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Vocabulary Word

Word: addendum

Definition: addition; appendix to book; something that is added (as at the end of a speech or book)

Sentences Containing 'addendum'

Engel's addendum was published by C. F. Landbeck and "Lorber Verlag" as volume 11.
If possible, the investigator(s) will personally deliver the addendum/amendment to the firm.
In 1763 after the fall of Sirhind Amloh was addendum to the state of Nabha by Raja Hira Singh.
In a minority addendum to the report signed by four Republican dissenters, the Republicans, according to the New York Times, "suggested that the investigation was a partisan smoke screen to obscure the real story: that the C.I.A. failed the Bush administration by delivering intelligence assessments to policy makers that have since been discredited."
Information contained within the addendum actually challenges Farmer's merging of both characters, citing specific comparisons of age, personality and lineage.
Leopold Engel in 1891 wrote an addendum in an "11th volume", purportedly also based on interior locution.
Many Chinese scholars of the time argued that the non-"han", "barbarian" Liao Dynasty did not merit its own official history, but rather posited that the Liao histories should be an addendum to the history of the Song, which was ethnically "han".
The Chair of the Committee, Senator John D. Rockefeller IV (D-WV), commented in an addendum to the report, "Representing to the American people that the two had an operational partnership and posed a single, indistinguishable threat was fundamentally misleading and led the nation to war on false premises."
The DDR3L (DDR3 Low Voltage) standard is an addendum to the JESD79-3 DDR3 Memory Device Standard specifying low voltage devices.
The ID3v2 Chapter Addendum was published in December 2005 but is not widely supported as yet.
The novel concludes with a twenty-one page addendum written by H.W. Starr entitled "A Submersible Subterfuge or Proof Impositive".

More Vocab Words

::: hypochondriac - person unduly worried about his health; worrier without cause about illness; ADJ. CF. hypochondria: neurosis that one is or is becoming ill; CF. abdomen
::: distill - refine (a liquid by evaporating and subsequent condensation); concentrate; separate the most important parts from; Ex. distill fresh water from sea water; CF. brew
::: impromptu - without previous preparation; off the cuff(end of a sleeve); on the spur of the moment
::: singular - being only one; individual; unique; extraordinary; odd; Ex. singular beauty/behavior
::: draught - current of air (through a room or to a fire); act of pulling roads; act of swallowing liquid or amount of liquid swallowed at a time
::: repulse - reject with rudeness or coldness (an offer or friendship); drive back (an enemy attack); CF. repulse $\neq$ cause repulsion
::: flotsam - drifting wreckage
::: vindicate - clear from blame; free from blame or accusation (with supporting proof); exonerate; substantiate; justify or support; avenge; Ex. vindicate one's client; Ex. vindicate one's claim; CF. vindicator
::: castigation - punishment; severe criticism or disapproval
::: gleam - brief flash of light; glow; V.