viola's book "Pagan Christianity" points out a number of reforms that organic churches often advocate.
An entry of the Liber Pontificalis, the one covering Pope Liberius, mentions Helena being a devout Christian and an adherent of the Nicene Creed.
Another early adherent, Mr. Liao Chong Zheng (also transliterated as Chan Song Liu), heard of the Bahá'í Faith while studying at Cornell University about 1921.
At Nisibis, Barsumas, a devoted adherent of the party, was bishop from 435 to 489, and upon the suppression of the school of Edessa, provided a new home for the school at Nisibis.
Cape Verde is an adherent to PR China's One China Policy.
During the bitter internal party fight that swept the Socialist Party during the second half of the 1930s, Panken was a committed adherent of the so-called "Old Guard faction" headed by Louis Waldman and James Oneal. In 1936 he exited the SPA along with his co-thinkers to help found the Social Democratic Federation.
He was also an adherent of the Bahá'í Faith and served on the Local Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of Baku.
He was an adherent of the distributism movement, described as a "third way", in opposition to both socialism and capitalism; and he was influenced by the work of G. K. Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc.
I may add, as an instance of this fact, and as a striking case of correlation, that in many pelargoniums the two upper petals in the central flower of the truss often lose their patches of darker colour; and when this occurs, the adherent nectary is quite aborted, the central flower thus becoming peloric or regular.
If the placenta fails to deliver in 30 minutes in a hospital environment, manual extraction may be required if heavy ongoing bleeding occurs, and very rarely a curettage is necessary to ensure that no remnants of the placenta remain (in rare conditions with very adherent placenta, placenta accreta).
In March 2004, a 59-year old Australian Brahma Kumari adherent Dawn Griggs was murdered and raped on her way to the sect's headquarters in Mount Abu.
In the verdict on 11 November 2009, Judge Birgit Wiegand granted the claimant's request ("Adhäsionsantrag", § 406 StPO) to claim for damages against the defendant in an 'adherent case' within the remit of this criminal case.
Reagan was an adherent to a policy known as supply side economics, which argues that economic growth can be most effectively created using incentives for people to produce (supply) goods and services, such as adjusting income tax and capital gains tax rates.
The epithet seems to imply that Theodore was an adherent of the Meletian party, but there is no evidence that he was involved in the feuds which preoccupied the Catholics of Antioch during Flavian's office.
Trobridge was an adherent of Swedenborgianism and it may have been his religious beliefs which led him to be interested in domestic architecture for working-class people.

More Vocab Words

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::: replete - fully filled; filled to the brim or to the point of being stuffed; abundantly supplied; Ex. report replete with errors
::: podiatrist - doctor who treats ailments of the feet; chiropodist; N. podiatrics
::: protean - able to take on many forms; versatile; CF. Proteus: sea god to change his shape at will
::: animadversion - critical remark; V. animadvert: comment critically with disapproval
::: lampoon - ridicule; N: written attack ridiculing or satirizing a person, group, or institution
::: spoonerism - accidental transposition of sounds in successive words; Ex. ``Let me sew you to your sheet'' for ``Let me show you to your seat''; CF. William Spooner
::: mutablility - ability to change in form; fickleness; ADJ. mutable: able to change; fickle; CF. mutate; CF. mutant
::: gorge - narrow canyon; steep rocky cleft; ravine (made by a stream which runs through it)
::: abash - embarrass