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Vocabulary Word

Word: adhere

Definition: stick fast; be a devotd follower; N. adhesion: adhering; devotion; loyality

Sentences Containing 'adhere'

(c) Germany will adhere to the ratio 35:100 in all circumstances, e.g. the ratio will not be affected by the construction of other Powers.
A thick cluster of filings will adhere to the wire -LRB- Fig.
About 94% of residents adhere to Islam, a religion that has been predominant in the region for more than 1,000 years.
All Jews are duty bound to adhere to the restrictions as legislated by the negative commandments, of which there are traditionally considered to be 365.
As a result, the grocer has changed its corporate social responsibility document to state that only UK suppliers are required to adhere to its welfare standards.
At a meeting in Moscow, Zápotocký was told to adhere to "collective leadership"—in effect, give up power to Novotný.
But I shall here only set down the substance of what passed between us concerning my own country, reducing it in order as well as I can, without any regard to time or other circumstances, while I strictly adhere to truth.
Clients are expected to adhere to treatment regimens, or be compliant with treatment recommendations.
Erickson's biographer Nicholas Olsberg described the building as "making fun of the ridiculous terms to which buildings must adhere in Washington... mocking the US and all of its imperial pretensions."
Filings do not adhere to the sides of the helix, but they cling in clusters to the ends of the coil.
For surfaces such as wood, paint alone is too thick and will be on the surface, but not adhere well, resulting in flaking.
Fry was not amused: "I know the referee has directives to adhere to, but to get banned through being booked for that seems a bit harsh."
He also noted the growing national debt, and promised to adhere to foreign policies guided by the principle of non-intervention.
However, a so-called "escalator clause" was included at the urging of American negotiators in case any of the countries that had signed the Washington Naval Treaty refused to adhere to this new limit.
However, despite the differences between the al-Douri and al-Ahmed factions, both of them adhere to Ba'athist thought.
However, France refused to adhere to new restrictions, mainly related to cruisers, due to new German naval construction.
However, he openly admits he does not adhere to or agree with many of the Church's official stances, particularly those related to sexuality and sexual orientation.
I am quite aware that my friend Wilmore is peculiar, but he is sincere, and as rich as a gold mine, consequently, he may indulge his eccentricities without any fear of their ruining him, and I have promised to adhere to his instructions.
In 1887, the label "Made in Germany" was introduced, to get British buyers to adhere to the concept of 'buying British'.
In chapter 23:6 of the first book of the "Great Gospel of John", it is explained that only one thing is necessary, and that is to adhere to the teaching of Jesus.
In the spring of 1922, Howard Roark is expelled from his architecture school for refusing to adhere to the school's conventionalism.
Legal tender, for example, does not adhere to the rule in certain circumstances.
Like other national associations, it sets out standards of commercial behaviour to which its members voluntarily adhere.
Local laws will determine whether they are considered abandoned or rather adhere to (or may be absorbed by) one adjacent parcel or another.
Moreover, they should adhere to the principle that the more outlandish or dramatic the claim, the more skepticism it warrants.
Pangili's residents live in a general state of poverty, and adhere to the Hindu Caste system.
Parizeau's statement was also an admission of failure by the Yes camp in getting the newly arrived Quebecers to adhere to their political option.
Required the state of Alabama to reapportion state legislative districts to adhere to the 'one man, one vote' principle.
Residents who practice Islam make up 10.6% of the population; followers of Judaism compose 4.5%; and 26.8% of residents adhere to other faiths or do not practice a religion.
Such sayings themselves grow harder and adhere more firmly with age, and it would take many blows with a trowel to clean an old wiseacre of them.
The estate has a controversial reputation for maintaining firm control over how Beckett's plays are performed and does not grant licenses to productions that do not adhere to the writer's stage directions.
The outermost cells have spikes only in corner regions and only have the ability to adhere to one cell (while interior cells obviously connect to cells on either side).
The show had various gimmicks meant to test the contestants willingness to adhere to their 1970s lifestyle.
The State, having thus learned that I did not wish to be regarded as a member of that church, has never made a like demand on me since; though it said that it must adhere to its original presumption that time.
The term "ordered mixture" was first introduced to describe a completely homogeneous mixture where the two components adhere to each other to form ordered units.
The Wnt proteins seem to adhere to the plasma membrane of the secreting cells and are therefore likely to signal over only few cell diameters.
Then the Spanish Inquisition targeted primarily forced converts from Judaism who came under suspicion of either continuing to adhere to their old religion or of having fallen back into it.
There is no pre-set institutional arrangement that societies must adhere to, and there is no necessary historical mold of development that they will follow.
These clubs all adhere to the Texans philosophy, coaching methods, administrative guidelines and more, to the benefit of all of the clubs in the organization, and their coaches, players, parents, sponsors and other partners.
These monasteries closely adhere to the vinaya, the austere traditional Buddhist monastic code.
This said, DRY is actually one of those principles that all skilled developers adhere to even though some might be unfamiliar with the term itself.
To adhere to the time limit, a little over one minute of the guitar solo "Cortez the Killer" was eliminated.
Town zoning officials asked Trump to adhere to town zoning codes that limit flagpoles to a height of 42'.
Typical use describes effectiveness in real-world conditions, where patients may not fully adhere to medication regimens.
Ultimately, they adhere to their principles and "pack other peoples’ parachutes."
When the government cracked down violently on the Islamist Ennahda Movement in 1991, Marzouki confronted Tunisian President Ben Ali calling on him to adhere to the law.
While many accepted the doctrine, others regarded it as misguided, or interpreted to adhere to their prior understanding.
Within minutes of defect formation, platelets collect at the site of the injury and adhere to the exposed collagen fibers.
Would the just-hatched young sometimes adhere to the feet of birds roosting on the ground and thus get transported?
``I am a royalist,''replied the general;``I have taken the oath of allegiance to Louis XVIII., and I will adhere to it.''

More Vocab Words

::: censorious - severely critical
::: nimble - quick in movement; agile; quick in understanding; Ex. nimble climber/mind
::: phalanx - formation of infantry carrying overlapping shields and long spears; group of men packed together (for attack or defense)
::: ruddy - reddish; (of the face) reddish and healthy-looking
::: pliable - flexible; easily influenced; yielding; adaptable
::: mendacious - lying; habitually dishonest; N. mendacity
::: concentric - having a common center
::: derivative - unoriginal; obtained from another source; Ex. derivative prose style; N.
::: abolish - cancel; put an end to
::: illusive - deceiving; based on illusion; causing illusion; deceptive